The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be – THE WEEK AHEAD: Jun 1-7

Get the feeling we’ve entered eclipse season?

Yes, this month promises to be a tumultuous month. The North Node Solar Eclipse at 00°Cancer21′ (June 21) is flanked by two gnarly penumbral lunar eclipses. The first (Jun 5) ushering us into a brand new phase of soul-growth, while the second (Jul 5) is a fitting finale to the learnings of the past 18 months.

As we head into these eclipses, we must stay mindful of events likely to catch us off guard. Eclipses are known to throw curveballs our way, particularly if they form tight aspects to our natal planets. We are also likely to react, sometimes irrationally and uncontrollably to what may otherwise be a familiar situation. Before launching into action or defence, it pays to take a breath and ask “what if I choose to sit this out, not engage?”



Sun Sesquisquare Jupiter: The “Should have quit while ahead” aspect. Even those at the top eventually lose the coin toss and once the luck runs out, losses seem to multiply. Ignorance, a false sense of importance or greed taken too far can bring about demise.

Node Conjunction Vesta: A new sense of respect for the rights of those whom, in the past, we took for granted or considered insignificant (if at all). Vesta reminds us that devoted service to others is not just for the sake of our own survival but for the preservation of our society.


The Libra Moon squares the Jupiter/Pluto/Pallas/Saturn cluster. Here, the plot thickens, as lawmakers, billionaires, political strategists and governments all secretly in cahoots get the sense that the wave of public emotion is turning against them. Improved public relations is one thing, but Capricorn demands to see substance and merit, not just displays of nicety and token gestures.


Venus Square Mars: Venus in Gemini prefers facts. Having spent the last four weeks stationed at ~90º to Neptune has made the love goddess extremely sensitive and intolerant to things she can not rationally comprehend.

Venus feels neither enamoured nor enriched by the outlandish assertions posed by Mars in Pisces. Mars seems equally startled by her vapid and callous comments towards him. Venus is turned off by his hyper-defensiveness and convoluted actions. Particularly between the gender, this creates a strange state of sexual tension and if they can’t somehow ‘find a fix’ can lead to squabbles and dealbreakers.

℞etrograde Venus finally returns to the morning sky after inferior conjunction to the Sun, forming a New Venus (much like a New Moon) in our lives. Generally, a powerful day to go within and set intentions for what we might wish to magnetise into our life for the new 18-month cycle ahead, our intention is also fraught by the perils of a Mars square**.

**The square between Mars/Venus is a disruptive aspect. Any conflict prompts that we try harder to get our ‘facts’ straight if we want to maintain relations, especially if our desires are motivated by kooky abstractions and ungroundedness.

[pic: amelie satzge]

There is every chance this week that if you are somehow unhappy in your personal affairs with others that you will attract troubles. Be prepared to be admonished for failing to measure up to standard in your personal inadequacies or insecurities.

Pallas Athena regresses into Capricorn: This politically shrewd little asteroid has been in the Capricorn mix since the start of the year, dipping briefly into Aquarius through May.

The coincidental triple conjunction occurs three (3) times in 2020. Super rare to see, but when you do, be sure to know that autocrats, plutocrats, technocrats, whetever-crats are plotting and-a-scheming something big. What’s it gonna be?

Pallas’ return to Capricorn sees a tight reunion with Jupiter and Pluto (Jul 3) around the time Saturn returns to Capricorn (Jul 1), and just a couple days before the second lunar eclipse at 13°♑38′ Capricorn (Jul 5).

Keywords for Capricorn: Pragmatic, ambitious, disciplined, stoic, cynical and pessimistic.
Operative Capricorn modality: Authoritarianism, confinement, steadfast governance, frugalism, goal-oriented only.


Mercury Sextile Uranus: Anything that restricts mental freedom needs an outlet. Puzzling problems find solutions.

Mercury Square Chiron: Old wounds and traumas easily triggered by a few inconsiderate words/tweets. Statements are misinterpreted, taken the wrong way or reveal incredible ignorance. Crazy arguments.

