COSMIC BUS #2117 – Scorpio SuperMoon

The Scorpio SuperMoon occurs at 07°♏06' on Tuesday, Apr 27. The phenomenon brings up a range of fixed themes around what we have vs. what we desire/demand from others and what we must share. It is a time when we take stock of what we’re worth and how much we’re willing to give to keep the balance and peace. Energies are polarised and we grapple and try to reconcile between issues of:

☪ ownership vs. possession
☪ constructiveness vs. destruction;
☪ investment vs. divestment
☪ placidity vs. enragement;
☪ conservatism vs. change;
☪ trust vs. suspicion;
☪ stability vs. crisis;
☪ security vs. meltdown.

Join us on the Cosmic Bus as we take a look at the alignment of archetypal energies culminating at this lunation, many activating the epic SATURN/URANUS square currently hacking its way through our collective intelligence like a series of lightning bolts to the frontal lobe cortex.

Enjoy this small sampling of the full 60-minute report:

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