Cosmic Bus Lunation Report [episode #2052]- CANCER FULL MOON

The next two lunations, featuring Chiron (squaring the Cancer Full Moon) and Pluto (conjunct the Capricorn New Moon) are very telling, stirring new questions which will dominate some of the major themes of 2021.

Jupiter/Saturn in Aquarius is asking: What stories about our intersubjective reality have become outdated and untenable in this moment of awakening to the possibilities of the quantum field? Uranus squaring from Taurus will continue to challenge any official narratives coming from the status quo with support from Mars as he finally moves out of Aries.

Chiron squaring this Cancer Full Moon is asking: What is the wound story that you need to release in order to take the leap into 4th-dimensional quantum awareness?

Join Ang for this special Christ-mas Cosmic Bus as we begin to entertain some of these coming astrological themes.

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