Pied Piper – THE WEEK AHEAD: Jul 27-Aug 2

On quick assessment, it would appear as if we’re in for another round – a second, more firmly established spell of Saturn’s social asphyxiation, cast now upon us by the other big forces. It’s all going backwards over there in Capricorn, as all planets are now retracing the very trail transited during their first phase… goose-step style.

Whilst things are looking increasingly militaristic, do not disown those energies. The whole of humanity is somehow on a march. It is necessary. Believe it or not, you too are part of the hell and fury of these times, and whether or not you join the brigades currently mustering toward a higher (or lower) plane, you none-the-less become a part of the historical transformation that is taking place on planet earth.

So be cool with it…

The Witching Hour

Let’s keep in mind that whatever seems to be bubbling to the surface now is only a hint of what lies beneath. Wherever Pluto’s involved, the true catalyst of loss and release remains well-hidden, and for damned good reason too. Pluto’s subterranean force is so powerful that we cannot possibly handle too many hints and nudges emerging at once. It’s either like a giant jigsaw, or a slow, malingering death. To get to the ‘bottom’ of things, we must work intently at addressing grave predicaments suppressed within our nature, examining them one by one until they’re each completely absolved. Solving the mystery of what on earth is happening to your world right now, or undergoing complete breakdown is a slow, tedious process, either way. Yet this is the time.

Of course, with Pluto, as soon as you think you’ve mastered one problem; attained a certain level of awareness over the darkness, you’re presented with another, more perplexing. It’s what drives our evolutionary curiosity towards mastering the elements of life, decay and our own mortality.

Naturally, dealing with Pluto’s problems isn’t for everyone. The intensity of drastic change itself strikes people with morbid displeasure, and to the many fixed minds out there who despise variances in their program, this Pluto transit would be much too horrifying. Humans like to cling to safety, as we have been seeing, after those Cancer lunations.

Many have somehow retracted their activities, drawn close to their home position, clinging tighter to their families, the security of their abode, their tribe and their patriotic patronage. Others have observed that any sentimental attachments only lull them into a false sense of security and are working hard to release their connection to past notions of security. They are aware that unless they take responsibility for matters which threaten their survival, they will be left behind in the race to accede to a higher state of being.

“The flute of the Pied Piper of Hamelin has never left us and it is essential that we train our ear to detect its false notes because in our case the flute is being played by the rats.”

~ Dimitris Mita

When studying the chances of our evolution through this, the variants are still too many to make a distinct call as to how things might turn out. This Plutonian urge for self-investigation requires an acquired taste and a lot of disciplinary power. In Capricorn, forces look to re-create a ‘perfected patriarch’, one who sees everything we are destined to mature into and benevolently provides the structure and support to make it happen. That is, if he does not abuse his powers. Only the most self-empowered will be able to challenge those who try to violate and manipulate the prerogative of other living beings to suit their own, unwholesome agenda.

During August, the Jupiter/Saturn midpoint will, for the second period, level on Pluto, just as it had in late Feb/early March. Here, we see the underbelly of Pluto producing such powerful reactions that every aspect of society becomes embroiled in the process of change. The agent of change does this, whilst himself remaining unchanged.

Meanwhile, we see entire societies learning to deal with immense pressure, even those that don’t do so well with authority. Over the past 4 years, we have been alerted to the spate of horrifying global phenomena (vast fires, climate change, economic uncertainty, trade and civil wars, political unrest, civil rights matters and now global health crisis, etc). We are not entirely sure what’s causing it, just forced to go along, do our best to change our ways until everything is different.

Being an authority unto one’s own

☉This week, with the Sun now in Leo, the spotlight shifts to the shining examples among us; those who stand to show us integrity of character, valour and elan. They exhibit that which makes us proud to be human.

We can help to spot them by seeking out those whose sources are genuine and authentic. We can help to see that our authorities demonstrate their highest worth; that they are deserving of our heartfelt respect and admiration. We must look to them as a respected source of energy and inspiration.

Similarly, we must be loyal to our own creative wellspring, seeing how we can help those who are the creators of our world. Talented authors are seeking to create a true story. Let’s help by giving them some fresh material, avoid playing stubborn, egotistical games, especially if our selfish needs are not met.

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First Quarter Moon at 04°56′


The Leo Sun’s lust for command and control is met with pressure from the Scorpio Moon to keep his source of creativity under wraps. Tensions rise if there is a hint that something private and precious could be divulged, giving ‘rivals’ a certain advantage. Since most of Leo/Scorpio rivals exist solely in the egoistic mind, struggles are caused more out of unfounded suspicion, jealousy and other perceived threats and insults to the pride. Needless to say, with a square to Uranus nearby, security measures are tightened.

