THE WEEK AHEAD: Apr 20-26 – Embodying the Spirit of Freedom

Massive, extraterrestrial forces like Uranus and Neptune, already duelling between each other, now start to clash with Saturn. Meanwhile, distant, anti-social harbingers of doom Pluto and Eris continue to tempt and sway Jupiter to take sides in their melee, in effect wreaking havoc on the moral, ethical and legal fabric within our societies.

These are monumental times of social change, where the “necessary death & regeneration” process begins to takes a heavy toll upon the organism’s otherwise indomitable human spirit to be “free”.

Last week, the Aries Sun experienced massive power struggles in his squares to Jupiter/Pluto (plutocrats). As Sol progresses into fixed/earth Taurus, the pressure yields to that between the warring giants Saturn and Uranus, also in fixed signs. Here, we see the divide between those who hold a god-fearing, 3D mindset and those who are happy to espouse a much more detached, untethered attitude. We must get used to this two-tiered consciousness and the divergence that is ultimately leading all humanity down very separate pathways.

While the 3D world of Saturn remains plagued by darkness and the dreadful thoughts of disease, mortality and financial despair, there is a significant section of the population living on the very edge of this, acting at the height of vigilance, excitement and anticipation for what wonders are in store, minute to minute.

Humanity’s dependence on an old and crumbling socio-economic structure, one bound together by the safety nets of global industrialisation and mindless consumerism, is about to be revealed as being more fragile than anyone could have ever imagined. The virus pandemic has forced society to break apart very suddenly. In the unexpected break-up, we have had too little time to prepare ourselves for the enforced isolation that we never thought we needed.

Ironically, the longer we withdraw from people, not able to solicit them for the purpose of business, money, company, love, glory, comfort or curiosity, the more we start to discover that those things (and many others) can actually thrive in our own inner peace, silence and solitude. Some of us find our way to utmost spiritual freedom, working out that if we cannot live in our aloneness, we are nothing but a slave to society’s cruel machinations.

[Alan Parker: Pink Floyd: The Wall, 1982]

And then, there are those who are freaking out with being locked up, incapable of any degree of isolation or self-sufficiency, as if forced by the poverty of their being to live and prey on the energy of others.

This week shows us the stark divide between those individuals bound by fear and worry about the future of their ‘society’, desperate for things to return to the past again, and those content to live freer within themselves, eager to explore the full scope of their creative ingenuity.

✦ MONDAY: The Sun moves into Taurus, where patience, perseverance, awareness of physical boundaries, material comforts and money become key matters in our world over the coming 30 days. With Uranus here, much of what these things mean is being disrupted and reinvented to suit the present times.

✦ TUESDAY: Saturn square the Sun = usually not much fun. The physically-inclined Taurean Solar expression encounters heavy hindrances and some austerity. Saturn’s entry into Aquarius has introduced some weird new social structures, making it hard to enjoy life’s little pleasures. Frustrating…

✦ WEDNESDAY: The Sun crosses over the midpoint of a looming square between Venus/Neptune, perhaps intimating how starved we are for some love and affection. Romantic heart-longings send out peculiar cosmic requests through the ethers. Be careful what you wish for here, for with Venus now in her retrograde shadow, we may be tempted through our dreams and fantasies to reminisce, or look up long-lost lovers from our past. It is as if our lonesome hearts somehow desire to fill a gaping inner void or provide a sense of closure to our emptiness.

✦ THURSDAY: The Taurus New Moon – a time to set a new intention about money, love and all things physically fulfilling, brings instead a wave of restlessness, an inconstancy of moods. A strange irritability about our current circumstances incites a wave of resistance, rebellion and dissociation, both inwardly and among those we know.

Of course, these energies are much, much bigger than ourselves, trying to break us apart for good reason. Individually, we feel both the oppressiveness of society’s ‘new rules’ and the instinctive desire to break them simultaneously. This is going to be an interesting year ahead as far as physical relationships, economic funds and finances, accumulation and ownership of property, etc., are concerned, and perhaps we should all pay attention to what’s happening here.

We discussed the astrology and many of the key issues around this moment on last Friday’s ‘Cosmic Bus’ Webinar. Thank you to the many of you who joined us live. Those subscribed to the Tribe can watch the full, 75-min replay here [click link]

✦ Ceres, the goddess significant in agriculture, food and nutrition enters Pisces for a long stretch (w/retrogrades, till Feb 2021), teaching us to nurture others with our compassion, charitable welfare and soul-food. This either helps pick people up out of the doldrums or converts them into highly dependent ‘social-security’ energy drainers (next 10 months).

✦ FRIDAY: The Sun, now semisquare to Neptune leaves us highly subject to investing in the wrong person, or resorting to telling little fibs just to get out of certain responsibilities.

✦ SATURDAY: Mercury square the Jupiter/Pluto point compels us to reject attempts to persuade and indoctrinate our minds with techno/plutocratic agendas. Mere words can become highly transmissible weapons of morality and law. An invocation to extreme conflict and confrontation is brewing. Whether it’s the government or your garden variety billionaire, or super-celebrity, something is changing in the way individuals think about those ‘brands’ trying to impose draconian public laws and measures into our lives.

✦ SUNDAY: By the end of this week, the Sun, combined with Uranus at 06°♉36′ intends that all those affected with jitters for outright independence will no longer stand their freedom to be curtailed or denied.
This planetary picture (☉☌  ♅) triggers Mars/Pluto, countering interminable courage to fight for one’s own self-sufficiency in the most fierce and obstinate manner. Squares between the two suggest that resistance can be met with violence and brutality. Those who become intolerant of the social limitations and increasing personal restrictions may be prepared to lay it all on the line here. Could get ugly.

✦ Be mindful, Pluto is now stationary at 24°59′, about to turn retrograde. This massively retracting dark power is capable to snuff out anything that tries to reclaim its individual soul. Only the purest, brightest of lights, can extricate itself from Pluto’s menacing designs to hold you enslaved in his underworld of oppression.

[Alan Parker: Pink Floyd: The Wall, 1982]


This forced isolation can create a razor-sharp, two-edged effect. On one side, spending time alone, even if initially efforced (by law), is not inherently bad. Solitude can be a healthy, rejuvenating experience. It allows people to reconnect with their true needs, goals, and feelings.

The other side of forced isolation eventually comes off as irritating, unwanted, resentfully initiating a highly rebellious nature, where there is outright rejection, dispute or opposition to any force which intending to hinder freedom.

Hence, even the slightest threat to one’s expression of independence generates an anxiety over ‘imprisonment’ which causes a build-up of nervous energy looking to find some means of release, similar to the boiling of water inside a pressure cooker looking for the valve.

In a society riddled by the last stages of decay of the industrial age, the collective sequestering of every citizen will not sit well. Particularly in cultures where economic freedom and independence through capital wealth is the utmost prize. Where there is a lack of greater social objectivity; where the individual is obsessed with amassing personal power at the expense of the greater social/environmental concerns, the sense of isolationism develops into feelings of authoritarian control, fascism and totalitarian ideas.

This is a mounting sociological phenomenon which I wish to explore deeper in our next session of ‘Cosmic Bus’ (Thu/Fri), as we look at certain astrological indicators of our present time with distinct echoes to last time Uranus was in Taurus (1934-1942), where disillusionment with the current democracy manifested itself in discussions of lost national vigour, forced isolationism, both of depression-era nation-states and its broken individuals, and how clever demagogues seized hold of collective pressures and acted as the release valve to their collective woes.

Look out, too, for our special New Moon Newsletter, with links to your empowering horoscope messages and intentions.

Many blessings, and may you have an amazing week xx

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