Dark Night of Ego-Dissolution and the Quest for Redemption – THE WEEK AHEAD: March 9-15

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When the Sun conjuncts Neptune, the adult, conscious part of ourselves that seeks a sense of validation about its identity, certainty and decisiveness becomes fuzzied, confused and undermined. Even if we are otherwise sure of who we are and how we wish to be seen in the world, Sun/Neptune transits have a way of confounding our individual sense of identity. In the conjunction, this confusion is often hard to detect, let alone accept, since the integrity of our character, largely reinforced by our relative interactions in the world, becomes blended into that of others. Where Neptune signifies subtle, supernatural qualities that seek more to erode and dissolve rather than to reinforce our individual boundaries, having a clear sense of ‘who we are’ in the context of others requires our ego-complex to be wholly empathic to the will and desire of others, if indeed there is to be any success in determining anything.

So, things become muddied.
This phenomenon is part of the natural flow of things. The Sun conjuncts Neptune once every year, exemplifying the effects of this wonderfully unifying force, allowing us to ‘feel’ more in touch with the desires of the collective and less hung up with our own egotistical designs. It’s a necessary humbling process that must occur periodically to remind individuals that in order to be great, they must also be willing to be little.

Hence, with the Moon and Venus also converging around the Pisces Sun, the degree of ego-dissolution is at its peak this week. Saturday’s New Moon evokes a sense that we are not at all separate; that the walls of definition between the big ‘I AM’ and the ‘I AM NOT’ are not only momentarily weakened but made wholly redundant, since no individual ego can exist outside the context of the whole. Neptune, ruler of Pisces, opens us to all kinds of influences that, on our own, we are unable to resist. We look to those celebrated people in our lives whose authority and talent overawes both themselves and others, people who present themselves as magnificent and wise and are taken as such, as being revealed that they are nothing of the sort.

We also look at our deeper, inner selves to find we may be possessed with really beautiful secrets and unexpressed special talents, yet our inability to make those manifest in the world means that we are no better than those who share the same weaknesses, delusions and misconceptions. We empathise with everyone and everything as if the world around us is somewhat transparent. Yet, in a culture that relies on technology over community, we see how our most beautiful dreams and designs may fail to ever be expressed, hence leaving us feeling lost in a sea of insignificance and futility.

Our Struggle with Powerlessness and Exclusion

The indomitable catalytic influences of the Pluto/Eris square are now found evident in every facet of our existence, both at the micro and macro level. Yet, all one needs to do, if one is indeed capable, is to look under the surface of any matter. There, just underneath the covers, a corrosive energy is diabolically at work, eating away at the old fabric of patriarchal society, either breaking down or wiping out hierarchical constructs like there’s no place for them in tomorrow’s world. Hard at work, in secret efforts to secure against this downfall of patriarchal institutions, Pluto is still trying desperately to commandeer and bring the destiny of everything and everyone under its control. Meanwhile, Eris, spurned by the mere contempt of being left out of the race, seeks scornful ways to throw everything into turmoil and disarray, not merely out of envy and spite, but because she feels it is the only device she has at her disposal.

We can see by the numerous events playing out around the world that issues with power and inequality are plaguing all humankind. The dark triad of complexes, which comprise narcissism, Machiavellianism and psychopathy are all rooted in Pluto’s malignant designs to break down the healthy ego. Becoming possessed by narcissism deprives one of any empathy whatsoever, leading them to think that they are more entitled than everyone else. Machiavellianism generates an atmosphere of manipulation and exploitation of others, a gaslighting that is devoid of any moral decency as one’s individual self-interests overpower the needs of all others. Psychopathy is when we become completely possessed by a remorseless pursuit to satisfy our own needs, ruthlessly at the expense of everyone else.

Heavy Pluto transits project these dark, supernatural traits into our lives through certain individuals, although they are often difficult to detect since they are largely obscured from view due to their chthonic nature. We spoke extensively about these in this recent Cosmic Bus episode:

Under such insidiously dark and subterranean supernatural forces, life as we know it seems to be singing a subtle, almost inaudible lament for all that we have come to know – a kind of swan song as it were, for it is dawning upon us that all that has come before – the thousands of years of ‘culture’ endured by all humanity on this planet was held together with nothing more than a highly contrived and maligned quest for power and domination – a history shrouded in darkness, secrecy and manipulation of the truth.

We are no stranger to trauma and pain, but some of us are at least making the courageous move to investigate the source of our plutonian ills. These psycophagic duelling forces, playing out with the outermost planets produce a base frequency that is omnipresent, and so far as human societies are concerned, the word ‘pan-demic’ (all the people) best describes a life-shifting process that is both en-demic (in the people) and epi-demic (upon the people) – one that seeks to disintegrate and reintegrate everything into a whole new order.

