Which Way To The Stars? THE WEEK AHEAD: May 25-31

It’s the end of May, and with several planets stationing to retrograde recently, it seems that much in our lives is currently at a standstill as we prepare to revisit the new old ground.

Highway into Dubai after 3 months of pandemic.

We are hovering over the earth, in a seeming Bardo – the stage of existence between death and rebirth – waiting to see what will become of us. This is the “new normal”, and with respect, it brings an awareness that not only are things no longer ‘normal’, but highlights how flimsy and defective the “old normal” actually was, that in just 2-3 months the entire world structure and its systems of trade would suffer such deeply irrevocable effects from what was a relatively minor global disaster. Of course it’s not over yet, but yeah… we get it already. We are seriously not equipped to handle anything more serious, like the effects of climate change and food shortages, famine and a real, seriously contagious strand of disease.

The Sun’s passage through Taurus highlighted our economic situation. We got to see how money is just a medium by which we determine values and worth, and how, in this digital age, what we think we are worth is largely a figment of our collective imaginations. The Sun’s entry into Gemini shifts emphasis on our communications, trade, transportation and media. Last week’s lunation raised a lot of nuanced new issues, namely the huge dilemma we are facing around the integrity of the information we are circulating, as well as how many of our established pathways and thoroughfares seem to be progressively cut off, banned from use, censored or discredited to the point of ridicule. We had much to say about this over the last 2 episodes of the cosmic bus.

For those who dare to face the ‘cosmic truth’, that is, what can only be described as the immutable laws of nature, let’s have a look at the transits of this week, which, on their own, speak volumes, but in unison comprise a daunting cacophony of warnings that our civil lives have taken a devastatingly dark twist. We are faced, perhaps too late, with an ominous sense of awareness that we are well past the point of no return in terms of how to salvage the “old world”. It is a perfect marker to nudge us to start bravely preparing for something new.

As the net between Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto tightens, the conspiracy to retrain and control all linear activity becomes ever more apparent as the faster-moving planets activate this ultra-rare triple conjunction. Over the next few weeks, our socio-economic and domestic movements will be under such extreme scrutiny and pressure that a total reversal of fate will force complete reassignment of our lifestyles and lives.

This week’s Mars aspect (semisquare), punctuated by the super-tense Quarter Moon on Saturday, provides a perfect example of just how easily our antecedent hopes and preconceptions about the future can be eliminated and replaced by something which, to many, may seem entirely foreign on its surface, but in essence the most familiar thing we know…

What will our hopes be replaced with?


Mercury quincunx Pluto: Atmosphere of mistrust. Anxiety about speaking our minds for fear of something terrible happening.

Mars sextile Uranus: The urge to challenge established patterns of social thought and behaviour which inhibit individual freedom. Provoking new thinking which can offer the potential of new horizons.


Mercury Conjunction Vesta: The mind’s capacity to focus on multiple mental processes and tasks can be admirable, especially in communications, but the Quincunx to Jupiter suggests that a lack of integrity in the data, skewed or highly opinionated information, politicised facts, and moralised dogma presented as “truth” can be a real turn off.


Mars Semisquare Pluto: Those ignored or dispossessed by society begin to get involved in clandestine resistance groups and underground movements.


Mercury Conjunction Node: Tendencies for many to get swept along in the current wave of popularly held views without any questioning and to do little critical thinking.

Mercury enters Cancer: Thinking starts to become more and more subjective, unwittingly forcing people to respond emotionally, either with sympathetic indulgence or overt rejection. It’s a case of with us or against us. This ‘atmosphere’ builds into major social divisions by the time Mercury starts to oppose Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn by the end of July/start of August.


Sun Sextile Chiron: Whether we are consciously aware, or we observe through others, our sense of empathy and “feeling into” one another’s pain gives us a chance to understand the problems that need healing between us.

Venus Sesquisquare Saturn: Anxiety about social security and mental health issues lead to periods of depression.


