Digital Darwinism in the New Age – THE WEEK AHEAD: April 19-25

We are in for a dynamic, disruptive week ahead, since much of the inner (personal) planetary energy is shifting into feminine (receptive) signs, forming hard aspects to Saturn/Neptune and conjunctions to Uranus; Pluto stationing and the Moon progressively heading towards her synodic culmination in a Hadean-style Scorpio Supermoon:

“I have come to the conclusion that imperialism and exploitation are forms of cannibalism and, in fact, are precisely those forms of cannibalism which are most diabolical or evil.”

Jack D. Forbes, Columbus and Other Cannibals: The Wetiko Disease of Exploitation, Imperialism, and Terrorism

We are surely not cannibals. Yet we are somewhat becoming more and more aware of just how much we are feeding out of one another’s energetic field. Through our often unwritten social contracts, we are drawn into unconscious interrelationships, we beg, borrow and steal all kinds of energy, mostly emotional, and when the Moon reaches perigee (closest to the earth) the field starts to weigh heavily upon our responses. Regardless of how physically distant others are, as the Moon draws nearer to our earth, emotional sensitivity heightens considerably. This week, we may sense most profoundly where we are trying to be cooperative, helpful and inspiring and where we unconsciously absorb and transmute one another’s crap.

The Moon kicks off a steady string of oppositions this week, a run of adversarial dynamic aspects which raise awareness to how we, as emotional humans, often unconsciously react to the various archetypal energies currently dominating the liminal field. This surfaces as subdued conflicts in our relationships which, unless we become conscious and take a mental and emotionally mature approach in dealing with them, makes us increasingly uncomfortable with one another. The tendency may be to avoid and deny, keep things hidden, but by the Full Moon, all unresolved emotional tension, stubbornly held within the Taurus stellium could very likely explode in ways that can be most disruptive.


Starting with an opposition to Pluto then, just as the Sun moves into Taurus, the Moon forms her First Quarter in Leo (Tue). Rigid egos clash as if in warning of what we can expect when we refuse to see how stubbornness and pride create impossibly fixed attitudes and situations in our personal lives.

The Moon will then oppose Saturn, then Jupiter (Thu), dishing out a bit of a moral and ethical reality check, then Neptune (Sat), Chiron (Sun), before opposing the Ceres/Eris conjunction (Mon 26th), looking for signs of empathy and forgiveness so that healing can take place, not only in the personal sense, but in ways which affect the entire planetary ecobalance.

The culmination to all these oppositions arrives at 04:33 UTC on Tuesday 27th at 07°♏06′, when the first of three consecutive “Supermoons” will take place. Here in her perigee-syzygy, the Scorpio Moon will appear ominously larger and super-brighter than usual due to her closest proximity to Earth. She’s closest to us here, so needless to say, tidal activity will be at its most extreme. An increase in tectonic activity means that the earth could literally shift under our feet, while our fixed emotions become far more intensified and ready to boil over. This heightened degree of emotional sensitivity/volatility combines with a range of already tense planetary influences, now pressing humanity into all kinds of inner/outer conflicts. With Saturn still in a tightly fixed square to Uranus and Pluto still duelling with Eris along the Nodal axis, many widely social and transocial (evolutionary) matters come to light in ways that can be felt as profoundly personal.

Pluto is currently stationing around 26°♑48′, the first of the transpersonal planets to turn retrograde this year. This degree is ominously (-0°45′) nearing Pluto’s USA chart return, a critical feature during 2022 since it marks one full revolution of an entity’s subconsciously imposing character, as evolved through the 10-12 successive human generations that develop during Pluto’s imperial will to impose some kind of dynastic and cultural domination and control over the dominion of the said entity.

Pluto’s last quarter square to Eris (2020-2021) hence posits us, humans, in a torrential struggle, since Eris largely represents the forgotten, neglected, ignored underclass, rendered useless and redundant by the powerful ruling class because they appear to possess nothing worthy of exploiting, in Pluto’s terms. As often seen through the course of time, those who are deemed superfluous are sent to genocide or extinction by the prevailing powers “might makes right”.

