Cosmic Bus Astrology Webcast [episode #2030.1] – Where To From Here?

Things are either getting clearer for you or they are a frightful mess. Who are you listening to, who is the author of your story and who do you hold as an authority over your life?

As the Sun enters Leo, we seek certainty and self-assurance that someone (who?) is able to put light on what is all this about (for you).

In this episode, we discuss the levels of "reality", the Sun, Leo, Father principle, the child and his/her playtime, creation and recreation, the mini-me's and minions, the circle of life, authors and authorities, Sun in the signs and aspects, Leo and the Aquarius Full Moon (Aug 4), squares to Uranus; Mars squaring the Capricorn stellium, how to remain centred through this, many more astro tidbits...

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