Mercury Quincunx Saturn: Tormented by all sorts of hidden fears and anxieties, loneliness and isolation invade our thinking.

First Quarter Moon at 09°♍12′: Both the Sun in Gemini and the Virgo Moon are governed by Mercury, whose lines of communication are not exactly firing at their most objective. Mental tension, hyper-anxiety, confusion and agitation sets in when this quarter moon runs us into any kind of emotional situation. People are not easy to deal with or understand because of erratic changes in mood.

This is perhaps one of the most tense quarter moon phases in recent times, and you will feel it coming on all week. Mental breakdowns will be common as people emotionally snap, triggered by the most seemingly trivial or pedantic issues.

Sun Sesquisquare Pluto: Secrets and conspiracies to defraud start to become exposed to public view, so of course it is wise to avoid criminal activity. Keep away from dark, psychotic elements – things could erupt unexpectedly.

Mars Semisquare Jupiter: Probable losses of business contacts and contracts, brought about by being too passive-aggressive or promoting products or services with alterior motives. Impulsive action results in carelessness and legal consequences.


By the end of the week, Mars forms a semisquare to the entire Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto triad, introducing duress that forces social change. Such tension triggers irritation over draconian attempts to delay any new beginnings and forces much directed energy and anger into subversive activities.


Over the past week, and in the weeks leading up to the June/July Eclipses, the atmosphere will thicken with specific cosmic messages, their intensity and volume becoming so overwhelming that we are feeling diminished and insecure due to the collapsing structure and systems by which our societies were held together. This will accelerate exponentially in the coming months, beyond the point of denial, anger, bargaining and depression. We will have to get over our grief very quickly and accept our lot with stoic resiliance.

Try not to become too attached to the notions of what this will mean for you and your nest egg. Of course, things are changing. Over the past two thousand years, through the essence of suffering and sacrifice, we have come to learn that we are spiritual beings, seeking ascension back to the stars. The Age of Pisces is over. Mission accomplished (almost). We have served our time here. Our period of incarceration to our egos is coming to an end, and we must be ready to enter an epoch in which our ‘collective suffering’ cedes to that of the ‘collective cause’.

What you are seeing is the end. Pisces values, so idyllic at the beginning of the Christian age are being cleared away. The blurring of psychic boundaries, invisible exploitation, the forced suffering of the spirit, physical enslavement and the negligent disregard for the well-being of masses of humans for the sake of a few elite do not resonate with the values of the new great cycle, the Age of Aquarius.

New values are replacing the old. Those of equilateral love, universal acceptance, brotherhood, understanding and collective co-operation are emerging. The lives of our successors will be relatively disease-free. We are exploring a new approach in interacting in our intersubjective reality. We are more rapidly (almost instantly) able to see that what we are transmitting between us carries a charge, and unless we are mindful, we create awful imbalances in the general health and sustainability of the overall system.

[image: carala bowen]

We enter the immediate gateway into the Aquarius Age with an astounding boom of technological advancement – the internet of everything and everyone, quantum mechanics and robotics, unimaginable states of intelligent connectivity and progress. The term ‘Artificial Intelligence’ is perhaps poorly suited because our collective intelligence, albeit muddied and manipulated by those seeking to control the narrative, will be the human kind’s greatest achievement to date. It is far from artificial. It is pure artistry of the most natural and divine order.

As we learn to record an ever more intricate level of our experiences, and we eliminate the need for humans to perform otherwise robotic work just to survive, our potential to reach for the stars becomes exponentially closer. This is the only truth, although to get there, we may still have to endure a multitude of lies.

To those who are awake and consciously aware of the great hoax that is being played out currently, the gleaming spotlight pointing upon those driven by the power of egregious moguls with repugnant designs upon humanity is about to reveal enough shadiness. To offset this, massive civil disobedience is not only necessary but, as we shall see in the weeks and months ahead, becomes the only way to move forward.

Many blessings, and may you have an amazing week xx

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