These principles of disruption, dissolution, transmutation and extinction are all governed by the trans-Saturnians, however, the further out we go the less and less personal the effects. Pluto, for example, is a very archaic energy, representing the tribal urge to survive and keep the dynasty alive at all costs, disregarding the fate of any one individual. Hence the strong connection with the phenomenon of domination over others in the service of a broader, more cultural scheme. Hence why Pluto is often experienced as a most uncomfortable force when it manifests into personal human experiences, as we saw on the weekend when it was squared by the outspoken Aries Sun/Mercury superior conjunction. This transit alone brings forth an awareness that when certain elements in nature/societies are marked out by the collective for suppression or ruthless extirpation, be they rainforests, animal species, ‘third-world’ citizens’, the unemployed and homeless, dissidents in Hong-Kong or Myanmar, blacks, homosexuals, artisans and dreamers, etc, then what follows is a system of ruthless annihilation.

Not meaning to sound gravely macabre here, but if Pluto is the collective survival instinct at its most primitive, Eris conjures the driving mechanisms for entities to evolve or become completely extinct from the three-dimensional plane due to the fierce competition between species for light, food, and water. Here, we see how those members of any species who differ significantly, possessing some advantageous genetic quirk, stand a better chance of surviving and procreating than members of the same species which do not possess the same advantage so that any adaptation gradually passes through the gene pool.

Most frightening now is that humans are already bio-engineering methods to ‘upgrade’ their bodies with medicines and other technological advancements, as well as generating considerable pace towards a much more developed mental acuity into the collective intelligence through their ability to access vast amounts of collected data via the use of self-learning algorithms. This is a subject that merits its own discussion, and we continue to expand on the moral and structural implications of transhumanism and AI in our weekly bus episodes.

In one sense, Eris – a newly-discovered body three times the distance from the earth than Pluto – could very likely be the astrological significator of the ‘survival of the fittest’ by means of natural selection. It might seem fitting that genetic change is purely incidental, a freak ‘accident’ of DNA replication; since in every advantageous error in replication, there must be countless useless or actively malicious changes. Evolution hence proceeds because species can regenerate in such vast numbers, of which the great majority are totally dispensible (Pluto). This is what we mean by “Darwinism”, be it social, economic or biological.

“As many more individuals of each species are born than can possibly survive; and as, consequently, there is a frequently recurring struggle for existence, it follows that any being, if it varies however slightly in any manner profitable to itself, under the complex and sometimes varying conditions of life, will have a better chance of surviving, and thus be naturally selected. From the strong principle of inheritance, any selected variety will tend to propagate its new and modified form.”

-~ Charles Darwin, The Origin of Species

It then stands that in the background to all our mundane activities run the greater forces of nature’s selection process, many of which are now interjected, interrupted and manipulated by the higher auspices of human intelligence, bioscience, infotech and our foray into our own spirituality and energetic power, both as individuals and as a collective. How we deal with this is most interesting. If we are stuck in our emotional bodies, seemingly governed by our unconscious survival instincts, we are surely at the mercy of these greater, darker forces of the evolutionary process. Survival is often cruel, and in our struggle, we are often possessed to act in ways that are unkind and deeply destructive in the cannibalistic sense. In preface to this week, I will leave you with this:

Similar to a rat stuck on a rickety boat lost at sea, many of us feel bollixed in by our wooden shell lives. The chore of resurrecting our abysmal life consists of applying a vulnerary of homoeopathic remedies to our self-inflicted wounds, liberally applying the principle that small doses of what makes a person ill also cures them. In order to relive intolerable pressure bearing down upon a person haunted by strife, sorrow, travail, and doubt, a battered soul must muster all their compressed resolve and push back with their time-hardened gristle. We must use all the tools at our disposal in order to survive including tirelessly cultivating our physical hardiness and mental flexibility, and by meticulously engaging in the pursuit of learning. We intuitively seek out bliss and we must be mindful to listen to our internal voice counselling us to attain emotional harmony by living in a synchronized manner with other people and all of nature.

Kilroy J. Oldster

For the sake of brevity here, I have omitted certain paragraphs which I shall issue during the course of the week. You can stay tuned to updates here: Daily E-mail Updates

Look out later this week for our next episode of cosmic bus, as we take a closer look at the energies influencing the Scorpio Supermoon, as well as your individual horoscope messages for this lunation.

Blessings, and may you have an amazing week xx

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