The Week Ahead

October, 2020

September, 2020

  • 29 September

    Balancing the Scales of Justice: The Month Ahead – October 2020

    As the month of September draws to a close, we are somehow better-equipped with the necessary discretionary skills and acumen to make fairer judgements in the weeks ahead. This October will be a critical month.

  • 21 September

    Learning to Speak Up to Tyranny and Injustice: THE WEEK AHEAD – Sep 21-27

    In the final days of September 2020, the Virgo Sun will reach the Equinox, inaugurating into Libra (Tuesday). This crossing marks a highly significant shift in the Solar cycle, heralding a change in the direction of the Sun's rays falling on Earth. Here, at the sacred turning point, we are called to open our eyes and ears to others as they all become equally significant.

  • 8 September

    Smeared Lenses: THE WEEK AHEAD: Sep 7-13

    Nobody can deny that our world is going a little 'nuts' these days. Our 'informed' societies have slowly descended into such a state of absurdity and cognitive disorder that it now seems an impossible task to both ignore or bring things back into some semblance of the cohesive sensibility we used to know and love. Who can predict which way things will turn out when so much of what we hear seems distorted by our own inability to see things clearly?

August, 2020

  • 26 August

    Purification – THE WEEK AHEAD: Aug 24- 30

    Virgo acts as the perfect filter through which humanity can examine its deeds, provides the Sun with a keen lens by which to scrutinise errors that need to be addressed and rectified. The mutable waveforms produced through this earthy perspex of the pure sunlight allows us to discern what's beneficial and to neatly organise and purify it so it serves its rightful purpose, as needed.

  • 10 August

    Waging War Against the Patriarchy: THE WEEK AHEAD: Aug 10-16

    This week is most significant in that Jupiter and Saturn form another exact midpoint to Pluto - a picture which is not only potent in its capacity to overturn entire fortunes, but as Mars squares this point on Tue/Wed, he introduces extra duress and irritation into the game, as if to force drastic reaction to his individual ends

July, 2020

  • 27 July

    Pied Piper – THE WEEK AHEAD: Jul 27-Aug 2

    Believe it or not, you too are part of the hell and fury of these times, and whether you join the brigades that are currently mustering toward a higher (or lower) plane, you will become a part of the historical transformation that is taking place on planet earth.

  • 20 July

    Crucible – THE WEEK AHEAD: Jul 20-26

    With both the Cancer Moon and opposing Saturn dignified in this 180° standoff, life proffers us the uncomfortable prospect of feelings vs duty and obligation, viewed as rather a serious business in which 'doing the right thing' becomes tantamount, even if this means ignoring our instincts and emotions... or so it may seem. [continue reading...]

  • 13 July

    The Delicate Art of Self-Discipline: THE WEEK AHEAD: July 13-19

    If nothing else, last week's Lunar Eclipse has distinguished just how trapped and dissonant our private, inner-child experiences have become from everything being drummed into us by the grown-up world of social, religious, academic and political influence and indoctrination.

  • 6 July

    Gateway to the Reconstruction: THE WEEK AHEAD, July 6-12

    We are heading into another very intense week of life-altering activity. As much as we might like to keep a smiley face on our mask, we are best reminded that underneath it all, things aren't so rosy at all during this intense period of the reconstruction.

June, 2020

May, 2020

April, 2020