Cosmic Bus Astrology Webcast [episode 2035] – Ingress to Virgo

Things are becoming curiouser and curiouser. Our world seems like it's is spinning out of control and the hysteria and madness of crowds is visible nearly everywhere, the level of normalcy bias among our communities has reached astounding levels, and we desperately try to convince ourselves that everything is going to be alright. But will it?

With the Sun in Leo, you may have reached some degree of certainty about who you are at this present moment, and it may seem that you have worked out who around you is for real, and who is simply putting on an act.

As the Sun shifts into Virgo, the discerning mind kicks in and you will try to make some practical use of everything you know to be authentic and true, and what just needs to be flushed down the sink or simply let go. There's not much time to decide, so let's get busy...

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Here is a short excerpt from today's episode...

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