Avoiding The Void – THE WEEK AHEAD: Jun 8-14

Following last week’s potent and ideologically divisive Lunar Eclipse, we find ourselves sinking deeper into a strange, impossible-to-follow vortex of dissolution and dissociation from any semblance of reality.

Naturally, the course to follow for many might be to withdraw from any confrontation and conflict, escape the harsh abrasiveness of our reality by diving deep into the abyss of imagination or hiding high in the ivory tower. That would be the apparent solution to avoiding all problems, but as energies shift further towards a full-blown global crisis, we are drawn into dealing with what’s eating away at us, both inside and out.



Mercury semisextile Venus: We see the glib, supersmooth salesman at work here, and these two planets in mutual reception means that they will say nice things to compliment one another. Do they mean it?

Venus sesquisquare Jupiter/Pluto: More indicators that tributes, charms and hard-to-resist gifts are lavished by those who are in positions of wealth and power. Is there a catch?


Moon in Aquarius, conjunct Saturn: Every month until the end of this year, the Capricorn Moon will consort with Jupiter/Pluto before she meets Saturn. Plan(♃)-demonium(♇) soon becomes rolled into practice through Saturn. It is a series of carefully contrived tactics, cooked up last year during the occultations, designed to stealthily impose authoritarian powers on a largely unassuming public by playing on their heartstrings, passions and fears.


Venus Sesquisquare Pluto: A strong tendency to be deceived and manipulated by glitzy glitter rather than the reality of a situation. Only those who practice meditation, and therefore aren’t prone to distractions and temptation, can see through the charade and propagandist ploys.

Chiron Semisextile Uranus: This “self-help” aspect becomes partile no less than 30 times between 2009-2038, activating the natal opposition of most humans born between 1952-1989. It produces an unprecedented open-mindedness, allowing to see things in a new light, thus liberating us from limiting biases. 

By intuitively identifying and interpreting omens, signs, and cosmic warnings, our capacity to heal wounds of alienation, isolation, and dissociation allows humans to transcend physical barriers and biases and connect to the spiritual dimensions of life.


Sun Square Neptune: This becomes the main transit this week, where we observe that decisions based on escapism, avoidance of responsibilities and the inclination to run away from confronting reality leads to distorted perceptions of what is happening in our world. A careful, clear evaluation of choices is difficult under Neptune’s square to the Gemini Sun, generating fear of involvement in debate and confusion in making decisions. Sometimes arguments are premised on false data, delusions and selective biases. Meditation (not pre-meditation) is necessary. Avoid making important decisions.

Venus Sextile Chiron: Helps to heal selfishness by coming to a deep understanding of its root cause, which is fear. Tuning into all forms of beauty by channelling spiritual energy into our aesthetic reality conveys a force of unconditional love and acceptance into the world, which can help to alleviate, uplift and calm others.


As the Moon enters Pisces, we are thrust into visions of a universal understanding on this Earth. Those who resonate strongly can unwittingly become lost in strange, utopian beliefs and dystopian fears. This highly synthesised atmosphere of exorbitant beliefs can prevent people from listening to one another and seeing things in a realistic and logical way.


LAST QUARTER Moon at 22°♓42′: Hypersensitivity to eloquent thoughts and ideas could create much splintering and dissent in the wake of last week’s Full Moon. Openly and honestly facing our feelings is very difficult under this phase, because the Gemini Sun is objective and analytical while the Pisces Moon is understanding beyond reason and prone to make for very emotional scenes.

Dynamic, forceful types are best kept at a distance so they do not gain dominance and control over those that are more empathetic but not necessarily capable of defence.

Mars Conjunction Neptune: The sacrificial actions of Mars in Pisces become glamorised here as he takes on the fight that will most appeal to others and, if not for the square to the Gemini Sun, would not appear so threatening.

This becomes the start of a 2-year holy crusade at its highest, although it takes tremendous compassion to keep one’s egotistical designs out of one’s mission. At its most menial, this is a descent into martyrdom and the likelihood of annihilation by those who have no time for self-absorbed victims and those suffering weaknesses of any kind.


Sun Semisquare Uranus: Freedom of action is often thwarted by reactions to exaggerated impulsiveness, destructive or resistant acts. Courage applied in impractical ways can lead to greater unrest and unmitigated disaster.



We are in critical times now. Avoidance is an action that only stagnates the outcome. When others fail to live up to our vision of perfection, we must not feel personally betrayed. When we engage in making higher moral judgements to make them “wrong” (effectively elevating ourselves to be “right”), we create further distancing and isolation in the process.

This continual disappointment, brought about by others violating our expectations, only attracts instances and episodes of invalidation, confusion, and an inability to cope with one another. Withdrawal and shut-down are not solutions. 

We need to stay mindful of the reality that others have different points of view. We need to listen and accept these before we can aim to ever heal negating beliefs between us. Relating along an equal, sharing level means encompassing the point of view and thoughts behind other peoples’ action.

Only by opening these channels of heart-mind communication can we begin to experience the unconditional peace and love we seek. In amongst the chaos and the maelstrom, all peace, order, sanity, sanctity, truth and love is right here, in you. In the pure intelligence that exists beyond the clever intellect of the mind, beyond selfish will, beyond political understanding is the sound of inner silence. Once in a while, we must stop and listen with our soul. Everything is here, in you. Everything is you.

Blesssings, and may you have an amazing week xx


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