Waging War Against the Patriarchy: THE WEEK AHEAD: Aug 10-16

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Remarkably, in the midst of a global pandemic, last week’s Uranus-challenged Full Moon in Aquarius brought with it some explosive events which really started to rock and unsettle us – incidents which provided clear, flashing insights into systemic flaws, disturbing entire communities, inciting dissent and opening opportunities for sudden rebellion.

In Beirut, Lebanon, for instance, we see how the detonation of a neglected silo of explosives has suddenly launched an entire country into a state of anarchy and revolt. As world authorities call for a deeper investigation into the failing of a government whose incompetence and corruption has left many dead and over 300,000 homeless, we are also prompted to look at what is going on in our own backyards.

The Beirut incident is shocking to the entire international community, yet it is merely a symbol of what could happen anywhere in the world. Disasters have a way of exposing to the community how vulnerable it can be to mismanagement and greed by those at the top. Often, if its leaders cannot adequately manage the recovery process, they can come undone quite easily, especially if their concerns are more self-centred than for the people they represent.

Under greater scrutiny, however, these frequently occurring catastrophes around the globe are a sign that the entire electoral system of electing officials needs to change. There is a growing call by many disparate voices for the total upheaval of the status quo. The core issue is generally that the ineffectiveness and decay of governments is commonly due to their entrenched, age-old party-politics, sectarianism, and cronyism.

This is an example of how Saturnian systems get old and decay because they do not allow for meritorious fresh minds to enter the political arena and contribute their innovative ideas. Many systems of administration simply do not allow people of true worthiness and brilliance to enter the fray, leading to more tyrannical-style dictatorships that try to rule by brute force rather than brains. This is a fatal flaw in any administration trying to survive the transition into the digital age whilst still trying to hang on to its supreme power.

Without severe constitutional reforms, nothing can change in the way power is administered among the people, who today seek more transparent and accessible representation in government, business and law.

Since Uranus started to break new ground through early Taurus in April this year, we have gained tremendous insight into the stagnation and ineffectiveness of our economic leadership. We have also been introduced to areas where improvements can be made in the way we handle our resources. In retrograde, the planet of disruption will help us to see where we need to step up the pace in order to adjust to necessary changes or else, start to mount our very own resistance.

Since Uranus does not function optimally in Taurus, I wouldn’t get my hopes too high, unless you are clever at keeping things really simple.

Urgent reforms may necessary, but obstinance and stodgy conservatism are the main elements holding back our capacity to take new risks, go to new places. It’s as though, in being forced to go back and look at all the avenues for release from the old order, we become romantically inspired to turn back the clock, disconnect from the grid and return to the land and its simple pleasures.

This week is most significant in that Jupiter and Saturn form another exact midpoint to Pluto – a picture which is not only potent in its capacity to overturn entire fortunes, but as Mars squares this point on Tue/Wed, he introduces extra duress and irritation into the game, as if to force drastic reaction to his individual ends. The situation is similar to when this dynamic first emerged in March, but much more pressing and possibly even violent where Mars is involved. A socio-political catastrophe is looming here which will escalate tensions throughout these next few weeks and continue until the start of November.

We keep saying that these are epic times, but we are now about to see why. Such intense frustration felt by all over obstructions to structural and judicial reforms has seldom been felt upon this planet.

As many of the planets (including Mars) start to slow, the pressure they impart on society becomes palpable. Some individuals are driven to the point of madness, behaving more and more aggressively against being told what to do by ‘authorities’ which they deem to be patently incompetent to rule over them. Vendettas and recriminating skirmishes spark off an incendiary war between repressed and snubbed individuals and their authorities.

We are divided on just about everything. Deep beneath the structure of our societies, there is another emerging truth: That as human beings, we are perhaps living in a time when we lack a truly meaningful narrative about what we are doing here. To “accumulate as much wealth and power and enjoy ourselves” is not enough. This seems a shallow, meaningless pursuit, and during this irreversible demise of religion and 20th-century ideologies, we seem to be grasping at superficial beliefs, social justice movements and unverified conspiracy theories to explain our disconnection with nature and with one another.

[pic: igor morski]

Planetary pictures like ♂/Er – ♇ – ♃/♄ and  ♅ S℞ show that the notions of unlimited potential for growth, offered by liberal capitalism are about to come crashing down over our heads in just the next few weeks.

As we come to realise that the artificially simulated bubble we are in is only moments away from bursting. The calamitous road that leads us into a new world order (NWO) promises to be a rocky one, particularly for those who feel that they are immune to the immutable forces of nature or that they are above universal law.

The Saturn/Pluto conjunction, which is becoming tighter throughout Aug-Sep, produces a Sep-11-kinda-fear – the kind of fear that cripples your entire body to the point where morbid survival-anxiety kicks in. If you haven’t felt it yet, then don’t worry, you’re probably riding high on a wave of hope or expectation that you won’t be affected. Just know that this itself is a form of fear, albeit without the necessary conscience to push you to make serious life-changes. Or is it ‘pull’?

