Cosmic Bus Lunation Report [episode #2043]- Taurus Full Moon

With this week's Full Moon falling on Halloween, we have confirmation that all the pagan holidays will be honoured this year by the phenomenal astronomical alignments in our skies.

We are living in blessed times. We are, in every moment, being showered with remarkable insights.

The sustained MERCURY/URANUS opposition has generated serious awareness, via our conflicts, over the control and sharing of things we own - both nice things and toxic things. These aren't things that others think they can just mess with or take from us, at least not without our consent.

Time to draw boundaries, right?

Our possessions, beliefs and social entitlements are all something by which we distinctly identify ourselves. We don't want 'others' to assume they have any power to move, remove, alter or claim any control over. Those things are ours and they're precious - they're not for public debate, and we will defend them fiercely as our own.

What if everything you thought you owned could just as be easily uploaded onto a hard drive, much like the way your mind stores thoughts as memories?

Then, doesn't it stand to reason that everything you think you own: your possessions, your experiences, your culture, your sense of identity are simply all in your mind?

What if all property just became a matter of shared intellect?

On the last Cosmic Bus, we touched down about this week's Hallowed Uranian Full Moon, Mercury turning direct in the middle of the election USA, the Uranian Candidates, and the tremors in the matrix of our social electoral system, which will force us to find better, fairer, less-easily manipulated ways of sharing our ideas.

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