PENUMBRAL LUNAR ECLIPSE at 15°♐34′: This epic Full Moon in mutable signs experiences a slight hint of the earth shadow, officially launching us into Eclipse season. Due to its 8th harmonic syndrome (see red lines above) highlights tension in themes that will be central to the Gemini North/Sadge South Node emphasis over the next 18 months. There’s a lot of hype and hyperbole about what’s true or false, right and wrong, good and evil that will seek to be straightened out with facts and plain, old-fashioned straight talk, that’s for sure.

WARNING: With both malefics Mars and Saturn in the mix, this lunation could take a very sinister, even violent turn. If last week’s Quarter Moon brought out nasty stuff, this one promises to call in the coast guard to settle disputes. In fact, as I write this, I am hearing that the United States is imposing curfews due to race riots. Not a good time to start anything, and perhaps one might wish to self-isolate from everyone to at least keep some semblance of sanity.


Mars Semisquare Saturn: Inability to master irritations and frustrations shows immense immaturity. Any aggressive action or hostility is summarily ‘punished’ by authorities and police.

Sun Sesquisquare Saturn: This aspect reveals just how threatening those in authority can be when manipulating others purely from selfish motives to maintain power. 

Sun Square Mars: Verbose temper tantrums and scenes of utter disgust in defiance when things don’t go exactly as desired.


Venus Sesquisquare Jupiter: Superficial displays of martyrdom or postured charitable acts to earn political ‘brownie points’ are transparent. Those straightforward in their efforts would be more sincere.


The build-up of themes developing throughout the last week comes to a head this week. Amidst the crisis of climate change, a global pandemic, a struggling economy, the disintegration of governments, institutions and now small businesses, the ongoing social injustices, the aggravated protests and rioting [gasp] is an immutable universal truth as to who is responsible.

Of course, we will want to blame someone but to solve this we must first come face to face with our complicity and ignorance, again without blame. Only by stripping down layers and layers of opinions, assertions, selective biases and personal agendas to live and let die will we ever allow the truth to come dancing with us.

The real test of our knowledge, or ‘truth’, is not whether or not it’s ‘true’ but whether it serves to empower us. Any scientific expert or mathematician will tell you that no theory is ever 100% correct. As such, assuming that we know ‘the truth’ is not usually a good gauge of anything. The real test for knowledge is how we can apply it. Any theory that empowers us to do new things validates our knowledge.

Over the decades, science and knowledge have granted us many exciting new tools. Some are mental tools, such as those used to gather data to predict things like voting results, market trends, death rates and economic growth. More importantly, science has granted us technological tools. The connection between science and technology is now so tightly enmeshed that these days we find it hard to separate the two. In fact, we seek to know only to expedite our technology to take us faster, higher, better, longer.

There are some who know the power of using technology to advance the cause of humanity’s growth and development. There are some who know the power of using technology to advance their own, personal agendas. And then, there are the many who haven’t a clue as to what’s going on, have no interest in science, just go on assumptions, hearsay and incomplete religious fairy tales, filled incomprehensible nonsense… They may use the technology to expedite their superstitious ideas, unaware they are indeed being ‘used by the technology’.

I can say that’s just another story, but it’s a story I cannot begin to tell unless people are on board with me on this wonderful quest. That’s why I do the bus, now weekly. I could just about do it daily. I would save me a lot of writing, lol.

Anyway, as we sail into these eclipses, I will reiterate my foreword. The events of the week/month ahead cannot be easily predicted since the world is currently at its most chaotic. So many forces are simultaneously at work, many of them hidden under a cloak of darkness, steeped in ignorance, driven by centuries of seething resentment, rage and despair over traumas, violations and gross injustices. The interactive nature of these events is so complex that even the tiniest disruption to one tiny heart could ignite an atomic explosion that has the power to turn the entire course of history. We must know that.

As we go into this week, ask yourself what would happen if you chose not to contribute to the chaos and disorder? What might happen if you mindfully, peacefully chose to sit this one out?

Blessings, and may you have an amazing week xx

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