COSMIC BUS #2121- Saturn SRx 13°31′ Aquarius

Our 3D reality - at least as we perceive it today - holds the sum total of all plausibilities and permutations of every thought-form humanity has ever projected upon it. Consequently, each of us experiences 'reality' in a multitude of different ways.

Transiting Saturn, ruler of all that is visible and measurable by time and space will show up in any form or structure - whether inspiring or dispiriting - leaving his mark upon our life story. If he is aspecting your chart, he will certainly show up somehow, however, the indelible impact that a Saturn transit will leave upon your psyche depends greatly on how you choose to perceive his effect. If you are prone to resonate in dreadful or limiting fear-patterns, then the influence might be crippling, frustrating or limiting. However, it does not have to be so negative. Much depends on your attitude to pressing responsibilities and the obligatory discipline required to accomplish what has to be done to be 'you'.

Certain horoscopes are going to experience a Saturn transit repeatedly over a key planet or important degree by retrogression, which really serves to drive a certain lesson home. When Saturn hits that degree, passes on, stations, retrogrades over that degree, stations, turns direct, and finally passes over that degree again for the last time, this might seem to be a case of excessive pressure or cruelty (of sorts), but as we often come to see (in hindsight), there was a very distinct, character-defining purpose.

Saturn packs the exact lesson we have yet to learn, and whether we like it or not, sets perimeters and structures within which to build, tear down and reconstruct our sense of mental, physical and spiritual reality. Currently stationed at 13°♒31', Saturn will retrograde Sunday, going over ground we've been covering since Feb 14, including a second square to URANUS in a few weeks. Certainly some lessons there for some of you.

I discuss this in much more detail here, in today's special episode of cosmic bus....

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