Cosmic Bus Astrology Webcast [episode #2101] – Year Ahead Report

202.0 --> 202.1

Think of the next 12 months as an attempt to upgrade the basic operating system, via means introduced to all humanity during the last 12 months. I say "attempt" because, with so much Uranian/Aquarian activity, it's not quite certain which way things will turn out. Chaos and mayhem, revolution and dissociative madness are the only certainly...

Although last year and the next 18-24 months are all simply the completion of a cosmic process that began over a decade ago, the next year brings our 'intelligence' under particular turbulence that, under the cloak of darkness, confusion and utter disarray, we are best advised to stay focused to our inner GPS.

There's a massive difference between 'intelligence' and 'consciousness'.

In this episode, I discuss the key transits of 2021, how they are tied into the continuum of the greater cycles, the next couple of lunations (which are extremely critical) and why the world goes absolutely nuts around the end of this month...

Yes, it's not for everyone. Many of you may be disturbed, so I advise you to tune out of here. For my cosmic tribe, don't make a fuss just get on the bus (login below).

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