Reckless or Fearful About Change? – THE WEEK AHEAD: Feb 15-21

Acts of love and war are the spice of life and, oftentimes, it’s the very elements that seek to bring us close together that can get to us, for whatever reason. Here, we are ready to fight with those before us for the things we’re after, making it clear what we will stand for and what we will outright reject. Essentially, this is what ignites our passions – the fact that we’re prepared to go to war for the things we love and against things we hate.

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VENUS in AQUARIUS loves the freedom to choose. She takes a cool, non-attached, rational approach to appreciating things, fancies no holds or commitments to some prescripted cultural nonsense or religious agreements, of traditional contracts and the like. She prefers to leave plenty of scope for renovation and reform, admires those who are reasonable and up-to-speed and delights in spontaneity, diversity of style and the ability to mingle and to mix it up. She certainly favours not to get stuck in anything that cannot be experimental.

MARS in TAURUS can be a pointy stick-in-the-mud. He knows not so much what he likes but what he doesn’t like and is ready to point it out. He doesn’t much go for that new-age BS and all that hippy/jazz nonsense. He likes the smell of his own odour and thinks anyone ‘different’ might be a communist traitor and is prepared to shut up shop or boycott any neighbourhoods that allow ‘progressives’ to peddle their pinko-queer ideas & merchandises.

In a year when SATURN/URANUS are also in square, this moment raises serious contrasts between the more rigid, conservative side of our nature (Taurus) and the more progressive and visionary (Aquarian).

SATURN’s defiance to maintain some sense of social cohesion against the wilful disruptiveness of URANUS places our collective notions into complete disarray, adding to the strife and discord already plaguing humanity due to the rise of disease, political unrest, unsustainable economies and climate catastrophes. The conflict in our impulsive, ingrained and introspective emotions creates a natural revolutionary split that begins in our mind. Eventually, nothing will stand as it is.

This slow-release aspect (♄□ ♅) is a three-pronged process that will take us through to the end of 2021. When spontaneous impulses of insight (♅) repeatedly clash with our instilled notions of reality – customary reactions conditioned by our social upbringing (♄), we might increasingly feel conflicted by what is going on around us. In times of widespread chaos and confusion, it becomes the duty and responsibility of those more advanced, genius human beings among us – the artists, mystics, scientists, comics and logisticians to step up and create a new sense of order, one that can assist the rest of humanity to make the transition.

Excerpt from the Cosmic Bus:

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One way or another, whether consciously or by mere impulse, we see the old dominoes of the established order start to topple as humanity starts to experience a set of new, more authentic set of impulses – emotions that are indeed more humanitarian in kind – the living by-product of a series of repeated ‘awakenings’ disturbing our nervous systems out of a deep state of collective unconsciousness. It may be shocking and uncomfortable and, in instances like those of this week, produce events which are simply too irritating to endure any longer. Yet the distress is set to shift us out of our entrenched positions and to become reconnected to the pulses of this present tense. In this, there is ‘hope’.

Change may be necessary, but is it really welcome? There is the side of us that knows it’s time to open up to progress, reform and just to move on, but also, something that still likes the simple, earthy pleasures that we used to know and love.

What continues to ensue over the next few days are conflicts which, due to either the reckless embrace or fear of change, threaten to shake our entire value system within ourselves, in our relationships with one another, and in the world at large. Is it really possible to preserve some of the old, earthy values while leaving ample space for ourselves to evolve into emerging new, stellar dimensions of appreciation? Venus, ruler of Taurus, is sympathetic to everyone’s values but, in Aquarius, she is faced with a plethora of choices and ultimately she will choose the most reasonable and progressive, which to Mars may feel like a bitter betrayal. What we are about to experience is some degree of heartbreak or at least some irreconcilable estrangements, especially if these aspects hit home for you personally.

Blessings xx

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