THE WEEK AHEAD: Mar 2-8: Cravings for Clarity

The mirth, laughter, heartache and disarray continues to build up nicely throughout the week as the Pisces Sun approaches his annual conjunction to ruler Neptune.

With a Virgo Full Moon looming the following Monday (Mar 08), we must be at our discerning best if we are to gain a soundly astute, sensible perspective on what on earth is going on around us.

✦ The week commences with a frivolous First-Quarter Moon in Gemini. Take a moment to question where things around you are heading. Nothing seems as clear or straight forward anymore. We often don’t know who is who and what is true and what is perhaps the biggest lie/hoax/fairy tale. Introspectiveness is great, but what is really needed is more discipline in our actions. If it feels like things have gotten a little messy, like you’re engaged in several interests and affairs all at once, then it’s time to clarify objectives and stick to what’s most important. [remember the Aries Equinox – effectively the New Year – is only 3 weeks away]

✦ The Venus/Saturn square can be a bummer. Things that usually bring us joy or people we expect to love us aren’t so satisfying or seem like hard work during this transit. With the Pisces Sun on this midpoint (Tuesday), being ignored by loved ones, or feeling censored for things we may not have done is not nice. In this current ‘cancel culture’, where if one does or says something that others deem problematic, one can automatically lose all currency. Hence, there is a reticence of getting involved, especially if there is a fear of heartbreak. On the plus side, it is the perfect time to really appreciate the things that really matter.

✦ Mercury and Venus head into opposite directions, both entering fixed signs, Venus in her domicile of Taurus. Fixed means rigid, not easily swayed, both in mind and heart.

Uranus and Neptune are currently at the tightest in semisquare (00°34′) they will ever be, for a very long time now. Together, over the past 2-3 years these two ‘gas giants’ have warped our sense of reality to the extent where many absurdities have by now become hyper-normalised. How strange, that both politicians and citizens alike have all become resigned to maintaining this false pretence of a functioning society. Over these past few years, this gradual delusion/dissociation from reality has become nothing but a self-fulfilling prophecy and the daily fakeness we see on our TV News now seems accepted by everyone as the new “real”.

✦ The Pisces Sun is pivotal this week – it activates all the big midpoints – especially the big Pluto/Eris square, which I have written about here and also more about ERIS and the Apple of Strife & Discord, here. It’s no secret, both the world and our dear, sweet hearts are undergoing one of the most tumultuously transformative times ever.

Although history tells us that the world has been embroiled into many national crises and worldwide conflicts, this time it seems a lot more interconnected. Also, it would seem that we, as intelligent humans, are allowed some degree of insight into the chaos, madness and the sinister designs of a ‘greater power’. Is this a very well-organised, psychopathic plot to disrupt and dismantle every institution we’ve come to “love and trust”, or are things really as chaotic as we’ve been led to believe?

[Mar 20, 2020]

✦ Not going to expand too much more here, but this is going to be a very busy week. Much is about to come to a head as Mars (back within bounds Mar 02) now marches earnestly toward the Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn end of Capricorn.

The next two weeks will be super-intense, and I dare say that ambitious laws and public measures put steadily into place by our ‘governments’ will alter our normal daily lives in way we cannot yet imagine [stay tuned].

“Interesting times”, indeed, as the Chinese say, hey?

We live in a time of great darkness and confusion. Sporadically, we are afforded rare glimpses of light and clarity, but they are rare and gleamed by few. Events keep rolling on which seem bizarre, inexplicable and out-of-control.

The rise of authoritarianism, rampant corporate corruption, titanic-level natural and ecological disasters, the strange case of Donald Trump, those rascally Russians, China & the mysterious spread of the coronavirus, Brexit and the impending collapse of the EU, the devastating wars of Syria & Yemen, endless migrant & refugee crises, the much-snubbed threat of climate change, looming global economic depression [gasp]… all recently escalating issues which will intensify over the next weeks.

Now how am I helping??
[bear with me, there’s more…]

Meanwhile, our individual powers seem increasingly limited and (in some parts of the world) already paralysed. People are gradually being sequestered into little boxes (apparently for their own safety), shrewdly placed under ‘quarantine’ measures with no clear idea about what’s going to happen next or what to do.

Some of us have the ‘internet’ and ‘streaming services’ to ‘inform us’. But really, what kind of information are we receiving and who (up there) is monitoring us and the manner in which we are being informed?

How did we get to such a strange place? Why are all these seemingly random, chaotic events all happening at once – and why are we and all our politicians struggling to make any sense of it all?

I know that many of you here are spiritual seekers, as am I. It is time to check in with your ‘spirit’, make sure you’re not getting too high on your own high-vibe culture. We are soon about to hear a strong, undeniably deafening call to action. It is time to stop the self-inflating nonsense and the new-age mumbo-jumbo. All the pretension and evasiveness – like many fake things – has to end. You may be sensitive, but this does not exclude you from facing up to the duties and responsibilities down here, on the front lines against mass confusion, disinformation and attempted dissociation. Stay grounded. Be present. Need you here now.

Things start to come to full swell by the end of the week, and with the Virgo Full Moon approaching, I will be back (Thurs/Fri) to present a live instalment of Cosmic Bus with aim to put all these things into some astrological perspective. Also, look out for our free Newsletter Thursday [sign up below].

Blessings, and have an amazing week xx

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