THE WEEK AHEAD: Jan 06-12 – Total Metamorphosis

When we look at this week’s transits – from any perspective – we see the makings of a truly ‘interesting’ time in human history. Question is, are we making history or are we sitting back and letting it happen on our watch…

  • A reckless start to the week when all stability is rocked by Mars fiery entry into Sagittarius, forming a quincunx to obstinate Uranus, crestfallen in Taurus – the precursive running of the bulls in a China shop.
  • Jupiter at the South Node breeds another bout of grossly antisocial behaviour. Mainly we feel bothered by the simply incomprehensible ideologies and beliefs spouted by official, judiciaries and academics. The hypocrisy, the greed, the inability to be convincing at anything. No wonder the epidemic of apathy and dismay.
  • Mercury’s superior conjunction to the Sun sees an insistence to openly proclaim what is wrong, who is to blame and what we think is best for others. What is really needed is someone to step up and take responsibility, but who dares?
  • Only a sextile to Neptune allows some degree of empathy and kindness, but then, true compassion requires acknowledgement that everyone we meet is fighting a harder battle.
  • A penumbral Lunar Eclipse sees the Cancer Moon in direct opposition to the stellium in Capricorn.
  • As eccentric outer planets Uranus and Eris station to go direct on the same day (Friday), a freakish, erratic buzz hovers over the entire planet. The charge to do something random, wildly unprecedented and profound will soon be irrepressible.
  • By the end of the week, the sheer number of synodic cycles commencing simultaneously on the epochal Saturn/Pluto launches humanity into karmic fate to make or break all fates that ever was and ever will be. Talk about your 3D world problems…

The most intensely pivotal periods in history are also filled with the most tumult and upheaval. Tales of treachery, war, chaos and intrigue provide compelling reading in history books, but those who actually live through momentous changes experience much trepidation, hunger, and pain.

The Chinese say stuff like:

May you live in interesting times.
May you live in an interesting age.
May you live in exciting times.

What do they mean? What kind of sentiments are these? Do we really want to live in times so “interesting” that we make the history books? How do you feel about ‘going down’ in history?

Saturn/Pluto horrors.

Pluto transits leave a deep, lingering impact through the ages. Most of their life-transforming influence can seldom be detected until long after the crisis. The force is transgenerational. We inherit our tribal beat from our ancestors. If you look back through history you’ll see a certain dynastic pattern going on. It’s cultural as it is biological. What great-gramps once took by force or had torn away from him, we still paying the price for today.

Pluto forces his will. From time to time, Saturn chisels it into stone, something we’ll carry on our backs until we learn to let it go or it one day is scribed upon our own damned epitaph.

If this sounds grave, just take a look back at the key players of your family dynasty over the last few Saturn/Pluto conjunctions: 1883, 1915, 1947, 1982.
See if you know about any ancestors who left an indelible mark upon your entire family history thanks to critical events around these times. Were they protagonists or unwitting pawns of some higher power? Is your impression upon time in there too?

In our last Cosmic Bus, we spoke in-depth about the transgenerational effects of the Saturn/Pluto complex and how it comes to form and transform the basis of our constitution, our patrilineal lines and our most dominant strands of DNA. We covered lots of things…

We are privileged enough to be living in times when history is being made. If you are not interested in knowing history, history will not be interested in knowing you. Those who do not know history cannot know anything. They are the living dead, incapable of healing, evolving from their karma.

This week’s powerful eclipse provides an illuminating chance to realise our fate. It’s very personal and perhaps we can see ourselves repeating patterns from the past, risk handing them down. We have a chance to see our hidden karma clearly, learn from past mistakes and change completely. If we do not, we face the ultimate holocaust – the return to the hellish torment laid down for us by our forebears – those ancestral souls whose will and testament decries that we continue to suffer punishment for the sins of their ignorance, their selfishness and greed.

Many Blessings, and may you have an amazing week xx

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