The few who know they have nothing to lose and everything to gain by enduring a harsh series of deeply introspective, ego-humbling affronts offered by this period will hope to pass through this process relatively unscathed. Those who are ready to embrace the new age by detaching themselves from expired or superstitious traditions, toxic grudges and other attachments to our 3D environment. The ‘finger of God’ is pointing straight at our potential to shine in our own light.

The Leo Sun (authority) and Mercury (mind) form several quincunx aspects to outer planets this week. The inconjunct (quincunx) aspects refuse to make necessary changes because they prefer to run things their own way as if ignoring one another. This is both ineffective and stressful and can stand to stagnate progress and development. In the ‘yod’, above, it creates a special dynamic which allows two co-operating energies (Cap/Pisces) to apply a specific ‘learning’ or ‘synergistic application’ that must be worked through via the Leo (expressive, confident, dynamic) overlay.

It is only through a tremendous increase in self-awareness that the thread which unites the Leo planets to those in Capricorn and Pisces can be revealed. These seem to be cleverly obscured, or at least made invisible to the naked eye, by bizarre attempts to explain seemingly inexplicable forces acting upon us from what can only be termed as ‘supernatural powers’ (Neptune/Pluto). One’s connection to ‘god’, or a deep, unlimited sense of universal consciousness will be the finger that points to what one must do. This becomes a highly personal mission, which I will explain in some detail in the next issue of empowering New Moon horoscopes and intentions.

Of course, the main issue now is determining who holds enough sovereignty to represent us here; ie, who shines a sense of individual authority (Sun) and speaks as our voice (Mercury) in the great existential struggle that is currently occurring to determine exactly why we are here right now.

Who assumes to represent you? Is it your government? Who’s your ‘daddy’?? Capricorns assume to be representatives of society, like the patriarch who assumes to stand for his family and all of its affairs. The fortune-reversing power coming from this Jupiter/Saturn-flanked Pluto could be devastating for all those refusing to deal with their repressed urge to maintain assumed representation over other individual’s sovereignty and creative authority in their lives.

As Mars tightens his square to Pluto (Thursday), serious power struggles seem to be going on everywhere. Those authorities who assume to take extraordinary advantage of their representative power and influence to further their own ambitions; who exhibit such forceful will that can only be described as ruthless aggression by others, will create heavy, irreparable rifts. These ruthless ‘representatives’ of law and justice appear to be quite unaware of their effect on others; insensitive to both the individual and collective wills that now struggle to evolve themselves out of the clutches of age-old patriarchal power and control.

As Mars approaches his conjunction to the scorned Eris, the growing irritability over the systemic neglect of personal liberties by mutual agreements, laws and compromises becomes a rather insufferable imposition. Envy, spite and hatred appear to show no limit, at least not until next week when Mars squares Saturn, and then… (say kar-ma)

Abuse of one’s role or position of power to satisfy purely personal desires at the expense of the collective hence brings out the darkest, shadiest elements into the light. Violent exchanges erupt in all self-centred systems, and the call to change any arrangement which exploits, neglects and abuses its representative power to one of co-operation and mutual benefit becomes ever more pressing. But will it?

We are all somehow impacted by the discontentment and apparent war going on between certain ‘leaders’, both in the patriarchal structure and in the charge against oppression and tyranny without just cause and representation.

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We spoke extensively about the possible social and personal manifestations of this very complex dynamic on our last Cosmic Bus episode. As the two malefics (Mars and Saturn) come to square the following week, be prepared to experience (or witness) how the patriarchal pressure is building an atmosphere of mistrust and fear upon the individual’s sense of autonomy.

When those in authority seem to impede any attempt to take personal action; when ‘daddy’, teacher, preacher, boss-man, mayor, president (men, in general) stand against whatever the individual is trying to express and achieve by the forced imposing of chastising measures, lockdowns, elimination of free speech using censorship, incarceration and even complete elimination of individual enterprise, then nasty reactions happen.

Hence, anyone who holds a strong anti-authoritarian complex is roused into wildly rebellious activity. It seems that the more these individuals are seen to stand to challenge the status quo, often alone, the more they are singled out and isolated, often by force, committed into institutions where they must deal with their ‘madness’.

So where is this taking us? Well, I’m glad you asked. We have to stay tuned in to see, but with Mars retrograding next month (Sep 10), it seems we are locked into a contentious fight for contention against patriarchal rule until the end of this year. This means that somehow, someway, something has to give, but certainly not without a fight.

Blessings for now, and may you have a safe week xx

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  1. Thank you Ang, having been born and raised in Beirut and lived through the first 12 years of the 15 year civil war I have seen the dark and light sides of that country and the senseless and unnecessary suffering caused by systematic corruption and neglect by one government after another. Holding space in my imagination that something good will finally come out of this totally avoidable catastrophe. Many thanks for your wisdom and foresight.

    love first, as always, then peace.

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