Coping with Cosmic Stress – THE WEEK AHEAD: Apr 06-12

This is certainly one hell-of-a-time we’re experiencing. Most of us are either compelled or impelled to isolate ourselves from others, and how we cope with this makes these times ever so “interesting”…

This week’s transits press us to try to keep things in perspective. Stressful situations, wherever they come from will be easier to manage or ‘control’ if we stay mindful that everyone, from public officials and media to private citizens locked up at home is suddenly an expert on the one thing that seems to be on all over the news.

There is certainly a pandemic, one where people can still openly present information that is designed to either inform or confuse us about what is the most appropriate way to deal with the news that our lives are in the news. Since being clearly informed will allow us to formulate an effective coping strategy, one that aids our resiliency to the perceived external threats of our time, why is it so hard to get some leadership on what’s the right way to manage this?

✦ Jupiter conjunct Pluto (#1 of 3 hits in 2020). The quest to get some truth is now likely to be shrouded under immense darkness and heavy propaganda, meaning that whatever you’re hearing is invariably tinged with someone’s agenda to put the fear of God into us. Maybe that’s what’s necessary. It’s just hard for some people to take the fear of death from a virus seriously.

Whether you are naturally obedient to the ‘authorities’, or you’re developing a growing distaste for anyone telling you anything these days, you gradually discover that you and others are distancing even further in your attitudes about truth and the whole ‘god’ principle. Beliefs are getting more extreme, and you may have your own, but notice how some people carry theirs on their back?

✦ Mars clashes with Uranus/Neptune – the ultimate bummer since our energy feels interfered with by strange, largely mysterious, ‘supernatural’ forces. Hence our actions seem misdirected, out-of-time, squandered or drained. When our efforts feel lame or paralysed, a gloomy state descends and hangs around like a bad smell. It’s like trying to drive to Vegas, high on acid: don’t expect big wins there. Do expect to have a bent time.

Best take the week off to avoid absurd, adversarial and accidental events. Instead, do your best to meditate and listen to messages streaming in from the outer regions of the angelic realms.

✦ Mercury sextile Jupiter/Pluto: Expect some top-class bullshit from your favourite Plutocrats on how you should live your life and save others. Also, see how those who really care about you bother enough to leave you alone to make up your own mind on what to assume. I should choose to listen closely, yet not to necessarily accept a thing that doesn’t make sense.

✦ Pink SuperMoon at 18°♎44′. The mother of all 2020 Supermoons. It’s here to push us to look at those habits, temperaments and personality traits that are not working for us, and let them go.

No, the moon won’t really look pink – it gets its ‘Pink Moon’ moniker because it coincides with Spring’s early blooms. Being the most prominent supermoon of 2020, its direct effects on our emotions will feel most intense. Luna will look about 7% bigger and about 15% brighter than the typical Full Moon.
**Also the ‘Paschal Moon,’ which sets the date for Easter, is usually observed on the Sunday following first Full Moon after Equinox.

✦ Mercury enters Aries: ever say something you didn’t think all the way through? Oh well… at least we get to know where you’re coming from.

✦ Venus’ continued semisquare to the Sun: This aspect has been tight for the past 4-5 weeks. Lack of appreciation for what one has to give; ie. being ignored when it feels like you should be ‘loved and admired’ breeds insecurities, overspending and unnecessary hoarding. Ultimately this leaves us with a sense of emptiness, an inner loneliness yearning to be filled.

✦ Chiron on the Venus/Mars trine: A profound intuition about what is not working in our increasingly technically-advanced world, particularly in having our spiritual needs met. This guides us towards looking at what’s necessary to make things work. Venus/Mars being in air signs means that healing ourselves involves finding ways to become unstuck from our past ideas, adapting towards being more flexible for forward movement.


With the grand-scale fear-hullaballoo and ‘superthreats’ now plaguing our outer world, we are bequeathed and beseeched by universal currents to review our terrestrial situation. What makes our person-centred point of view so vulnerable to threats of disease, massive anxiety and seemingly arbitrary exposure to death?

Coping with death anxiety means constantly having to transform and adapt our cognitive and behavioural struggle in order to manage specific external and internal threats that are taxing or exceeding our personal resources. Everyone has a different coping mechanism. The way we deal with fears and anxieties is very personal, individually conditioned by our respective upbringing and cultural programming.

There are generally two types of coping responses: one is emotion-focused (lunar) and the other problem-focused (solar). Emotion-focused coping tries to mitigate negative emotional reactions to exterior events (like trauma, disease, economic ruin, terrorism, etc.) that are seemingly beyond our personal control. Problem-focused coping is the conscious individual’s attempt to remove or diminish the source of stress.

Of course, the solar approach is a more proactive, more adult way to deal with the stress, but it means stepping away from our instinctive reactions, which are stored in the body and linked to our past. This distinction between emotion-focused and problem-focused coping requires that we use as much light (intelligence, authoritative wisdom) as possible to separate fact from superstition and hearsay.

Who are the adults in your world who can inform you, without alarming your parasympathetic nervous system to fly into panic and terror?

Since most humans experience exterior circumstances as unpredictable, uncontrollable events, thus producing chronic stresses (stress is cumulative in the unconscious-self/emotional body), the common individual’s electrical nature (mind/mental body) starts to resonate at the lower, fear-based survival frequencies of anxiety, panic and fright.

Full Moons are critical times in our monthly calendar which suggest that we comport our habitual selves with more light/awareness. Coping with uncontrollable outer events such as our current, collective state of social lockdown and constriction, may require a reconciliation between our problem-focused and emotion-focused approaches.

We need to utilise all available cognitive and behavioural strategies in order to balance, alter, or regulate any discomfort and distress between our inner and outer ‘selves’. Coping is indeed a balancing process whereby the individual is forced to reconcile both the cognitive and instinctive factors in one’s life in order to exercise some control over a threatening situation.

If your response to an external threat is reactive, and you can make this as personal or as ‘socially applied’ as you wish, your reaction becomes the source of stress itself. Hence, by projection, your experience of this world is going to become most affected. This could produce enough stress that it results in episodes of separation, loss, psychological dissociation and grief by isolation.

As usual, my reminder is to stay centred and to keep all factors that ’cause’ you to engage (mind/body) in healthy perspective, remembering also that this too shall pass (it is just another transit, after all). The essence here is to learn what triggers you and why you need to clear/heal that so that you can expedite your evolutionary journey.

I will continue this discussion in greater detail in this week’s #CosmicBus, so hope to see you there. Here is a short excerpt from last Friday’s episode.

I look forward to seeing you later in the week, many blessings and wishing you a phenomenal week xx

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  1. Wow Ang , ur way of explaining logically what’s going on is so spot on and I want to thank you for often confirming my ideas explanations logical and emotional and thank u for your constant “ output “ and input , may you be well
    Marietta 🌺

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