Cosmic Bus Lunation Report [episode #2041] – Libra New Moon

We all have demons, and though we try to keep them under wraps, they often leap out in our projections with others and ruin everything.

Much of what you're experiencing right now is a proportionate result of having kept so much in for so long. While it's easy to point the finger and blame, you either come to the awareness that you are the architect of your own discontentment and do something about that or, well... things are most likely going to get rough for you over these next few weeks/months.

Join Ang for this latest instalment of the Cosmic Bus to discuss the frenetic pace and the many disturbances coming up to your already most unusual transmission...

Enjoy this short excerpt from today's episode:

Latest feedback from our Cosmic Travellers:

"You are the voice of reason in the midst of all the bullshit!"

"Your posts, private sessions and cosmic bus rides are some of the few (becoming fewer) things in this crazy world that elate my soul and bring joy to my heart. Thank you for being you. Really."

"Really good, I call this 'how to stay sane in an insane world.' Thank you."

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