Cosmic Bus Astrology Webcast [episode #2033]- Is The 3D Lid About To Be Lifted?

It is obvious to many by now that our 'leaders' are obsessed by the desire to exercise extreme control, their tendency to exhibit unreasonable behaviour with imposing irrational decisions like lockdowns, etc. actions which point only in the direction of creating greatest possible havoc and chaos, violence and fear among the population. It is coming. Mars is making a giant tick-toc sound... Fear is being used by the most toxic dictatorial leaders to tighten their vice grip over events which, unfortunately, we are all about to find out are not in anyone's control at all.

It takes us back to another time in the world (Uranus in Taurus) where there was enormous economic disparity, like during the 1930s which lead humanity into World War II. What we learn is that desperate and extreme styles of management stand only to wreak havoc in the world of financial, social and political spheres. This, we know, has far-reaching consequences for the future of our species. History repeats on those who fail to take learnings, with great vengeance... We are denying listening to nature, which is trying to warn us all that our unsustainable lifestyles are not favourable to humanity's striving for evolution. Something seriously has to change, and we must quickly wake up or we will be subjected to many more pandemics if indeed we can even emerge from the lockdown clutches of this one.

In this episode, Ang unpacks the forces currently forming this very intense dynamic, restoring some semblance of sanity and balance to what can otherwise seem like an impossibly disturbing time.

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