COSMIC BUS #2116 – Revolution of Consciousness

When your reality in the outer world is merely your creative inner self giving shape and form to a story you keep telling yourself and the rest of the folks around you seem to be fine creating the exact same story ('cause they're subliminally programmed to follow a certain cultural narrative no less than 10,000 times a day), then when the outer world (that 3D holographic canvas in which all of this programmed realisation is made manifest) gets challenged as the widening of consciousness between (two or more) narratives becomes divergent, we see how/why then some of us start to experience a major evolutionary shift in the realisation of our primordial human being-ness, a moment signifying a rebirth of the deity (christ-consciousness) that resides within, throughout humanity as well as in the cosmos.

It's all a story, and a story we like to share, just some of us (more and more now) are ready to choose another story...

Join us on the Cosmic Bus as we discuss in astrological detail what's up ahead.

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