THE WEEK AHEAD: Apr 27-May 3- Angels and Demons

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Outermost Pluto slows to a grinding halt, turning retrograde, and we at once feel an ominous force pushing us to deal with our most intimate, vulnerable, well-repressed secrets. Will we face up with or deny them?

Known or unbeknown to us, deep down in our most private hideaway, we each possess a symbolic demon that we are repulsed to face. It is our worst traits, many of them adopted or inherited through our ancestral traits or DNA. We avoid our darkest side by projecting our shadow outward, often upon the ‘villains’ of our world.

But what becomes of this energy when many others all do the same, collectively casting their archetypal shadow upon the same villains?

Over the past few months (since Jan 3), it would appear as if the status quo ‘out there’ has been conspiring to elect and personify these ‘little monster’ into our most popular anti-heroes and demagogues. Theories abound on who these characters are and the devious things they do, sketches are circulated, fingers are pointed, terror campaigns are run but in essence, the true face of the archetypal monster remains, always. By his very nature the underworld lord remains hidden deep beneath the surface. As Pluto now retrogrades, (Apr 27- Oct 4) we need to go within rather than deny, cover-up and project our most hideous grotesqueries on others.

Jupiter and Saturn are also slowing. It is important to come to terms with where that hidden demon is, come to own it, learn to harness, work with, and hopefully master that which we unconsciously allow to assume complete power over us. Something that is a deep part of you is not being expressed in a healthy way, and you must do the gruelling work to change it or it will break you down, like any abstinence or addiction tends to do.

This week, psychopomp Mercury enters Taurus and dominates the narrative now forming firmly in our minds through all the thoughts and ideas. Through this sometimes frightful journey through darkness, increasing isolation and intense transition, we must learn to listen to the voice of our guiding angels – spiritual entities whom we have once loved but have passed on before us. They are here with the sole intention to help you through this. No other voice you hear out there will assure you. Your inner guides are there to genuinely assist with how best to come to this moment, wrestle your demons and come through this gruelling transmutation successfully. You may try everything to hide or deny the obvious, but it’s no use… the voice that appeals to your conscience will hound you in your awakedness and in your sleep…

So listen. Bring your mind to a place of stillness and listen carefully…


MERCURY ENTERS TAURUS: Talk is cheap. Unless we’re talking money. Then we can talk until our throat is hoarse. The object of the exchange here to make good, sound $ense and nothing makes more sense than an assurance that we’re being appreciated in dollar terms. From now until Mercury moves into Gemini (May 12), money talks.

MERCURY SEXTILE NORTH NODES (at the critical degree) suggests that negotiations could go down well, so long as they are in alignment with the values of respect to one another’s personal worth and not just a greedy grab. Bullying and obstinate attitudes only slam the door shut for opportunities for growth. Show some appreciation.


MERCURY SQUARE SATURN: Saturn starts stationing in a cool, masculine, fixed air sign. He will turn retrograde 3 days before Jupiter, at 01°57’℞. This week, he will attempt to teach Mercury a lesson about sharing. Mercury in Taurus doesn’t like. It resents yielding anything it thinks it owns. Troubles ensue.


MERCURY semi-square VENUS/NEPTUNE: Aggressive women who are quite absorbed with advancing their career may take out insecure feelings by yelling. In the fracas, doublespeak and innuendo elude and confound until it is too late to take constructive action. 


FIRST QUARTER MOON: THE PERFECT 3D STANDOFF: Inflexibility of egos must not be the dealbreaker here. If you must keep anything, keep an open mind. Keep your judgment and actions away from greed and prejudice. Open your ears and listen to others. Aim to find similarities with which to connect, rather than to break apart bitterly. Be a bit more humble and check your pride.


MERCURY CONJUNCT URANUS: The risk here is in squandering mental energies. It then behoves you to try something unprecedented – say exactly what’s on your mind. Say it like it’s coming from a place where you will not be shaken, just make it true.


MERCURY at the midpoint of SUN/URANUS expresses ideas with unprecedented intent to stick by ‘the way’. One hopes the way is ‘a brand new way’, otherwise, the news could be earth-shattering.

VENUS gets edgy on SATURN/URANUS m/p which brings a lot of tension in relationships. Alliances are needed but coldness and harshness can create irritability and feelings of desolation.


MERCURY forms a SUPERIOR CONJUNCTION, passing very near the SUN in the middle of Taurus (14°♉52′). His orbit carries him around the far side of Earth, which lets the TAURUS SUN speak his whole cause. It’s simple. Care for the earth and everything physical, it’s precious.


Anything goes into the following week, and Mercury rules again as the NODES transition back to Gemini/Sagittarius and closer to his dominion. Everything slows down, with Saturn, Jupiter and even Venus retrograding, along with Pluto.

