COSMIC BUS #2137 – Pluto/Eris – Survival of the “Fittest”

Before Saturn and Pluto turn direct in early October, we will see the most immense pressure on what is already a planet ripping down the seams. If you're feeling it, I feel you. Have faith, that...

9/11, occurring during an exact opposition of SATURN/PLUTO, an event which horrified many of us. As usual, the utter cruelty experienced during hard Saturn/Pluto transits meant that the world became easily manipulated by the powers that be into a state of mass hysteria and fear and terror.

Under the extreme panic and stress propagated relentlessly in the media, the people were easily misled into accepting 'corrective actions' of the Bush Administration (and its then allies) to wage wars upon Afghanistan, then Iraq, leading to the rise of ISIS, the Syrian civil war, which led to a flood of millions of refugees into Europe, resulting in rising nationalism and far-right extremism, which led to Brexit due to demands to control sovereign borders to stem immigrants flooding in from the middle east, Islamophobia, terrorist attacks, and the weakening of the EU.

By the end of the Bush-era, it was becoming blatantly evident that world governments had taken their people into wars in the Middle East based on false intelligence and blatant lies (about WMD's and Al Qaeda). The phoney premises cost many lives, and it was obvious that the west was incompetent and incapable of even running a tea party over on foreign lands. They had learned nothing from their failure in Vietnam. And the masses, they forget…

By 2008, the sudden global financial crisis saw many working-class folks lose their homes. Countries like Greece, Ukraine, Argentina, Jamaica were left in economic ruin, while the ordinary people of Ireland, Russia, Mexico, Hungary, and the Baltic states suffered devastating losses. Of course, the governments bailed out the banks to maintain the illusion that all was OK.

By 2019, European Union, once a great world power, became increasingly ineffectual in strength. This left the field wide open for China to take on the USA over who has the most economically progressive model for the future. USA drew a lot of power from the oil wells of Saudi, but it was evident to the Chinese that the new 'oil' was in 'data'.

Then, in 2020, came Covid.

America, barely hanging in the contest with its powerful military and tech-economy prowess, was about to be tested. In the grips of a pandemic, deepening domestic divisions, brewing since the Obama days, were now erupting into some seriously ugly scenes of civil disorder by the time Trump and his "basket of deplorable" were finished dishing it out to the elites.

ERIS had unleashed her apple of discord.

Here, in the aftermath of the pandemic and a disastrous legacy left by wars in the Middle East, the world now looks at America with ridicule and dismay. She will soon be unwelcome to any garden party.

Meanwhile, China's capacity to lock down hard, then rebound after Covid only demonstrates to envious dictators everywhere that the 'authoritarian capitalism' model is the sexiest on the planet.

Governing over a highly-controlled citizenry via the iron fist of a deep-surveillance algorithm seems like the one model being embraced and implemented by many aspiring dictators and control freaks everywhere in the western 'nations'. Here in Australia, NZ, Canada and the UK, 'puppet leaders', commandeered by billionaire biotech and infotech corporateers, are drooling with envy at China's Social Credit system of managing the masses. They are banding desperately to eliminate national identities/borders, creating quasi-economic bubbles within which they can filter the good eggs from the bad…

Since the SATURN/PLUTO conjunction in CAPRICORN (Jan 2020), the west has seen a subtle, yet increasingly comprehensive sweep of new authoritarian structures which are fast replacing the lovely 'liberal freedom' and 'economic autonomy' we enjoyed since the URANUS/NEPTUNE conjunction in CAPRICORN (1993).

Yet the cards are not all dealt out yet. The legacy of 9/11 is still fresh, and ordinary folks today are all but entirely distrustful of government and corporate elites and their fearmongering campaigns to coral humanity for their own profit. Many do not buy into the blatant insincerity propagated by their media machines, and deep down, nobody really trusts that governments have the peoples' interests about security and safety as a primary concern anymore.

Very soon, a critical mass who see that this is all about the corporations amassing total power, wealth and control over the minds and resources of their own children is about to snap, and, as the saying goes, my friends, even the worm will turn….

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