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THE WEEK AHEAD: Dec 02-08. An Astrological Synopsis

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  • Jupiter leaves the prodigal land of Sagittarius to join Venus, Saturn and Pluto in frugal, hard-nosed Capricorn. This officially heralds a very sobering, increasingly austere journey in the 12 months ahead.
  • Jupiter immediately heads into a square with Chiron, aggravating differences, rifts and tender sores still left open and unhealed, either deep within us or with those who just don’t understand our pain.
  • Venus at the Capricorn South Node doesn’t help, pulling the heart’s affections away from likenesses and likings and more towards differences and stress points. The bickering and criticism among those with whom we’re in close contact gets worse, and love-bubbles are about to burst leaving only the most spartan kinds behind to get it on.
  • The Pisces First Quarter Moon tries to wax lyrical with the dazed and confused Sagittarian Sun, whose square to Neptune renders him tender and hopelessly susceptible to all kinds of duplicity, impracticality, chicanery and seduction.
  • Softer aspects from Venus and Mars will try to help facilitate better synergy and understanding, but with Venus in an earth sign and heading toward a bone-crushing Saturn/Pluto triple conjunction, real love over these next 12 months will demand not just an outpouring of blood sweat and tears, but driven to the point of tyranny and torment.

The real-life pressures stacking up all around us, brick by brick. Daily reminders are frustratingly surmounting into a Great Wall of China, demanding that we demonstrate our dutifulness; show proof that we can comply; fill out more comprehensive forms, sign away rights, pass tighter inventory requirements.

It’s nearly the height of Capricorn season and those multiple conjunctions and eclipses of December and January. The cosmos is screaming that we be a responsible, authoritative and consequential person. In response, we slowly feed the auspices of setting up a most officious, increasingly stuffy social framework where no-one can relax and the ‘authorities’ are constantly hounding us.

Not sure how that’s all going to sit well with some of you ‘renegades’, ‘free-thinkers’, ‘sinners’ and ‘free-spirits’ out there, but one thing is certain and for sure already. Life in 2020 won’t be a walk in the park.

Jupiter in Cap and the ‘Coming of Age’:

Really, this coming month or so is all about adjusting to Jupiter’s shift into a…. [continue reading……….]

rather contradictory placement for the ‘great benefic’. Fresh into Capricorn, the cosmic celebrant and make-it-up-as-you-go lawmaker’s usually gregarious, excessively permissive manner we saw thriving through 2019 when he was in his home sign of Sagittarius is immediately trimmed and crimped by an uncharacteristic show of respect for trending styles, security, political clout and a steadfast adherence to the strangest traditions. It’s hard to take him seriously.

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Like a wild, jovial uncle who’s just checked out of rehab turned a new leaf and found Jesus, Jupiter in Capricorn enters in his ‘fall’ phase. Preachy pathos, lectures on work ethic and puritanical virtues, rallying pressure to be more socially adept and career mobile becomes the new order of the day, often from those you’d least expect.

To follow suit, you may initially find yourself acting much more ‘responsibly’, as the universe now turns up heat, tightening the screws on the already ironclad steel box Saturn/Pluto’s been constructing out there in daddy’s man shed.

As uneasy, or at least unnatural demeanour takes over everyone – even those otherwise jolly and good-natured kinds. As the focus shifts to greater dependability, reliability, conservatism, frugality, stronger career devotion, status-prevailing ambitiousness, a hard-nosed realism takes over the land that we are no longer in Disneyland. The gay parades have ended, carnival music stopped and the street sweepers and office-bound traffic have invaded the park bench, where we are left scratching our heads as to “why is everything so serious, suddenly?” In fact, the utter lack of conviviality may be hard to believe, coming from some people.

This sudden hard-nosed ‘attitude’ or born-again ‘outlook’ on life will immediately become pervasive over the way we feel, think, act, all the decisions we make, our personal value systems, the way we pass judgement, classify, even ridicule and vilify others.

