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THE WEEK AHEAD: Nov 25-Dec 01 Astrological Synopsis

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  • Mercury in Scorpio, now direct, poses increasingly complex legal/existential issues after remaining in a stationed semisquare to Jupiter for the past week. Plunging into any situation before getting all the facts straight has its price.
  • Venus becomes the first of the inner planets to enter the austere Capricorn this year, and we either begin to sober up fast or take a much more abstemious attitude about what it’s all worth to us.
  • Tuesday’s NEW MOON in early Sagittarius (04°♐03′) has us hand raised, swearing to tell the truth, the whole truth… or at least not to exaggerate.
  • Neptune stations to go direct Wednesday and we begin to look at the past 11 months, assessing whether it was all just an illusion or indeed a manifestation of our heart’s most cherished dreams.
  • Sun passes over the Saturn/Pluto (Semisquare) and refusal from authorities to allow new concepts and theories causes them to prod the public with any restrictive means possible, resulting in adverse reactions.
  • The last of this year’s series Lunar Occultations to Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto occurs this Friday, revealing even more clues on a hidden conspiracy to siphon humanity’s resources, mainly by those presiding over the highest positions in global law, religion, government and corporate power.

Social pressure is mounting considerably. Intuitively there is a growing movement towards a ‘collective awareness’. This starts off as a flame of individual awareness within the heart of every authentic being and spreads like wildfire as the next month progresses.

Meanwhile, there are massive efforts to snuff out, extinguish, limit, pervert, distort, violate and control this visionary flame by mysteriously invisible, yet powerfully dark forces. By the end of this week, the struggle to find what this life is all about leads us into an existential quandary.

The Sadge New Moon fills us with an inspired feeling of what is real and true rather than any factual knowing.

This is how it ends and how it begins:

When you and me and he and she stand up and tell it exactly as we see it.

This means not as we might prefer to see it, or as we might wish it to be – not as a fear or hope, a disappointment or a ruse, as some great travesty or shame; just how it is, right now, under the light of day.

And just how is this?

How do we know that what we see is really that and not a mere refraction or distortion of our mind’s eye? How do we trust just what is real and what is merely a notion, a fabrication, an illusion, a lie?

As Saturn (status quo, consensus) comes ever closer to Pluto’s deeply corrosive and deadening effects, it’s hard to know for certain if what we’re dictated by the ‘official party line’ has not somehow been tainted. The sinister plot of someone’s contrived agenda remains perversely hidden, whilst still being administered through the established methods of the ruling regime as a ‘law not to be messed with’.

Since all laws are arbitrary, their purpose comes into question from time to time. Yet during Saturn/Pluto – an extremely heavy-handed, authoritarian approach will be insisted upon. This produces a deeply agonising social effect.

[pic: Elena Vizerskaya]

We may be naive and impressionable at times, but we are not stupid fools. Not all of us. Not always. Neptune’s sextiles have immensely heightened our sensitivities to this now ominous conjunction by the outer malefics (Saturn/Pluto). Some of us are starting to ask the deeper questions. Some of us can intuitively read right through the utter falsehoods, lies, frauds, the sneaking desires to secretly harm and exploit others, the immorality and the toxic manipulation of everything that is wholesome and pure in nature.

Many (most) of us, however – whether consciously or obliviously – are somehow playing our part in the global conspiracy to sully nature’s stream by contributing some degree of toxic selfishness. For the sake of our day-to-day survival, we are impressionably tied into the feeding of this giant consumeristic economic monster, which is now chewing up hectares of virgin resources by the minute, trying to keep up with our voracious consumeristic hunger.

To provide some semblance of reason, we create a cognitive dissonance from ‘truth’, isolate ourselves behind private fences within city walls within national boundaries. Meanwhile, we feign that we’re an important part of our society (mostly through our abstract connections to ‘social’ media), yet simply refuse to look over the fence at what we’re doing to one another.

“The truth is not the truth”

Rudy Guiliani

When is the truth not the truth?

There is only one truth. It is that thing we tell ourselves constantly, and by which we must live. How we see things as “true” and how the universe reflects this truth shall determine the quality and integral value of how we experience our lives:

[pic: elena vizerskaya]

The point is not to lie to ourselves. Those who lie to themselves; who really buy into their own lies, reach a point where they can no longer recognise truth, either within or around themselves. At this point, all respect for themselves and for everything becomes tainted and corrupt. Having lost all respect, their heart goes cold, dark and one simply loses the capacity to love.

It’s not too late but, as we are seeing, things are getting darker and darker as these ominous Dec/Jan eclipses are getting closer and closer.

Sooner or later you’re going to have to do something yourself. Nothing’s going to change without you taking a stand for what you know to be true for you. Nobody is going to step in to speak for you. Only you know the truth which rings most true for you.

