Everybody knows that something massive is going on, but most of us just cannot seem to put our finger on it. Many distractions, all symptoms of an impending breakdown are taking up our attention, each providing a makeshift narrative as if to remedy the situation and keep things 'under control'.

Meanwhile, a massive energetic imbalance is occurring on this planet, as if everything is pulling apart. It is evident that even the most trusted of individuals, relationships, institutions are struggling to hold things together any longer, let alone tell us the 'truth' about what is happening. As our faith in external authorities and their 'official' stories diminishes, we realise that we cannot rely on anything or anyone 'out there' to provide us with any definitive sense of reference. Because of this, our planet is torn with turbulence and division over who is 'right'.

We (us older humans) have been conditioned to experience the world in certain ways and now these ways are letting us down. We have built societies that were held together with intricate contracts and agreements, ie. "laws", manifestos, bibles and 'how-to' manuals to hack life, many of them subconsciously weaved into the fabric of our lives in ways that require extensive training, education and experience just to comply, let alone consciously understand and even begin to deconstruct.

Some of us are doing it, but it takes immense consciousness to step away from established narratives, belief systems and enforced 'laws'. The astrology of the next few days/weeks indicates just how much things are pulling apart, ready to be reintegrated. JUPITER - ruler of cosmic law, harmony and integration now enters PISCES, providing an extensive glimpse into the most refined sense of law and order. While this enlightens us to some degree about the higher laws of altruism, compassion and contentment with the simplicity of nature and solitude, it initially causes an energetic disturbance, as we shall see by his square to the Lunar Eclipse in less than 2 weeks (May 26, 2021)

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