The Sun’s difficult journey past the midpoint of Pluto and Eris (Feb 28) now approaching Neptune, lends a hypersensitivity to all matter, visible or invisible. It makes our senses tender, touchy and susceptible to all kinds of influences, helpful or destructive. Here, we must employ our psychic gifts if we are to be super-mindful of engaging with agents which can have an erosive, undermining effect on our body, mind and spirits. Sometimes it’s best to just pull away, withdraw from life’s continued abrasions and indictments, although those can often be difficult to identify and appraise, especially when we are the ones who unwittingly choose to lay ourselves open to becoming victims of their infections and unwelcome visitations.

Collective Efforts to Regulate and Contain the Dis-ease in Society

While mainstream society is scrambling desperately to shield and protect itself from the harm of outside forces, be it via physical distancing and other inoculating measures (♃/♄♒), these ‘system upgrades’ are still only available and applicable to those who are afforded the means, ie. those deemed to be privileged enough to find themselves at the head of the queue to receive the benefits of the latest Aquarian improvements, adjustments and innovations.

Powerful Eris contacts, such as those against the Hadean squares, means that many are not only feeling left behind by ‘lacking the necessary means’, but there is an entire narrative running that there is a conspiracy to leave them either disqualified or to miss out entirely. Of course, Pluto in Capricorn is still secretly working to empower those who are part of the established order of society, albeit in most forceful and antisocial ways, but let us be clear that we are ALL somewhat complicit in this game, mostly by our ignorance of how much we yield to contribute towards the preservation of ‘dark powers’. Are you aware of how much your creative life-force is being manipulated and exploited and by whom?

Naturally, much remains totally out of view, even to the most astutely conscious, or perhaps obscured by our sheer ignorance or inability to see deeper than the mere surface of our perceived ‘reality’ (whatever that is). This can only be expected, even in times where so many more are opening their aperture of inner vision to the wonders of cosmic light that is currently radiating down upon us from the cosmic quantum field. The Sun/Neptune conjunction blesses us all with a glimpse of of how ideal our lives can be, but to truly appreciate the magic of this, and the coming lunation, we need to summon our senses to align with the universal dream held in everyone’s soul for the future of this planet.

There’s no sugar-coating possible to assuage our painful awareness that much of this world is falling apart under our noses – the 2-year Pluto/Eris square (2020-2021) is a slow, metabolic descent into the outermost regions of the darkest aspects of humanity’s subconscious. As we struggle blindly under the auspices of absolute power and inexplicable resentment, envy and spite, it becomes harder and harder to remain centred and somewhat disengaged from instances of desperation that try to pull us further under the spell of extremism and irreparable divisions among ourselves. In the process of long division, where the lowest common denominator is often left inextricably attached to some ‘remainder’ – a particle that seems excessive, whose degree of unwholesomeness (or unholy residue) is neither a part of us nor anyone else’s – much of it hangs around as toxic and unwanted.

These toxic remainders gather like cobwebs in the corners of our collective, annoyingly eating away at the whole of our society. In our continued ignorance of these, which include the sketchy and incongruent notions that certain people are more special than others, we allow for the spread of malignant elements – virulent ghosts of society’s noxious past which we can neither seem to make whole in today’s world nor keep carrying over into any future.

With Mercury now exiting his retrograde shadow and finally out of Aquarius, this week’s transits centre around the last decan of Pisces, whose sub-rulers Mars/Pluto generate initiative, strength, and driving force to break down old ego-attachments altogether. The New Moon here, at 23°♓04′ produces the ultimate force for ego-dissolution and redemption, preparing all society for an ultimate renewal as the Sun prepares for its resurrection at the March 20 Aries Equinox. This becomes the commencement of the new astrological year, and I will have much to say on this during the next two weeks.

As we might observe with our own consciousness, much of the old world is falling apart, and very few individuals out there, regardless of how possessed they are by the illusion that they, themselves, somehow possess the power to hold it all together for everyone else, are capable of accomplishing anything without the endorsement, validation and consent of the whole. Those who are still intent to keep things the same are suffering enormously weakening tensions from all sides, and like a slowly capsizing ship, besieged by cruel waves and multifarious leaks throughout its hull, this world is desperately in need of an “all hands on deck” effort in order to repair and restore itself.

As the Pisces New Moon looms large towards the end of this week, our only recourse is to allow the waves of cosmic light to wash over any fears and worries about the uncertainties of life, come to accept that there is much out there that is beyond our control, stop fighting and bullying one another and somehow let ourselves float gently upon the surface as we try to reconnect to the vast mystery of nature herself – her nebulous supernatural powers that seem to govern over us and keep us all spiritually connected via their immutable and eternal laws of universal peace, harmony and love.

Blessings to all, and have an amazing week xx

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  1. The war is just about over, many are awakening to their sovereign power. The balance of duality is close. Thru love we bring the planet into alignment together.

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