Phasing out of April where, after an Aries quarrel or two, we have each become a little more insistent on drawing the line on our autonomous bounds. Heading into May, we double down on those boundaries with the Taurus Sun putting some fixed/earth substance behind the Aries spirit.

The Sun’s pass over the SATURN/URANUS square at the cusp of these two months clearly accentuates the disruptions now occurring, both internally and out there. We are being bombarded with information about how it’s got to be, but finding it harder and harder and harder to believe anything at all, let alone integrate it into something that feels steady and secure. Also in the background, the Pluto/Eris square continues to resonate tensely along the transiting Nodal Axis – a dark warning that supernatural processes determining the survival of the ‘fittest’ are at work. It will be a question of adaptability, but how we do this is troubling and the more we hear, the more unsettling the experience becomes. What’s truly going on; what’s the agenda and who’s in control? Things seem to be shifting on an epic scale, and we are all somehow in this, together and apparently very, very much alone.


Taurus builds firm walls, or, where Uranus v Saturn is involved, should we say electric fences, firewalls, lockdowns, quarantines and vaccines, etc. After a year of social distancing and the like, we are now past sparing other people’s feelings and feeding their vanities and getting to the hard-core substance and gut-value of distinguishing what we will and won’t respect in them, even the most intimate and loved ones. Whilst initially this may leave us feeling somewhat irritable and strangely isolated, especially in the prelude to the second spell of this ‘de-structuring’ Saturn/Uranus square (June), we must know that there is a cosmic purpose to all this ‘breaking away from established control and limitations to our freedom‘. Although we may not fully understand why we’re all getting increasingly worked up with one another’s obstinacy and pig-headed views, let us be certain that the universe holds a greater, if mysterious, plan for each and every one of her earth-bound children.

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During the next month, some interesting developments continue in the cause towards further defining our newly-found sense of autonomy, although the first couple of weeks may seem to pass rather gently and innocuously (even the unaspected Taurus New Moon on the 11th is largely unimpactful). The noticeable shift will occur towards the middle of the month after Mercury and Venus have both entered Gemini, and Jupiter briefly leaves Aquarius for the mutable Pisces.

Here are some key moments during May:

  • MAY 4: Mercury enters his domicile of Gemini for an extended season (due to his retrograde at the end of the month); which is great for active communications, ingenious thinking and writing, embarking on new studies, documenting/archiving old records, accounts and similar projects; opening up our eyes to variety and change; adapting to new ways of doing business, etc.
    Mercury will turn retrograde on May 29, entering his Rx shadow on May 14. Mercury turns direct on June 22, leaving the Rx shadow on July 7 and finally exiting Gemini on July 12.
  • MAY 11: Mercury conjunct the North Node (11°♊57′); perfect for forming new contacts and exchanging ideas and thoughts with other people; unions and connections with younger people, or those who can assist us to get our thoughts and ideas out.
  • MAY 11: A very grounding TAURUS NEW MOON at 21°♉18′, with only a gentle sextile to Neptune.
  • MAY 12: Mercury trine Saturn; an ideal time for logical thinking, thorough mental activity, concentration, the ability to come straight to the point of a matter under discussion, assisting in the ability to tidy up and organise, industriousness, the application of new methods and progressive ways of thinking. Sharing a sextile to Chiron in Aries, we will see the application of new technologies to provide solutions to health problems, wounds and handicaps.
  • MAY 13: Jupiter enters PISCES, where he the great giant will slow to station, retrograding at 02°♓11′ on June 20, then re-entering Aquarius on July 28. Like a glorious bursting of the dam, Jupiter’s entry into a sympathetic sign (Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces) provides a ‘waterfall’ of much-needed emotional reconnection – often presented as empathy, altruism, kind-heartedness. It is a momentary shift in greater emotional and spiritual contentment, albeit in relatively more modest circumstances; an inclination for solitude and meditation, and perhaps (for some) a short window of opportunity for long-distance travel and holiday respite – particularly for those with key planets/points in the first 1-2 degrees of watery/earth signs. A prosperous sign of what is to come for many of us in 2022.
  • MAY 18: Venus conjunct North Node (11°♊35′): An ideal time for love-unions and reunions, chiefly by correspondence (love letters); efforts at peacemaking after a period of communication breakdowns; a desire to discuss and solve love problems or matters of the heart.
  • MAY 20: SUN enters GEMINI: Things shift considerably with the Sun now joining Mercury/Venus in mutable air, yet ideas aren’t flowing quite so easily as the Sun immediately squares Jupiter whilst ruler Mercury slows to retrograde, only within 1-2 degrees to a Neptune square.
[image: mike stradford]
  • MAY 23: The Mercury square to Neptune energy will sustain until early June due to the retrograde, creating all kinds of faulty thinking, impaired judgments, confused ideas, distorted perceptions especially among neighbours and siblings, assumed notions, lies and inabilities to see facts. This creates a terrible time for communications, infectious (viral) transmissions and causing misunderstandings and disturbances which originate in an unconscious inability to accept reality, leading to massive self-deception, lack of clarity, scandals through incorrect behaviour, or emotional confusion. Needless to say, we must remain clear from toxic thinking and agents like drugs/alcohol.
  • MAY 23: SATURN stations to retrograde at 13°♒31‘ forcing a backtrack over the next 4 months on everything administered into our new reality since Saturn entered his Rx shadow (Feb 14, 2021).
  • MAY 26: THE SAGITTARIUS BLOOD MOON (LUNAR ECLIPSE) at 05°♐26′; The biggest and brightest Full Moon of 2021 will occur close to the Moon’s perigee – the closest the Moon gets to Earth in 2021 – whose square to ruler, Jupiter, generates all kinds of world-havoc due to human arrogance and dogmatic attachment to erroneous beliefs and superstitious notions. Things take a dark turn from this moment on, and we will have much more to say on this subject in our ‘cosmic bus’ discussions as we enter the super-ominous eclipse season again. This TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE in Sadge will be the final in this current series.
  • MAY 27: Venus squares Neptune: The realisation of a tragic awareness of disappointment or disillusionment in matters of love.
  • MAY 29: Mercury turns retrograde at 24°♊43′: sending us all to reconsider, rethink and review our day-to-day activities and the ways we interact and communicate with one another.


In summary, this month calls for us to organise our thinking in such ways where we are able to see one anothers’ often quite varied perspectives without the tendency to either naively accept or prematurely deny that we all stand in very distinct centres of perception. No idea is more true (or false) than another. Whilst trying to find ‘truth’ among the morass of people’s assumptions, generalisations, and belief systems and when we fail to set boundaries for ourselves and hold others accountable for their misconceptions, it is inevitable that we will end up feeling as if we have been taken for a ride, abused or mistreated.

It is imperative, therefore, that we learn to abstain from attacking others for who they are, preferably focusing our argument on addressing a set of behaviours or choices which serve to define what we will accept as healthy, safe, workable and valid to our way of thinking/being and what we find unhelpful or just plain deceptive and confusing. In all this, a reminder to maintain a healthy and fit body and a pure temple.

Blessings, and have an amazing month xx

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