Cosmic Bus #2208- “RISE & FALL – Empires and The Pluto Return”

Pluto returns - the rise and fall of empires, death and rebirth of dynasties and dominant power structures. All throughout 2022, the United States will be experiencing its cosmic decline. Its apex of economic, political, militaristic and cultural power has arguably run its course, and it is a time for a new inception.

Pluto represents power - a deep, transgenerational force whose mission to dominate and influence the affairs of the masses spans over 10 generations (248 years). As he comes full circle, it is time to come to terms with the fall of the old power structures, institutes and constitutions and make way for the new.

In this episode, we speak about Pluto's return to 27 Capricorn and the rise and fall of USA imperial rule and its dream of global democracy. Similar to the Incas, every dynasty, however mighty and powerful, must come to an end, giving way to a new rise.

While the US is still likely to remain a leading world power for the foreseeable future, its economic dominance is being challenged by China, and its cultural and military power is seriously under threat by several other regional Great Powers. As in all terminal scenarios, the question is how capable are we of adapting to massive changes.

We discuss today's global dilemmas, look at history and what tomorrow brings on this momentous return...

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