Over the next 12 months, it will completely infiltrate every aspect of our lives, much of it in ways which are already imposing and uncomfortable, especially to those who prefer to enjoy a more laid back, libertarian or lax lifestyle.

A Very Capricorn Conspiracy

Because Capricorn produces a patriarchal, very hierarchical filter, the preponderance of planetary activity passing through it over the next few months will seem harsh and insufferable to those who favour a more permissive, natural-paced, open-minded and tolerant approach.

In many ways, this hard-line manner has been a long time coming. It follows a prolonged period of liberal-minded chaos and mayhem that has been creeping into societies over the past few years, attitudes that have been especially pronounced over the past 12 months when Jupiter was at his most boorishly licentious, hypocritical worst in square to Neptune.

Things just went too far, laws became smeared, morals completely eroded, ethics and standards went out the window and basic responsibilities were either wavered or utterly neglected.

As Saturn goose-steps more mechanically toward Pluto, we are about to witness a frightfully dictatorial backlash to some of the new-age Ponzi schemes and outrageously out-of-control phenomena that have been masquerading as platforms for ‘democracy’, ‘infotainment’ and ‘social justice’, especially in the wild, wild west domain of the world wide web.

As bitter a pill as it may be to swallow, the cardinal/earth fact of Capricorn remains: It is the complete negligence and irresponsibleness of the masses which lies at the root cause of why a more authoritarian rulership is absolutely necessary. If one has a look at past systems of totalitarian systems of control, as those now rising in today’s Saturn/Pluto age, one will see that they are the cumulative results of man’s (father/boss/ruler’s) loss and distorted need to regain status and power. His demand for a restoration to order and structure over the physical, 3D universe can be traced back to hundreds, even thousands of years of patriarchal rule, since before Romans and Greeks and god only knows. That’s the old, mythical, grey-haired, bearded, male god, of course. His stern, low-brow judgementalness resides deep in the biogenetic and psycho-spiritual constitution of every single Saturn-bound individual in the world.

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So long as Saturn still rules 3D (and Capricorn), we’re all responsible for carrying the kernel of what is about to sprout. But with a twist…

What is that? What’s about to happen to us here, on this punishing little earth, you may ask?

The One-World Order

There is definitely a shift toward a more global, one-world ‘government’. In its final form, it will not resemble any prior government any of us have ever known. Nothing our history and other schoolday textbooks ever imagined, anyway. How it will be administered, or whether it will be of a benevolent or a tyrannical nature over the freedom of the individual human spirit remains to be seen.

Much will evolve just in the 12 months ahead of us.

Furthermore, that this current, dire state of political affairs we are now witnessing in our world will hold out without change is unlikely. What was evidently brought about by corrupt social developments that date back hundreds, even thousands of years in antiquity and culture doesn’t alter the fact that where we are currently heading has to change, and dramatically so. It is for this reason that we are also ready to crunch into a very different gear for the year ahead.

The Rise of the Intelligent Machine

We stream its data in exponentially growing bandwidth. We see it. We feel it coming. It is as inevitable and merciless as the relentless march of evolution itself. And we must own it, for it is only contemporary humanity itself, with its multilateral forms, which is responsible for calling it in.

Capricorn – cautious, reserved and often pessimistic Capricorn – cannot stand for the wishy-washy, hot air, smoke & mirrors horseshit just seen in its predecessor Sagittarius. It draws a line, a definite boundary, a barbed-wire fence, a solid wall that extends for hundreds of miles and tells us that it is we who must either step within and have our fate, our ‘karma’, our outcome be predetermined by the state, or be faced with exclusion, censure or extradition.

Trying to blame “historical conditions”, traditions or national “constitutions” is no good. Protest and appeal become a lame measure and futile life-choice with giants like Jupiter and Saturn on the Capricorn board of directors. They demand social compliance, that you follow the binary coding, diligently perform according to programming. With Pluto involved, this binary, ‘my-way-or-highway’ division becomes ever more extreme and mercilessly heavy. At the end of its limits, if the law don’t get you, harsh exposure to the extremes of weather will.

