Revolution#5 – For Those About To Snap: THE WEEK AHEAD (Feb 1-7)

So… our Sun continues his epic hero’s journey around the zodiac, now in Aquarius. There will be many twists and turns along his luminous path through February, a month which will see many more revolutionary changes and reforms take place, both within and all around.

Of course, there will be much resistance and objection along the way too, for there are many who despise change, especially when under questionable or disagreeable terms. Leading into Thursday’s Last Quarter Moon, for instance, we are faced with further ‘fixed’ crises – the Scorpio Moon takes on the whole Aquarian stellium as she opposes Mars in Taurus.

Aquarius is an air sign, which means that it’s best to be more objective, stand back and view things from a broader perspective rather than just responding rashly or emotionally. For some of you fixed sign people (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio Aquarius), there’s a real war going on inside your psyche because in order to align with the presiding Aquarian qualities (objectivity, fairness, equanimity, humanitarian values, a common vision for the future, etc.) you must acknowledge, accept and manage powerful feelings and emotions, express them somehow without either denying them or being condemned by them. Here, the real revolutionary spirit takes hold because many will not be told what to do or how to handle their lives any more.

In the name of true growth and individuation, some of us have to move beyond a place of feeling stuck within the old constraints of materialism and authoritarian profiteering. Humanity is indeed stuck in limbo because of residual feelings of greed, control and power which, this week, take over and threaten to kill all those things we love (♀ ☌ ♄/♇). Until we conquer our ruthless obsessions, we cannot foster the kind of humanism that produces the innovative scientists, thinkers, or reformers who will help to ease the suffering on earth.

Mars’ square from Taurus means that our most conservative side will persist in holding its ground. This is made ever more obstinate with Uranus also in that fixed-earth sign. The socioeconomic obstacles and difficulties posed by these fixed squares become more extreme throughout February, as does the inner loneliness and sense of social alienation, much of it provoked by rebellious, resurgent energies manifesting as all kinds of irritability seeking release in our relationships.

At worst, we might feel it as a banishment. At best, it is can be seen as the perfect time to tear down defences and rejoin the human race. This may be easy to say because, for many, the road ahead is filled with either increased restrictions or blind insurrection and kicking against the pricks. Many, still resonating on their lower common instincts, are feeling increasingly shut down, disenfranchised and ready to rumble, as is the earth under their feet.

Mercury’s retrograde back over Aquarius will reveal where we might have reached a dead­ end in our own progress, or moved too fast and are now suffering reversals. There may be communication breakdowns, network collapses or system setbacks due to our unwillingness to ‘upgrade our operating systems’ or ‘get with the times’. Like a long wait in a dentist’s office or being stalled in some air­port lounge for days, there’s the frustrating sense of having purchased our ticket but never quite get­ting off the ground. Patience is running out.

Mentally, the chronic, nagging issues (yes, let’s blame the pandemic) develop into upsets with how life is being officially managed. Incessant administrative and ethical dilemmas show how the Saturn/Jupiter (reach limit–> set new law/regulation) syndrome contributes to an ever-quivering mess in the mundane trade/economic system. Coupled with deprivation for freedom, this Aquarius stellium can indi­cate a continual battle to preserve mental health since people are less likely to listen and to connect with one another. For many, it is a sign that just ahead we each may have some personal “cross to bear”, one that – if not carried independently – becomes an unwilled obstacle to achieving relationship or communal ends (♀ □  ♅). 

The Aquarian Sun asks that we work on developing our ability to view situations in a more detached or objective way. By Thursday’s Last Quarter Moon, the Aquarius Sun squaring the Scorpio Moon will reveal who is responding in a very cool, objective and detached way to those who need deep, tender emotional support. We may fail to realise just how touchy, triggered and vindictive those whom we are denying can become. These are indeed two sides of our psyche that this week must be addressed in a reasonable, objective and fair manner. It is never healthy to denigrate any part of ourselves, especially those highlighted by the critical quarter-Moon which is so vital to health, relationships, and emotional well-being.

The Aquarian Sun is in the sign of his detriment, so his customarily centralised source of authority and creativity tends to get dispersed equally among the herd, group, party regime, even audience.

Both Saturn and Uranus are the rulers of Aquarius, neither more true than the other. As the two giants approach their first major clash for 2021 (♄ □ ♅, Feb 17), the perverse Aquarian complexities become only magnified, thanks to the epic, mythic animosity its two ruling archetypes hold toward each other. Uranus, father of Saturn (Kronos), banished all his children to the underworld. Saturn later emerges to not only castrate his father but steal away his throne in revenge – a psychological engram which repeats as an inner conflict between the visionary ideals (Uranus) and hardcore reality (Saturn) in every Aquarian. Saturn himself would be warned that the same fate would come upon his own, as did indeed had when his own son Jupiter (Zeus) would one day depose him. These are the mythic perils of patriarchy.

Saturn creates forms and structures, presiding over the governance and productivity of the land, setting the immutable constructs which, over time, would define the changing seasons, teaching humanity how to obey the laws of nature in order to survive and flourish. Naturally, with so much being reset over the past year thanks to conjunctions to Pluto (Jan) and Jupiter (Dec), Saturn’s recent entry into Aquarius mandates there are many adjustments we all need to make in the form of regulations and controls, and with Jupiter leading the way, a new set of ethics and laws are being rolled out, especially in the world of tech and innovation. These don’t come easily in a year where co-ruler Uranus in profit-minded Taurus runs contradictory to change and reforms.

Aspects of our mundane lives appear to be crumbling despite our governing leaders’ in­sistence that there are no problems that they can’t handle. Many of us now come to accept collaps­es or setbacks so easily that they’re no longer surprising. Meanwhile, pleasures and good times might be delayed or denied (♀ ☌ ♄), allowing us the opportunity to alleviate the situation (♀ ∗ Ch) before it explodes (♀ □  ♅).

On the other hand, the pressure’s intensifying with no means of escape. Those who deny responsibility for, or knowledge of, any tensions, or who turn a blind eye to game-fixing or continued sociopolitical oppression, or those who accept that things are not right but stand back, unwilling to do anything about it, only invite further strife and discord. There will always be those, even in times of breakdown and devastation who will cling to the established structures and go with the status quo, ignoring critical warning signs, believing themselves to be untouchable or beyond reproach. Those are the ones who carry karma, project it onto everyone and pass it on to their grandkids

Then there are those who feel that disasters are certainlyimmi­nent, who are filled with anxiety, apprehension and panic. However dangerous, there is often more confusion and discomfort than actual emergency. If you resonate with the fear/dread factor, perhaps you are cleaning up the debris of some personal debacle. If not, you are holding back the tide of a disaster you probably know is coming, sooner than later.

When this is projected onto others, you may fear that they are the ones making trouble or deliberately causing upheaval. Perhaps you see them as angry and destructive. Alternatively, you might perceive them as dynamic, assertive, and excitingly dangerous. On a deeply personal level, this week can represent inner turmoil, chaos, or anger, or it can be a divine “kick in the butt” to shake us out of complacency.

Blessings, and have an amazing week xx

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  1. Definitely too much pressure! I might explode into nothingness like a Christmas decoration this Thursday. So tired of always being the one having to clean the floor drain.

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