COSMIC BUS #2124 – Saturn/Uranus (Part II) A Rupture in the Fabric of Time/Space

The two duelling forces are strong.

On one side, the parental voice of SATURN and his "Status Quo" team of scientists and woke reformists, insist on laying down the pretexts of how society is going to work within the framework of an old, traditionally-defined control structure. This flattening; this hard-core reductionism; this betrayal of the quintessence of the phenomenon of 'life' and nature itself, seems more like a death in its desperate efforts to achieve some closure in his modelling process.

On the other hand, there is the voice of an intuitive URANUS, who spontaneously senses that whilst you may achieve some type of closure, the 3D model is always inadequate - SATURN (scientism, transhumanism, sociotechnocracy, etc) only breeds a sense of frustration because it knows that the only way to achieve closure with its model is to tell a lie; to force adherence to an illusion that purports to provide all the answers. Herein, Saturn denies the opportunity to question the complexity; the interrelatedness; the Soul-ness or Spirit-ness - the MINDFULNESS that exists beyond the bounds of linear time/space.

The clash between these two dimensions of human consciousness develops into greater disruptions in every known field... Why is this happening now?

Enjoy this short snippet from our latest cosmobiological report:

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