COSMIC BUS- Pisces New Moon [episode #2110]

New Moons offer new beginnings, and what’s more welcome at this fragile point in time than a new vision – something to light our way out of this darkness; this tedious frustration, futility, oppression and despair and lead us more towards our dharma here?

If nothing more, the Pisces New Moon offers an escape, a way out from the drudgery of our existential nightmares, which can at times surmount and see us waking up in fright about the excruciating world we live in. The emotional subtlety of this lunation is not lost.

Here, in this 60-minute presentation, Ang discusses the astrology of this lunation, its conjunction to Venus/Neptune; midpoint to Saturn/Uranus, as well as other influences, constructing a rich narrative for our times, what we are experiencing and what we can imagine may come next...

Enjoy this short excerpt from today's episode:

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