Who’s Kidding Who? THE WEEK AHEAD: Mar 9-15

Who are we kidding? And who are we allowing to keep kidding us, telling us that they have our best interests in mind when, by all accounts, they exhibit every sign that they are in it for themselves?

But honestly now, isn’t everyone?

The Virgo Supermoon brings tension, but with major opportunities to shift out of patterns of selfishness and complacency. Yet against the Sun/Uranus/Neptune, decisions are difficult since this week we feel like we’re sliding further into dissonance, isolation, alienation, even feverish illness before we can even begin to find healing.

Let it be. Our ego’s signs of vulnerability are for the soul.

As Chiron in Aries squares the Nodes we may have to learn to forfeit, postpone or relinquish those things, people and places we try so badly to believe are good for us. They are not. Let’s face it. We’re just desperate, lonely and afraid to try something new…

✦ The first of three straight supermoons (Mar 9, Apr 8, May 7), Monday’s Virgo Full Moon is a sign of just how careful we must be in adjusting our social behaviour. New, more lethal strands of viruses are one thing, but this Full Moon also presents a warning to be more discerning of the amount of other virulent crap circulating around us – the lies and collective dissonance currently plaguing our culture through all various mediums and media.

✦ Retrograde Mercury stations at 28°13′, and electronics, progressive ideas and group-think (herd-mentality) are momentarily in a jam. Seems we have a lot of radical, exciting, possibly revolutionary ideas that we need to revisit over the next few days before Mercury shuffles BACK into boundary-elusive Pisces and we lose ourselves or become lost in fantasies. What’s real anyway?

✦ Jupiter and Pluto are getting nearer to each other now. Over the next 9 months, they will rendezvous three times (see below). Their 2020 triple conjunction in Capricorn will be especially intense since Pluto is currently closest to earth in his 248-year orbit (closest in 2014).

The Jupiter/Pluto fusion of powers brings into emergence all kinds of hidden treasures and previously inconceivable truths. This is all rich, juicy stuff, buried deep under the rubble of former incarnations in our patrilineal (♑) laws and constitutions. Jupiter/Pluto conjunctions occur every 13 years, however, triple-conjunctions are rare, the last one occurring in 1955-56 (Leo), bringing an end to an era of McCarthyism and the whole “communist witchhunt” ordeal in the West.

✦ This week, the Pisces Sun’s sextile to Jupiter/Pluto provides highly intuitive hints on how secretive, coercive applications of patriarchal power are being used to suppress and deny the truth, both in the state and within the family. Pisces works strongly on a hunch, and though his tendency not to take immediate action may be seen as passivity, it develops subtly into a subliminal counteractive distaste, which dissolves away any wall or membrane by the time the Sun reaches Aries (next month).

Hence, in the Pisces picture, any rules and laws which both try to censor or control the human creative spirit will naturally become a cause for aversion. When we look back the errors made by our forefathers in the pursuit of ‘truth’ there is much to learn. Mercury’s retrograde hence becomes the perfect spyglass here, for even looking back to our own childhood and youth, we can recall the strange notions and false opinions that swayed our actions at the time.

Of course, we are still under a state of cultural mass-hypnosis, but as I mentioned in my most recent newsletter, that’s only because we want to be. We allow the ‘forces’ to keep subversively programming us into a false state of security by manipulating us with fear and envy. That keeps us not only feeling like we’re in the monopoly ‘race’, but it also serves the masters well each time we go past ‘go’.

Jupiter/Pluto affords us a deeper exploration into the workings of our subconscious, and how it possessively binds individuals into systems of criminal corruption, power and the devices of the underworld such as violence, taxes and mortality. It subversively brainwashes whole communities to suddenly fix their ‘belief-minds’ upon one object, be driven mad in its pursuit. Whether it is supposed to ensure our survival, safety, wealth, immortality – millions of people become simultaneously obsessed with one delusion and pursue after it like crazy, until they become distracted and possessed by some new folly more captivating or scary than the one before. As I keep mentioning, the 2020 squares from Eris make the winning stakes in the race for survival higher than ever this year.

Of course, we are not fooling. These astrology articles are not my idea of generating compelling cosmic narratives for your entertainment. We need to wake up to the obvious. As we are seeing, the pendulum of truth is swinging ever more violently from side to side, each time things become increasingly direr. Time/space (3D) has run out. Humanity now sits curiously poised upon this sickly little planet, insensibly attached to those most toxic behavioural patterns – those which perpetuate only the greatest trouble, like the mother who gives more love to her weakest, neediest child than those who are healthy and strong.

As Mars sextiles Neptune (Sat), it becomes obvious that we are wrapped up in fighting for narratives that only support our personal delusions and wishful desires rather than clearly align to the greater vision. All that will have to change. It MUST change, even if many of us have to perish.

We can change. In the coming weeks, we will see that humans who continue to think in herds, quickly go mad in herds. During times of great global calamity, pandemonium and panic, the herd-mind is likely to be corrupted by the false prophecies and propaganda of crazed fanatics. Credulity will run rife. Much will be lost in no time. And fools will lose more than their minds…

Those who stand to question every theory with a sense of incredulity, applying a healthy degree of scepticism, who wish to delve deeper into the “man-told” sciences, laws, histories and religions will find the facts do not agree with many of their theories. There is only cosmic science. The science of pure light. Like the stars, whose position cannot be argued by any man, in any space or time. Some things are irrefutably, factually true. Always

While it will be seen that much of humanity is going mad in herds, we shall see too how we will recover our senses, alone, sequestered into isolation, slowly and one by one.

Blessings, and have an amazing week xx


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