VENUS in Gemini, ruler of Taurus, squares NEPTUNE, not given to abstractions, fantasies and make-believe. She needs to see facts and may simply be turned off by something that is really impossible to see. Faith beyond measure is necessary here, and in these strange, almost completely surreal times, she may either learn to trust nobody or open her heart to the wondrous miracle of forgiveness and compassion.

A SCORPIO FULL MOON (Buddha Moon, May 7) is an accumulated emotional intensity trying to overcome physical matter. Certain habits just have to change if we want life to stay even a little bit the same, at least in those things that are truly worth keeping. As many of us are contemplating our freedom during this time in lockdown; here are some of my reflections on the last seven weeks:


JUPITER/PLUTO, conjunct at the end of Capricorn, don’t exactly hit off this week, but their impact is strongly felt. There is a lot of earth energy aligning with the Sun, Mercury and Uranus, meaning we must come to terms with physical matter and responsibilities, regardless of disruptive changes to our world.

With so much in limbo in our outer world, it’s wise to accept that we have no control over the situation. Release any thoughts of trying to plan too much over the next month or two. Stay flexible. Things are going to change so fast. Don’t get too irritated and disturbed by changes in ‘the system’. Anxiety can be handled, and we learn to make the best of the situation – whatever that might be for us. Accept things as they are and immediately things will ease up.

Stop watching the news, following too much media. You will go mad, especially with all the conspiracy theories. Focus on cultivating your sense of community. In among all the absurdity, there are also incredible opportunities for insight. Focus your energy in building little bridges, not putting more bricks in the wall. Observe your online identity. Are you spending your time connecting with those who add value and integrity to your relationships? Are avenues for support and encouragement improving your sense of peace or are you just being made more nervous? Turn away quickly from all the F.E.A.R. channels.

Make the most of this socially enforced downtime. Really appreciate how rare this moment is. If you return to the fast-paced speed of the ‘real world’, will you have made the most of being able to re-ground yourself and connect to your Solar centre? Did you get around to tending your garden? Did you play with the kids, or read that book, paint that picture or learn a new recipe or two?

Notice how, even as a mature adult, you are still learning how inadequate you are in handling the physical world. Are you lacking some essential life skills such as exercising proper discernment, making choices and problem-solving?

Are you getting some of the basic things; like good, healthy nutrition, exercise, adequate sunshine? Are you taking the time to appreciate your neighbourhood, stopping to smell the roses?

We are on a miraculous journey, everyone at once. It’s no accident. It is a miracle. Whatever is happening, you are privileged enough to come to the present moment and bask in the wonderment of this ultra-rare, global reset event. Don’t worry, we’re all somewhat discovering that we are stepping into a brave new world. Whatever happens, just know you have whatever it takes to get through it.

Listen to your inner guides. The structure of the world functions on a powerfully regenerative process called natural law. Restless and frustrated as you may get with the rules, remember to pay attention to what you know to align with the laws of nature’s intent. Respect that there may be some rules which we must all instinctively obey if we are to look out for one another.

Natural law is strict but subtle. We must become still, listen and observe without bias or prejudice. As humans, we must weave our dreams into nature’s limitations and her designs for us all. If we become ego-deluded or deviate too far from nature’s way, or think we have the power to cheat or wander too far from the essence of her intent, then we are doomed to meet with certain failure and demise.

Be realistic. Look. Things are not all that bad. They could have been much, much worse. We are not suffering from famine and massive collapses. Not yet. All is not lost if you’re still here. Much of what you truly value is still there for you to play with. Create a new appreciation for what you truly want. Plan wisely now for what you feel is becoming important to you in the brave new world that lies ahead. Come to accept that there are some things you cannot take along on this journey and be ready to relinquish the dead weight.

By the end of this year, Jupiter and Saturn will come to enter Aquarius together. The world will enter an epic new age. For now, concentrate on the light at the end of the tunnel, continue to follow the steady stream of consciousness towards it, step by step, one new idea at a time.

No, things will never again ‘return to normal’, but then, why would you want that when you have a chance to choose an alternative, more natural way?

See you all on the Cosmic Bus (Thu/Fri) and wishing you all an amazing week xx


  1. I first heard about this global reset ten years ago. I would often wonder how it would unfold. No way did my mind conjure such a fantastic scene that is happening now. Do you feel that natural law will come about? As in folks truly living on the land? Or do we see some form of instant manifestation as in AI or 3D printing or what not? This is a theoretical question of course. But what do you feel?
    If this is just a pain for you, I understand. I am curious. 😊

  2. Thank you Ang for sharing your wonderful insights..

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