Cosmic Bus #2210 – “Where Exactly is All This Heading – Trying to make sense of the current confusion”

Of course, the callousness we're experiencing, both at home and on our newsfeeds, is not new. It's as old as the hills. Throughout the past, humans have done some atrocious things to one another, just as a matter of course. Surely you remember how mean we used to treat one another. Even today, we must never underestimate how cruel or indifferent folks can get when it's in their interest to be so.

Perhaps the more light that enters this planet, the more collectively sensitive we become to the darkness. We see how humans can become so spoiled that they're beyond rotten - they are utterly dehumanised; incapable of ever feeling again. The question remains how to deal with the heartless monsters among us, for those who treat other human beings as if they're expendable are the very definition of evil.

As the Pisces SUN hovers over the soon-to-conjunct JUPITER/NEPTUNE, perhaps we may be inspired to seek phenomenal new ways to stem the spread of this surging epidemic towards callous indifference and dehumanisation.

Join us on the COSMIC BUS, talking about the chaos and randomness of NEPTUNE, PISCES and why it's driving us all a little loony, leading into next week's VIRGO FULL MOON...

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