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The Hunt for Red Outliers

Jupiter first starts off with a little whiplashing upon the Chirotic contingent. Those self-made ‘teachers’, ‘healers’, ‘shamans’, ‘life coaches’, mavericks and outsiders (Chiron in Aries) really cop some stick from the more cynical government officials, career academics, judiciaries, bankers and people of social influence and wealth (Jupiter in Capricorn) this week. Naturally, this is not without recourse and for a while, the fight will be fierce from both sides. Much needs to be addressed before we can understand the value of incorporating both conventional and unorthodox methods to make things better between us, especially the sore points. Persecution and scapegoating over any old differences has always been the go-to for societies that are afraid to look deeper to find true healing.

Taking the high moral ground in our arguments has never been so imperative, especially where we see mean-spirited movements posing a threat using premises-based prejudice and intolerance.

We suffer and continue to hurt or wound others because we often have no memory for things that happened ten or twenty or a hundred years ago. On a deep, unconscious level we still reiterate the same toxic nonsense we’ve been muttering for the past two thousand years. Still looking to find some jesus-joe to martyr and crucify.

We cling with might and main to such righteous absurdities as ‘race,’ ‘gender, ‘class,’ ‘nationality,’ and the dogma to cast our high-minded judgemental beliefs; still observe our religion like it’s a weapon of scorn and disavowal, using it only to repress our love and spread our hypocrisy.

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This causes great fear and separation among all those now shuffling about, trying to stay different within the homogenising confines of Saturn’s 3D universe.

Those taking part in any sham ‘democracies’, who partake in the throwing of rocks at one another in the guise of expediting freedom, are in deep shit. Mistaking insolence and hatred for freedom is definitely the trademark of the truly enslaved. If you join the ranks of those goose-stepping to make this place more secure and organised, then you’re sealing your doom. Which may be inevitable anyway now, since the algorithm of artificial singular intelligence is not far from being rolled out in places like China, where social crediting and ubiquitous surveillance is already exceeding Orwellian proportions.

Observe the rise and rise of social upheavals. The growing meanness of all those conspiring there at the South Node, as the cluster of planetary forces converges to impose its regressive mean, slowly but surely trying to put the stench of inhumaneness and instruments of cruelty into place.

More and more it seems the desired end for man to return to his earthy nature feels unattainable thanks to the coldness and tyranny of the machine-tech-matrix aspired to in the dawn of the Aquarian Age.

The crucial lesson of this Pisces Quarter Moon (Wed)

If the world needs a hero now, it’s you. Only you can step up and save the world from its utter slavery to the hammers and pistons of fear, scarcity and soul divisiveness.

You are the only one who can liberate yourself from this machine because only your spirit can wake up and refuse to blindly, or consensually comply with its unreasonable demands.

Ultimately you are its meanest slave driver when you subscribe to its absolutism over your free will. See your part in the grand hypocrisy. You cannot escape this truth. This is not time to be blindly impressionable and falsely optimistic. See that no one is to blame for your perceived enslavement to the tyranny and injustice of the new order but yourself and your utter negligence to duty and truth. Your truth. Duty to be yourself.

If you dare to listen to your inner self, you will discover that only the smallest amount of effort in the appropriate places can lead to better things. Quit lying to yourself, accepting a fake kind of happiness or tuning out troubles rather than handling them directly.

Cease playing along to a system or relationship that doesn’t serve you with dignity. You are not a ‘consumer’ or ‘user’, you are a human being. Stop consuming and start being. Your submissiveness and political correctness are the greatest self-imposed tyranny. By looking to buy your happiness or force your love you are betraying your inadequacy and weakness. You will be bought and sold and forced into roles you don’t want to play.

Stuff to think about this week…

I’ll be back during the week with Cosmic Bus and special messages on how to handle the next 12 months. Thank you for being part of this wonderfully aware cosmic tribe.

Blessings, and may you have an amazing week xx

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