The Dissipation of Glamour, Hubris and Other Delusions: THE WEEK AHEAD – May 17-23

In the final, grounding week of the Sun’s passage through Taurus, the Moon will traverse the ‘relationship sector’ of signs (Leo through Scorpio), providing a much-needed appraisal of all contracts in our lives – specifically those whom we allow to take up much of our more intimate attention by, more often than not, somehow trying to sell us something that doesn’t really matter or even exist outside the constructs of their fabulously glamorising minds.

Forming her First Quarter on Wednesday at the final, most bombastic degree of Leo, this critical lunar phase is the last before the Supermoon Eclipse on May 26 (05°♐26′). The formation of a dissociative T-square to Jupiter (now in highly voluble Pisces) will remain in orb to both of these quarterly events, as the Sun and Moon will also come to occupy mutable territory themselves.

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By Thursday, the Sun will join Mercury and Venus, now seen as evening stars near the Gemini North Node end, and all will be squaring Neptune in Pisces (the Great Dissolvent) over the next three weeks, providing a warning to those lost in their own, lonely little dream world, drifting through life in a perpetual fog of exclusivity and entitlement, unable to see things clearly. The veil of illusions, pretensions and glamourisations has to be lifted and the pursuit of a much clearer vision of mystical experiences awaits those who can come down from the hubristic high, stay centred and in a pure, meditative space, without distractions and dependencies of ego-falsehoods. It is the devious, twisting, planning mind and the rapidity with which people can use it to deceive themselves (and often seek to deceive others) that greatly hinders their work of clearing away glamour.

Saturn stations to retrograde on Sunday (23rd), preceding Mercury’s station the following Saturday (29th). As we sail into eclipse terrain, one has an overwhelming sense that the world is on the brink of something hugely humbling… something that could bring even the mightiest giant down to his knees. What could that ‘something’ be? Surely we are not lost in a sea of wishful thinking and false projections…

Let’s take a look at the main transits, and look briefly at this week’s cosmic hot spots:


hunter becomes hunted

Here, at the critical degree of fixed signs, we see a pressing crisis in action since both luminaries (Sun & Moon) are clashing with Mars (fallen in Cancer) and Jupiter (dignified in Pisces). Those activated here will feel immense confidence and an almost hubristic desire to show others how much they value themselves, exuding an excessive sense of entitlement and ownership that hinges dangerously towards the belligerent, self-righteous and coercively opinionated. Needless to say, we see those qualities not sitting too well against the pride and integrity of anyone who takes offence.

The Taurean Sun’s rulership over the Leo Moon generates excessive confidence, one whose self-belief is so strong that it feels not in need of verification or permission from others, sticking to strongly deterministic opinions which, whilst generally correct, may clash with the opinions of others who, as it appears, are also immutably correct.

Where decisions need to be made over matters of moral disagreement, there may be a stubborn refusal to change one’s mind. Inflexibility and intolerance are present in each of us – the ego has to draw the line somewhere to maintain some integrity. If we are not careful to keep an open mind, the watery ♂/♃ alignment conjures volatile judgments and confused reactions; motives already impaired by long-standing prejudices and ideological/religious dogma, which easily inflame minor reactions into nasty and protracted wars. The Sun’s ruler, Venus, aligned on the Gemini NN is a reminder to open our ears and listen to others, try to be a little more humble and restrain our pride – remembering that we cannot ‘be right’ and also expect to have peace.

Compromising may be another matter though since for all of this year (so far) many have felt the unyielding effect of being locked into the fixity of mind brought about by both Jupiter and Saturn – both gas giants singing from the ‘groupthink’ hymnbook of Aquarius (fixed/air). While this has definitely helped to push forward ideas about change, reform and innovation in today’s society, the anger, resistance and frustration this has generated among many whose fixed views about how the world should go and refusal to see eye to eye (“it’s OUR way or no way at all’) continues to bring tempers to a boil when things seem to look impossibly irreconcilable, especially with a looming second square from Uranus in June.

SATURN stationing at 13°♒31′ to retrograde May 23 – Oct 11, 2021

During this period we are pressed to retrace our steps and review how well we have adhered to the structures and duties lain down since Saturn entered his first shadow phase through Aquarius (Feb 14). Saturn’s retrograde period provides an annual process that tests how well we have learned the lessons of the past three months, reviewing those things that seemed to matter most during this period and examine our grasp on physical reality. Our 3D picture of the physical world is merely a crystalised projection of how faithfully we have managed to exteriorise our authentic inner self, and naturally, this cannot defy the laws of gravity and physical sobriety. Hence, it is a time of critical self-judgement, scrutiny and even worries about how you are contributing toward the reality of others.

