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THE WEEK AHEAD: Dec 02-08. An Astrological Synopsis

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  • Jupiter leaves the prodigal land of Sagittarius to join Venus, Saturn and Pluto in frugal, hard-nosed Capricorn. This officially heralds a very sobering, increasingly austere journey in the 12 months ahead.
  • Jupiter immediately heads into a square with Chiron, aggravating differences, rifts and tender sores still left open and unhealed, either deep within us or with those who just don’t understand our pain.
  • Venus at the Capricorn South Node doesn’t help, pulling the heart’s affections away from likenesses and likings and more towards differences and stress points. The bickering and criticism among those with whom we’re in close contact gets worse, and love-bubbles are about to burst leaving only the most spartan kinds behind to get it on.
  • The Pisces First Quarter Moon tries to wax lyrical with the dazed and confused Sagittarian Sun, whose square to Neptune renders him tender and hopelessly susceptible to all kinds of duplicity, impracticality, chicanery and seduction.
  • Softer aspects from Venus and Mars will try to help facilitate better synergy and understanding, but with Venus in an earth sign and heading toward a bone-crushing Saturn/Pluto triple conjunction, real love over these next 12 months will demand not just an outpouring of blood sweat and tears, but driven to the point of tyranny and torment.

The real-life pressures stacking up all around us, brick by brick. Daily reminders are frustratingly surmounting into a Great Wall of China, demanding that we demonstrate our dutifulness; show proof that we can comply; fill out more comprehensive forms, sign away rights, pass tighter inventory requirements.

It’s nearly the height of Capricorn season and those multiple conjunctions and eclipses of December and January. The cosmos is screaming that we be a responsible, authoritative and consequential person. In response, we slowly feed the auspices of setting up a most officious, increasingly stuffy social framework where no-one can relax and the ‘authorities’ are constantly hounding us.

Not sure how that’s all going to sit well with some of you ‘renegades’, ‘free-thinkers’, ‘sinners’ and ‘free-spirits’ out there, but one thing is certain and for sure already. Life in 2020 won’t be a walk in the park.

Jupiter in Cap and the ‘Coming of Age’:

Really, this coming month or so is all about adjusting to Jupiter’s shift into a…. [continue reading……….]

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