I look at the people struggling across the world, say in Hong Kong, who have been at it, every day now, since June. They know that there’s no other way but to put everything on the line to maintain integrity. They know they cannot allow these Dicks™ to silence the ever-loudening inner voice and hence fall prey to their unyielding designs to snuff out the light and control their spirit. They are in increasingly more violent protests because they cannot consciously accept any more of the top-level, institutionalised lies and propagandish agenda. Intuitively they see the truth – that there is a dark conspiracy to completely eliminate individual choices and to corralle them, like cattle, into pliantly mobile little boxcars of confinement.

In many parts of the world, the veil between the illusion and the reality is already drawn. People realise that their liberty is near to, if not already, ground into beef to feed the voracious global hamburger supply chain. For those oblivious to the unrest going on across the globe, there are serious protests and repressive violence going on almost daily, not just in Hong Kong but in Bolivia, Chile, Spain, France, Lebanon, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, the Netherlands, Haiti, Liberia, Kurdish Syria, Iraq, Israel, Palestine – not to mention the ongoing crises and civil wars in Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, U.S./China Tensions; the Saudi Arabia/U.S/Israel/Iran deals, Nigeria, South Sudan, Cameroon, Ukraine (due to Russia’s annexation of Crimea).

Each one of us has only one responsibility – to listen and act upon what the inner voice is screaming for us to do. We can no longer hide behind the great wall of china that we build around ourselves.

For a while, the screws will turn, tighter and tighter. The protective walls of ignorance will close in until it eventually feels like all individual freedom is being suffocated. Saturn in Capricorn is currently on steroids and is likely to turn psychotic if his ‘rule’ is disobeyed. It’s the Saturn/Pluto effect. Our physical world is being slowly eliminated. Pluto’s pressure will gradually burn the old order to cinders, crush it into a fine powder. Everything we have come to know is being methodically transformed into a new form, ushered down the river Styx for a complete death and ultimate regeneration.

Over the next 12 months, Saturn will break loose into Aquarius. The walls are eventually going to have to come down and humanity is going to have to pull together to find innovative solutions that will benefit everyone equally yet still celebrate individual diversity.

That’s not going to happen if we just go along with the lies and propaganda, trying to fit into that which doesn’t feel true. History and hindsight is full of shameful witchhunts based on the superstitions of a tainted status quo. We cannot sit behind our crumbling walls or high up in our ivory towers and watch those who dared to be different, who tried to make a difference for all, just getting dragged away one by one.

Mars opposite Uranus shows us that spite, jealousy, contempt and intolerance are currently rampant in the world. This is aided and abetted now by giant internet companies who allow us all to speak such utter nonsense, lies and project our divisive political or religious venom like it’s new gospel.

It is not the internet’s fault. These behemoths platform providers merely provide the new roads which we can either use to either expedite new trade or march faster into war. Of course, they have found clever ways to profit from our traffic. Their unregulated networks provide a mere facility to develop a new set of neural pathways. However, we are learning that when they are violated, preying upon our urge to feed our egotistical senses, their clever algorithms learn how best to harvest energy resources by better manipulating our own emotional desires. Mars will transmute our egos through his journey in Scorpio.

New Moon at 04°♐03′, Tues 15:06 UT

If we want to use the technology for harm – if we want to be harmed by the tech – all we need do is stand idly by and let it take over without checking ourselves, without seeing how certain individuals are likely to abuse it. Yet this is unlikely. We are growing in our awareness exponentially. Consciousness about what’s truly going just under the surface grows immensely after this week’s New Moon. By the Full Moon (Dec 12), the verdict on ‘truth’ is in and everyone just knows that we cannot have it both ways. Falsehood cannot exist within a matrix of indisputable facts. Darkness cannot reside where there is immense light. Ego disappears under the glaring light of self-awareness.

The technology too is speeding up. For better or worse, the advent of a singular vision and a collective dream for all humanity is getting nearer. Not sure of an exact date for this event horizon (yet), but the algorithm for a Singularised Artificial Intelligence (AI) will one day (soon) either usher humanity to its greatest conception of ‘democratic’ (or perhaps socialistic) rule or be wielded as the greatest weapon of control by some unscrupulous autocratic monster.

If we are smart, we can see how the development of this technology which is fuelled by our personal data can go either way. It is in examining the ethical implications (Jupiter) that we feel the imperative to step in now and find ways to regulate the development and social application of the AI. The potential for corruption and abuse is just as monstrous as its ability to solve many of our human problems. All this will come to the fore in 2020, as Jupiter enters Capricorn and conjuncts Pluto, before finally forming the ‘Great Conjunction’ to Saturn at 00°♒29′ on 12 21 2020.

What can you do? I will expand on this as the greatest crisis of our Saturn/Pluto times (join me on Cosmic Bus – Live Monday night/Tues morning) and check your inbox Tuesday for New Moon Newsletter, with special messages for each sign (sign up below).

We are living in such intense times. It’s time we stop bullshitting. Let’s pledge this week to tell the truth, or somebody else will come along and tell it for you.

Blessings, and have an amazing week xx

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