AQUARIUS/AQUARIUS RISING: Empowering Horoscope Message for Saturn Retrograde

[pic: peter lindbergh]

With all the Jupiter and Saturn action transiting and retrograding in your sign, it’s quite likely that you’re becoming more and more ambivalent about how to approach this world, if at all.

During this retrograde, you may cautiously withdraw from all social dealings, seeing the worst, invariably devastated that others just won’t meet the mark with how to get along in this topsy turvy world – particularly those most significant to you. And yet, the pressure mounts to challenge yourself – listen to the little demon in your head, the one who constantly prods you and says “be better, be fair – you know you can do better than that”.

So whilst you take it more and more upon yourself to imagine that it’s others who are constantly resisting you, judging and assessing you for being so unyielding and harsh, in actual fact it’s your own guilt and self-criticism which manifest into your greatest problem.

Yeah, you need to make the adjustments. It’s you who needs to reform your entire manner.

Your self-image issue is becoming critical and needs a total rehaul. How much you stand to survive this monumental transformation in your life depends on how motivated you are to pull your head in and actually perform the most miraculous metamorphosis any individual has ever pulled off. Do it for the sake of posterity. The future depends on you.

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