MARS in SCORPIO: Nov. 19-Jan. 3 (with horoscopes)

MARS in Scorpio (Nov 19-Jan 03)

For the next few weeks, this fiery little bunny-boiler will either bring out the BEST or WORST in all those of us who become inflamed, upset or somehow threatened. Why? Because Scorpio is extreme and a dignified Mars is not exactly known for his timidity.

So what’s his BEST? Mars in Scorpio will serve to protect and provide the ultimate defence and protection at all costs. If you have this guy working for you, you have a fierce, loyal and engaging warrior on your side – one who would put themselves at any risk to ensure the survival of you and your kind.

WORST? A triggered Mars in Scorpio is not an easy energy to deal with. He demands total control over his world and is easily set off when his personal power feels endangered. And you can’t easily switch him off. He acts in sharp stints, as if possessed by the demons of disbelief, denial, disillusionment, dread, and a desire to terminate or to cease to exist himself. Hard to stop when he gets going, so it’s probably best you get out of the way and don’t entrap him… or worse still, let him corner you.

By far the most challenging time will be the next week or so when Mars’ opposes Uranus in Taurus. Taurus likes to keep things. Scorpio has strong feelings about all that. He feels he wants a little piece for himself too and can become compulsive about getting some.

With Mars opposite Uranus being the height of his intolerance cycle, if things should not go well, defensive fulks are likely to turn violent and lash out with wild, erratic acts.

So if you’re likely to meet a motherfucker,
Or you’re prone to be one of those yourself… then watch it:
Any projectile venom spewed between you could leave the both of you blind.

Should things get ugly, do your best to beg for a little mercy, then see if you can gtf away and fast.

Things will upset you, that’s no doubt. But you can work with that; harness the passion; focus it into something constructive to make the kind of changes you feel are most necessary. If you feel you might lose your shit, try’n keep it dark, then go vent anger somewhere quiet, in a non-harmful-to-others way…

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