It’s like a jungle sometimes…

The Quarter Moon’s direct hit to the Venus/Neptune square only sensitises our perceptions about others, particularly those with whom we are in a personal relationship. There too, is not a lot of trust. Venus has been in Gemini for a while, there’s been a lot of misfired words about, we feel touchy and easily threatened, possibly undermined. It’s hard to see things clearly, and judgement is poor. Don’t worry… remember it’s only a dream anyway. Dismiss and escape to your favourite conspiracy theory.

A Quincunx to Venus from Jupiter means we are prone to overreact with anxiety wherever we see our kindness and generosity becoming slandered or publicly disrespected.

There’s a lot of emotions at stake, and wherever Mercury squares Mars the likelihood of arguments and mental anguish runs high. These two have been at odds for most of this month. Mars in Aries is shirty. Mercury’s retrograde in Cancer has raised the issue of security to epidemic proportions.

Tuesday’s Sun Sesquisquare Neptune brings up all kinds of confusing signals in terms of how to put ourselves out there. Seems not all remains secret to Leo under the psychic powers of Pisces. We may choose to withdraw further, claiming that we cannot trust anyone, even the people who are supposed to love and admire us. But Chiron is trining, so it’s a good time to let bygones be bygones.

Make them goodbye-gones. Take the healthy way, we all need some of Leo’s special kind of encouragement right now.

Mercury’s opposition to Pallas Athena, Jupiter, Pluto generates greater contention about who is running this world, and our most intensely held thoughts and opinions are at odds with others, causing many negotiations to go awry. Conspiracy theories fly hard. The problem with theories is that they struggle to be proven.

By the end of the week, the Sun moves into square with Uranus, bringing the anticipation of a very tense Full Moon on August 4. This is a difficult lunation. It augurs drastic endings, break-ups and sudden changes. Like the TOWER card in the Major Arcana, we are struck by a bolt of lightning, setting our entire tower on fire. It feels like nothing much held in it can be saved.

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Drastic, unpredictable changes are on the cards. For better or for worse, everything will shift, even if only one slight aspect of our lives is directly affected by the events of the next week.

For some, this can bring enormous relief. It can mean leaving a house that was never the right place for you, or even the end of an excruciating mental or physical situation. For many others, it will hurl them into a series of difficulties caused by an obstinate refusal to change, despite the obvious state of disaster going on around them. This period comes with an urgent wake-up call to either see the light or suffer under the weight of their own darkness.

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As we are witnessing, there’s a lot of big symbolism in the events of 2020. The heavy reversal of fortunes is being brought out through the extremely rare Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto conjunction. We must not lose sight of the bigger picture because of this pandemic.

For one thing, it definitely symbolizes the absurdity of life. The global health crisis is absurd in the sense that it just happened and we’re only coming to grips with it. In the midst of living our lives the way we always lived our lives, a global catastrophe simply showed up to turn our entire lives upside down. And there’s no real explanation for it. It can’t be justified. It cannot be explained. Like many other things…

We find ourselves hurled into an existence which doesn’t seem to have any clear purpose or notion of where exactly it will end. The big question is, how do we respond to this fact? The insurmountable conflict we all have to face is between our individual happiness and our obligations to other people. Over the next month, all ‘other people’ in our lives will come to be defined by what they do and their choices in this moment of extreme crisis.

We should only dream that the severity of our situation will somehow shake us all out of the spiritual numbness and apathy that we all live in.

We are still dependent on some default mode-of-life which is fast becoming patently outmoded. We fall into routines that are not sustainable. We take comfort in telling fancy stories about ourselves, that we are somehow more privileged. This Saturn/Pluto ban-demic is debunking all that shit at once. All of a sudden we find ourselves all in the same shitty situation, and we have to do something about it.

In our last bus episode, we covered the importance of finding and holding our integrity, honour and courage through all the adversity and chaos that is going on around us. There are exciting times ahead. It’s going to take tremendous strength to see this period through. We must respect it for the great reawakening that it is bringing to our consciousness.

Blessings, and have an amazing week xx


  1. I’ve been meaning to ask this for ages now , what /why is it we humans need to follow a pied piper , a leader .etc when are we going to listen to our inner voice ,,,, random thoughts ..,, sigh

  2. Thank you so much for sharing all your hard work. It is truly appreciated 🙌💖🙌

  3. Thank you Angstoic for a very insightful read. Changes beyond our wildest dreams, it’s wonderful to have found my tribe.

  4. I have a very difficult time being on social media at the moment. My messenger is filled with everyone’s opinions, conspiracy theories, religious doctrines because apparently we all need Jesus! Dang!! I’m just happy with my little loves, mud puddles to jump in, The Cosmic Bus, and all the animals that surround my home. I’m an observer for the moment
    Thank you dearest Ang ♥️

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