Who Holds Up The Pillars of Society? THE WEEK AHEAD: Jun 29 – Jul 5

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This is a most important week, with multiple conjunctions launching us into myriad new roads. Meawhile, a daunting Capricorn lunation stands to tear us apart over the nitty gritty issues of personal, family and social duties.



Mercury Conjunction Vesta at 10°♋59′: We’re either hearing it from the nurses, nuns and nannies or we’re stepping up to the podium to pay lip service as to how much we are devoted to caring. Seems like the big talk, but who and what are we really caring about, and how?


Jupiter Conjunction Pluto at 24°♑06′: “Law and Order” have never been put out so intensely. Obviously something intense is going on over in Capricorn land. Lots of noise about how we must “do the right thing” but it’s obvious, with Jupiter in his sign of fall, that nobody can agree on any absolute story, willing to argue to the hilt about what “doing the right thing” actually means.

This produces epic superhero/supervillain-type sagas here, and if you think this will pass, consider that these two (Jupiter/Pluto) are locked into aspect until the end of the year. Just remember, Ebertin called this combination “the desire for power” and linked it with “plutocrats”.

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Sun Square Chiron

The Cancer Sun inspires us to address our domestic position, deal with our personal feelings, understand where we’re stuck, deal with our habits and our subjective needs and cares. At times we feel smothered or locked into the narrative of our past stories, our family and tribal histories.

This aspect from Chiron can cause a conflict which allows us to see our attachment to old familiar patterns, be brave enough to stand up to them, make amends and move on. Or it can make us cling even harder to our particular idiosyncrasies, perhaps creating even more of a divide as we willfully or inadvertently hurt or offend others.

Mercury Sextile Uranus

With an obstinacy to either hold back changing one’s mind on things or to stick to old pathways and paradigms, we may encounter eccentrics who live in a world of their own and want to continue living life their own sweet way.


Mercury℞ Inferior Conjunction to Sun at 09°♋45′

Retrograde Mercury will pass very close to the Sun and between the Earth. It is a phenomenon that occurs once in every synodic cycle (116 days) and marks the end of Mercury’s apparition in the evening sky and its transition to become a morning object over the next few weeks.

Mercury here is at perigee when it is closest to the Earth, so whether you live in New York or Hicksville, get set to hear exactly what’s on people’s minds, then maybe reject it.

Sun Sextile Uranus: It goes without saying that these Solar aspects will stimulate a heightened awareness of your own solar path and purpose. With the coming lunation, this should be carefully noted so that you can hold your mind in a meditative and receptive mode of operation, allowing a free-flow of insights and promptings to be consciously registered and then acted upon.

Mercury Square Chiron: Much depends on how personally we take things. If you become triggered, like your whole defence system has been assaulted, then you may fly off the handle. Aries is now being energised by the return of Mars, and Chiron will be fiercely activated to defend one’s past injuries (or at least stories pertaining to these). Watch both what you say, and how you react to things said.

Saturn Regresses to Capricorn (Jul 2 – Dec 17)

Strict measures are administered during this period. Capricorn’s confining effects are now governed directly by its defining taskmaster. Saturn, now retrograde, is in a campaign to pull everything back together, tightly, according to his own arbitrary rules. We’ve seen these measures laid out recently when Saturn first entered the Capricorn as part of the Rx shadow (Feb-Mar).

For the next few months, we will see Saturn, along with Jupiter/Pluto, attempt to roll in his constraints, rules and confines. This may be quite a challenge since Mars, now in Aries, does not appreciate his individuality being tied down to any exterior responsibility or obligation. A fight ensues, but with both planets in their respective domicile, it is hard to predict who will come up trumps in their fight to have their way.


Triple Conjunction between Pallas/Jupiter/Pluto: The wisdom, experience and far-ranging vision are merged with the indomitable force to transform reality through the propagation of a strong narrative. This becomes ‘a thing’ which will produce all kinds of reactions, depending on your relationship to Capricorn.

As we said earlier, Capricorn acts from a very socially-defined set of judgments. Hence, everything has to be seen through an intent to form structural foundations which will uphold comprehensive and widely-reaching law reforms. Little or no regard is given to individuals’ personal opinions or feelings.


PENUMBRAL LUNAR ECLIPSE at 13°♑38′: Our final eclipse in less than 5 weeks pits the Capricorn Moon against the Cancer Sun. The Moon will pass through the Earth’s shadow between 03:08 and 05:53 UTC (peaking at 04:31 UTC), creating a penumbral lunar eclipse, visible from Africa, the Americas, Portugal, Spain, New Zealand, French Polynesia and France.

Being a South Node lunation, it highlights all the issues of gratification that we have been struggling to let go of over the past 18 months (obsessions with money, social status, control over everything, celebrity and prominence, as well as hollow pursuits and holding onto deadwood).

The Cancer Sun will call us to reconnect to feelings and sensititvities, family, community and nature; concentrate on new growth and develop a totally new emotional response pattern if we are going to adjust to the new direction that the soul of this planet is calling us to go.

Naturally, with so much action in Capricorn and Aries, we may seem at least a little conflicted during this very potent full moon, not knowing whether to serve ourselves, our families or social responsibilities. Only through conflicts do we find ways to either compromise or end relationships which refuse to work with us.

Part 1 of the Cosmic Bus Lunation Report
[episode #2026]

Full 90-minute episode available here.

In part 2 of this episode, Ang continues to discuss how our personal and collective stories are being shaped by the Capricorn/Cancer dichotomy. How are these stories shifting as the breakdown of all things Capricorn (structure, legacy, our perfected story) continues? How are these stories informed by our ideas of home, nationalism, and a sense of “tribal” belonging (SUN, MERCURY Rx, VESTA in Cancer)?

Ang elucidates the nature of the wars that we stand to face by objectively breaking down all the key players including MARS, CHIRON, ERIS in Aries vs. JUPITER/SATURN/PLUTO in Capricorn.

How do we come back to centre and release our attachment to the stories that keep us divided? We welcome you to take your seat aboard the bus, and join the endeavour to shine our inner light through the darkness that lies ahead.


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