Purification – THE WEEK AHEAD: Aug 24- 30

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For the remainder of this month, and moving into September, the transiting Virgo Sun shifts our attention towards more earthy, practical matters. Saturn, also in earthy Capricorn, imposes an excruciatingly frustrating square on the fiery Mars in Aries, whose station to go retrograde on Sep 9 ensures a super-tight vice-grip on all activity for weeks.


Meanwhile, Venus in Cancer slowly enters the fray, forming a cardinal grand cross against Mar/Eris, Juno and a Moon-activated stellium of planets in Capricorn by the weekend. As in the mythical “Apple of Discord” story, we expect the slightest of upsets to lead to a bigger, irreconcilable dispute. All the prime goddesses are involved here, and the amount of tension among people doesn’t promise to be settling any time soon.

To say the next few weeks will be profoundly distressing for everyone might be cutting it thin, just like the confines of this article. For a detailed rundown on the current situation, catch our full weekly analysis here, on our cosmic bus transmissions:

It’s Virgo time

The performative glare of the Leo Sun passes Regulus, the heart of the Lion, then seeks grounding as it enters Virgo. Due to the Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto cluster in late Capricorn, this can be a very constricting, isolating time for all signs, but the Virgo Sun will guide us to use this powerfully disciplining force well. We are inspired to put to practical purpose all those things we loved and cherished most about ourselves through Leo, setting the framework on how to turn our talents into skills.

As for the people in our world, love or despise them, we will come to better discern who is indeed worthy of our time and energy and who is not worth the fuss. Virgo may be a lot of things but refuses to play the martyr. Those who do not contribute, or try to undermine our efforts should perhaps move out of our way. There is enormous work to be done, and we are seriously out of time for useless nonsense and mindless distractions.

Virgo acts as the perfect filter through which humanity can examine its deeds, provides the Sun with a keen lens by which to scrutinise errors that need to be addressed and rectified. The mutable waveforms produced through this earthy perspex of the pure sunlight allows us to discern what’s beneficial and to neatly organise and purify it so it serves its rightful purpose, as needed.

Naturally, we’re also prone to flushing out all we distinguish as being impure or potentially harmful. In Virgo’s over-discriminating zeal, we may go too far, creating a perfectly sterile and clinical environment, one devoid of any feelings and compassion. It’s no wonder how some Virgos paint themselves into a lonely corner.

Anyway, by Sep 11 the Virgo Sun opposes Neptune – king of ‘whatever’. Here, the tide turns completely on efforts to make tidy, and we may find it impossible to rationally sort out or evaluate any situation at all. Neptune confounds matters so much that the analytical mind becomes lost in a sea of self-created or imaginary issues rather than actual problems.

At around that time, Mars turns retrograde (Sep 9) and Jupiter turns direct (Sep 12), a complex which itself requires some explanation since a retrograde Mars is often regretfully kicking against the pricks. Meanwhile, a stationing Saturn and Pluto come within 3 degrees of another conjunction, producing a petrifying state of utter control until the end of September.

Discipline, patience and diligent work will be necessary to keep the many pressing circumstances in perspective.

Those who seek easiness and liberty from oppression, emancipation from some form of tyranny or enslavement (real or imagined), or have a bone to pick with their authorities and bullies, will start to draw up battle lines and sharpen their defences. We are getting into the trenches in the war against the dis-ease. The wider implications of this period immediately suggest a likelihood that extreme, fanatical displays of force will need to be applied to eradicate that which is deemed “impure” or corrupt in our lives.

In one sense, the growing desperation and negativity are fuelled by paranoid distortions and delusions. Instinctively, people are ready to explode into all kinds of maniacal behaviour. The intensity of pressure building over this next two weeks can provoke a crudely rebellious activity and vigilante activism, to such a point where tough judicial and martial powers will be required to bring uprisings under some control.

Systemic reform appears absolutely necessary in many areas of our lives, yet where processes reveal weakness or deficiency to manage the need for change, anarchy and disorder may ensue.

So many are tired of being in the hamster wheel, going nowhere. This is why there is so much depression, anger, and misplaced priorities in our world. We are waking up to see that we live in a sick society, one where vices are considered virtues, lies are considered truth, emotions override thinking, fiction passes for fact, phoney enemies are created to instill panic and fear, and outright insanity is considered normal. 

On current analysis, we see that these last few days of August already expose how even the most ‘hopefully optimistic’ and deluded among us are, starting to accept that our world is spinning dangerously out of control. Herd behaviour is becoming extremely divided through wildly upsetting financial and housing markets, left & right-wing politics, law enforcement, crime and social justice militia, and social media.

The level of dissonance and confirmation bias among the tribes is reaching astounding levels. Many are desperately trying to convince one another of the most absurd and implausible of concepts, theories and beliefs. Tuesday’s First Quarter Sagittarius Moon at 02°♐59′, activates those few who are consciously aware of the mind-controlling propaganda, misinformation, lies and digital distractions. Subtle attempts to manipulate the masses using half-baked nonsense are met with serious scrutiny and apprehension.

Just as we saw the corrupt government spectacularly fall in Lebanon three weeks ago, followed by a swell of dissent emerging in Belarus where the president openly admits to falsifying the election results, so will follow several other political hotspots around the world.

People are reaching the point of utter exasperation with corrupt, kleptocratic governments and corporations. We are waking up to systemic abuse of power on all levels, and yet it is the very instruments of law and order which we need to restore balance which are apparently faulty or in danger of letting us down.

PISCES FULL MOON, Wed Sep 02, 05:23UTC

Join me on Thu/Fri’ Cosmic Bus, as we take a closer look at next Wednesday’s Pisces Full Moon, it looks a tad troubling, to say the least…

Blessings, and have an amazing week xx

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