Cosmic Bus Lunation Report [episode #2026] – Capricorn Full Moon

In this episode, aired on Friday, June 26 at 01:00 UTC, Ang discusses:

  • The stories we tell
  • Who is 'you'? Sun in Cancer vs Moon in Capricorn
  • Jupiter conjunct Pluto/Pallas, deep probe into "the real Story" currently being buried
  • Saturn's retrograde to Capricorn and what that will mean. What can we expect in December when Saturn returns to Aquarius?
  • The weekend's Full Moon discussion (Capricorn Penumbral Eclipse at 13°♑38') - climax, culmination, and self-conscious moods, falling on USA anniversary chart.
  • Talking on Cancer and the differences it has with Capricorn
  • The breakdown of legacies, the shift of society's hierarchy, and economic realignment
  • The lessons of Saturn's brief time in Aquarius and his return to Capricorn
  • Mars and the wars that lie ahead.
  • Mars conjunction with Chiron in Aries (mid-July) - why does it aggravate old wounds?
  • Chiron as teacher, trainer to heroes
  • Mercury Rx in Cancer conjunct Vesta - ideas of home devotion, nationalism and sense of belonging to a tribe.
  • Gemini North Node fact-checking the holes in the philosophies of Sagittarius South Node (Fact/Fake News)
  • the Grand Square tussle with Cardinal signs
  • Eris/Mars - a fearsome alliance vs Jupiter/Sat/Pluto -
  • remaining centred in self-presence, making better judgements
  • and many more astro tidbits...

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