THE WEEK AHEAD: Jan 13-19 – The Saturn/Pluto Phenomenon

Just so there are no cosmic misconceptions, we are living in really ‘special’ times. I’m probably repeating myself a little here but how else are we supposed to learn?

Oh, you’ve noticed? You’re feeling a definite “vibe”?

Yes, Saturn/Pluto are finally an item, but one can hardly say that this transit has suddenly crept up on us. It’s been coming on for years and we can safely say we are only now about to see the effects of this epic, 34-year cycle taking place.

Saturn’s crystalising effect has shown us all just how Pluto’s coercive, manipulative, pervasively corrosive and corruptive powers operate. We see more clearly those whose vested interests in our goodies (sex, money, youthfulness, energies, power) can charm and entice (or oppress and enslave) us into their submission. We see too how we can also tend to try to possess and determine the fate of people, places, things, other living beings. The conjunction in Capricorn has highlighted just how well-organised and widespread this structure of control has been in our societies, but how typically caustic it is to the freedom of the human spirit.

Last week I wrote about how this is all willed in the constitutions and testaments of our forefathers since the Sat/Plu cycle is generally 34-38 years (Pluto has a slightly elliptical orbit), and it is generally around this age when a man (generally) considers what lasting legacy he will leave upon this earth and (generally) through his sons and grandsons. He decrees properties he possesses, cultural norms and customs, laws and constitutions that must be followed to his will in order to preserve his name, title and fortune in a way that will immortalise his legacy, even from beyond the grave.

That worked fine and well in the mortal, 3D world of the past, but since we started messing with this planet’s hardware over the last two hundred years, we have also hijacked the process of natural aging (Saturn), natural evolution (Pluto) and natural selection/extinction (Eris). As we prepare to shift out of the natural/physical constraints of this plane and into the supernatural/metaphysical dimensions, we become acutely aware of just how dysfunctional any of Saturn’s constructs really are. This is made especially more apparent during Saturn transits – particularly this week’s.

Our week kicks off with the super-rare stellium around the ominous Saturn/Pluto conjunction. Just like New Moons, all planetary conjunctions augur the moment of a possible new beginning for us, especially if the lunation activates a significant point in our chart. Where New/Full Moons point to those most personal (and most important) areas needing attention in our lives, the commencement of other synodic cycles also indicates particular significance to various other themes. For instance, there are 5 ‘planets’ forming 10 synods, all aligning around 21-23° Capricorn (just this Sunday/Monday). This is a super rare event, even considering the faster moving Mercury and Sun. Let’s look at the meaning of the pairs before we try to combine the entire lot into one ‘great synod’.

Mercury/Sun = authoritative thinking; expressing thoughts (every 2 mths)
Mercury/Ceres = information on caring, nurturing, farming and food preparation (recipes), empathetic communication (15 mths)
Mercury/Saturn = deep thinking, mental work, written or coded data (12 mths)
Mercury/Pluto = persuasive, suggestive thinking; mind control; propaganda (12 mths)
Sun/Ceres = authorities on care and custody; nurturing parent; farmers (15 mths)
Sun/Saturn = governors; elderly & infirm; hereditary mission or curse; karmic debt (12 mths)
Sun/Pluto = will to power, dominate and possess; criminals and demagogues (12 mths)
Ceres/Saturn = conditional nurturing; separation from child (5.5 yrs)
Ceres/Pluto = loss or death of parent; abduction (5yrs)
Saturn/Pluto = total control; cruelty; shaming; total neglect (34 yrs)

Multiple synods, just like a conclave of individuals or a political conference full of diverse campaigners must represent the combined interests of all of its constituents. Since Saturn is in his domicile through Capricorn, he holds the highest dignity.