  • Have you been living up to expectations of what you think is realistically required of you?
  • Have you been accountable for the responsibilities of life?
  • Have you been dishing out expectations to others, attempting to hold them accountable?
  • Has there been some slacking, avoidance, stretching of facts, overspending of resources; procrastination; double standards in your relationship to society; some good, ol’-fashioned civic hypocrisy’ going down?
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Time to look back at the most challenging events during the Phase 1 (Rx shadow) period of this retrograde, assess whether what you have been putting out is paving any real, concrete ground.

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With Saturn in the first phases of Aquarius, the concern for impartial truth becomes paramount. In order to come to terms with ‘reality’, we must first become capable of setting aside our ego whims and fancies and see all issues – social or scientific – in the light of im­partial, universal law. In the course of the next 2 years, our ability to quiet the mind and steady the attention to a centred, non-binary way of thinking becomes the necessary prerequisite for the development of the Uranian intuitive faculties of Aquarius.

Saturn, concentrated here in this fixed-air sign, collectively presses the intellect for the steadiness of attention to key reformist themes, all necessary for this to take place, leading us into original scientific discoveries or new applications of scien­tific knowledge that will help humanity evolve to the next level of understanding 3D form and structure, its geometric nature and mathematical properties.

On a personal level, we start to get an internal reading on who and what seems reasonable and reliable to us; who can provide a sense of justice and accountability in our lives as well as how loyal, reliable and responsible we can be as friends and as members of groups with whom we work and socialise. We start recognising that in order to happily belong to highly structured, functional organisations, (societies, fraternities, nations, global humanitarian movements, etc), we must first become level-headed and mature, having a better, more up-to-date grip on universal laws.

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Those who are grounded enough to be acutely attuned to their ‘inner reality vector’ will see this period presenting them with a unique set of opportunities to access this firm and direct ‘line of instruction’ from within. Listen to your intuition and how it confers with your sense of social conscience and act accordingly.

These next few months will hence mature into the alignment of instruction between the perfected, ‘higher self’ and that of the ‘lower (ego-attached) self’ – the one who still has much to learn in their journey here on earth. Rather than fear, what you act upon will feel like an affirmation that you are on the right path, managing the universal laws successfully enough to make a proper difference in your life and the lives of others. Naturally, with Rx Saturn again squaring Uranus (Jun 16) there may be crises brought about by selfish, obstinate and domineering attitudes – expectations of others to play the game according to your rules and to serve your personal interests (and vice versa), generating considerable anguish and tension throughout the next month.

In spite of any grief, turmoil and distress that appears to be going on leading into the eclipses, this period appears as an opportunity to learn something about our authentic selves. For those who defiantly deny the shifting emphasis of social pressures for reform and equanimity, this Saturn Rx period and the ensuing direct shadow phase (Oct 10, 2021 – Jan 15, 2022) will be a time of considerable frustration and delay.

Those holding on to lower, fear-based judgements about what’s right/wrong, good/evil, using rigid socio-political, class-based, race/culture-based, gender/sexual-based, religious or moral principles that make little sense other than to incite fear and division will experience considerable drama, both internally and in their external affairs. The inner voice starts to plague them with guilt and shame and, in their ignorance to act responsibly, may begin to project this outwardly with unfortunate consequences.

[pic: peter lindbergh]


The next few weeks can be incredibly intense and confronting for those who seem stuck in their inflexible mindset. With the lunar eclipses in mutable signs, we are heading into some seriously protracted periods of conflict over our rigidly held thoughts and beliefs. The mutable (adapting) nature of these lunations is a sign that attitudes are changing, becoming more adaptable. With Mercury also nearing the station to retrograde (May 29), hovering around in square to Neptune, there can be considerable trouble communicating with others due to over-sensitivity to their subjective ideas. People are excessively touchy about their abstract, mystical, woolly-headed ideas, and we may find that the propensity to hurt, offend and upset can be insufferable, leading us further into periods of isolation and withdrawal. Nevertheless, this transparent view into one another’s thinking patterns can give considerable insight into their true, underlying actions and unconscious motives. Through a psychic ability to perceive the cunning, sneaky, delusive construct of the unconscious mind, we can also start to address some of the bigger issues between us.


Can you see where you tend to get stuck in expectations and ‘norms’ that are expired or no longer valid? Can you see where it is simply unsustainable to continue to play along with rigid patterns and where there is room to adjust? I will provide a full report on the critical themes as well as some extensive guidance into the eclipses during the next few days, and as usual, I look forward to discussing the current events in more detail on the Cosmic Bus.

Many blessings xx

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