The central themes are certainly complicated where there are mysterious outer planetary influences (like Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) involved. Their involvement makes it hard to determine the nature of how this cycle will play out due to their ‘supernatural’ powers. Generally, outer planets indicate a powerfully accentuated moment in history, since due to their slow-motion, they present phenomena which, in the course of our short human lives seem so rare. Saturn’s last conjunction was to Uranus (1988) and Neptune (1989), a time when there was a tumultuous break-up and dissolution of physical boundaries. Saturn’s crystallisation of strange, supernatural ideas and feelings lead to such wonders as the sudden collapse of the Soviet Union and the introduction of new digital technologies into the world of science, politics and art.

Today, with Pluto conjunct Saturn – a synod not seen since the two ‘malefics’ were last conjunct at the end of Libra in 1982, it’s about the ability to either totally transform structures by either totally empowering (over-powering) or fully disintegrating them into oblivion. Pluto is all or nothing, and neither extreme offers stability or any promise of permanence. Permanent structure is a thing that Saturn craves more than anything, for what could be finer than one’s legacy set in stone? Whilst Pluto knows that all structures are impermanent, he’s good at making ‘special’ deals that are soul-binding. Promising the-world-for-your-soul, he endows Saturn with caustic secrets on how to make his structures last, or at least wipe away all threats to their collapse. Hence why our history is peppered with holocausts and atomic booms, but why we deviate further and further from our soul-intention here.

Where Saturn is about building structures, securing boundaries and inflicting hereditary karma, Ceres is about motherly nurturance, agriculture and nutrition and the grief and sorrow when this is neglected. In their combination with Pluto, we can see how the earth, which nourishes and nurtures us with its bountiful fruit is leading towards a complete meltdown or regeneration of its most successful and ambitious structures. Commercial-scale agriculture, environmental conservation, big mining and institutionalised care/hospitality for both children and the elderly, just to name but a few obvious ‘industries’ which we know are undergoing massive changes due to their inability to maintain the lid on how they are exploiting power, wealth, and psycho-emotional resources.

The inclusion of the Sun (consciousness) and Mercury (capacity to communicate), suggests that from an individual perspective, this is a time when new, more youthful (mercury) leaders (sun) will emerge as the proponents or the demagogues of structures, businesses, governments and agendas (saturn) which are driven to destroy and reconstitute (pluto) anything that does not nourish and empower the self. This determined quest for individual self-sustenance becomes the key theme in the 2020 plight of humanity.

So, with this stellium in Capricorn and the enormous sense of being judged, classified and boxed-in to a system that doesn’t work for you, it is fair to wonder how to deal with the pressure. The best approach is to start within, creating a system that works for you, nurtures you, gives you a sense of authority and your own voice. Build your own kingdom within, become your own governor, write your own constitution and do your best to uphold it. Try these don’ts and dos:


1. Don’t waste your energy/time just grumbling and complaining about what’s bugging you. Seek to offer a solution to your problems.

2. Don’t let others’ behaviour drag your spirit into the gutter. Accept full responsibility for how you feel.

3. Don’t succumb to guilt trips or failing to speak up for yourself. Establish healthy physical and emotional boundaries and honour them at all times.

4. Don’t hold grudges towards others. Observe how self-poisoning that is. Practice forgiveness towards everyone.

5. Don’t buy into something what’s worthless or sounds like bullshit. Know what adds value, not diminishes your self-worth. Invest in that.

6. Don’t waste time on useless dreams and nonsense. Focus on ideas that will bring you tangible results. Make the dream real.

7. Don’t talk like you’re the victim. That’s never true. Acknowledge that every circumstance presents you with a range of choices on how to act differently.

8. Don’t worry too much about other people’s opinion of you. Not everyone needs to like you. Determine your own self-image. Act in ways which show that you earn respect for yourself.

9. Don’t try to fit into the ‘in-crowd’. There’s no such thing. Define your mode. Outline your trope. Lead your fashion. Dare to be different.

10. Don’t forget that you are unique and born to offer something very special to this world. Nobody can determine this for you. You’re gonna have to work it out yourself, even if it kills you.

Other responsible individuals are there to help you co-create the dream this planet always held, not just for you but for all creation. Show us what you can create.

Blessings, and have an amazing week xx

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