FULL MOON at 19°37′ VIRGO: Achievable Dream or just Whimsical Fantasy?

There’s something happening here
What it is ain’t exactly clear
There’s a man with a gun over there
Telling me I got to beware

I think it’s time we stop, children, what’s that sound
Everybody look what’s going down

~ ‘For What It’s Worth’, by Stephen Stills, Buffalo Springfield, 1967

[art: igor morski]

Pisces Sun-spirit generally imbues a rather hazy, lazy effect on the ego. All boundaries loosen up; thoughts become vague and mysterious; impressions changeable and fluid; practical decisions highly questionable.

When the Sun hits Neptune (Sunday), which amplifies the awareness of the sensory field. Everyone becomes exposed to all kinds of ego-delusions and glamorisations, fantasies and dreams and the whole planet ascends into higher, alternative dimensions.

Here, under all this hyper-sensitivity, our weaknesses and victim-sagas are aroused. Gradually all sense of identity-distinction is diluted. We psychically pick up on each others’ vibe, feelings merge closer into one (or dissolved into nothing), and we are reminded that on some level, we are all at one, unified within the wider cosmic field. But do we want to be?

Throw into this a semi-square from Venus/Uranus in Taurus (obstinate desire to break free; strange tastes and inclinations; ) and you see immediately why there is a feeling of widespread discontent, hypersensitivity and resistance towards the weird differences we see in others.

Naturally, a sextile to the clump of power-planets in Capricorn would add some lifts, but things are really rather chthonic and hard-core there, at the South Node end. We keep talking about how Saturn/Pluto has made the world dark and extreme, priming us for some infernal collapse and reconstruction. The Sun/Neptune’s sextile to Jupiter suggests we all want to see some hope, but then, hope is not nearly enough…

By the time the ultra-discriminating Virgo Moon comes to oppose the dazed, supersensitised and easily irritated Pisces Sun, the tense predicament our world is in becomes starkly obvious. Great effort, not paranoia and suspicion, is needed to bring this into balance, particularly among those closest to us.

Monday, 9 March 2020, 17:49 UTC

The Moon governs our instincts – how we ‘feel’ about what’s going on. In earthy, rational Virgo she seeks to analyse and mentally understand the situation. in her own, reflective sensitivity she immediately picks up that, in spite of all our conscious hopes and dreams to be at peace, the world is seriously out of sorts. She works herself up into a mental frenzy, worrying about every little detail that’s out of place.

Stress and anxiety immediately plague this Pisces/Virgo dynamic as the propensity to soak up the tensions and ill feelings of those in our environment, especially those who are ‘not working with’ us. The emotional distress that something must be cleaned up, sorted out, fixed up etc. -typical to Virgo/Pisces issues, means that anxiety can soon turn into emotional depression, especially when matters appear to be beyond repair.

With all the gunk working against her, she may feel like she has to mop up an entire swamp with nothing but a dishcloth. It’s too much, and for the sake of self-preservation, the Virgo Moon is likely to “throw the baby out with the bathwater”. In other words, in effort to get rid of extraneous waste, there’s a danger that we’ll get rid of something we intended to keep – or even in extremis, the ‘spirit’ of the whole thing. This can create all kinds of regretful behaviour and we must try not to over-react when things appear to drag our souls down.

[surreal images]

Balance is called for somewhere in our lives on every Full Moon. However, thanks to heavy, outer planet influences, this Full Moon is going to draw upon superhuman (godly) reserves of flexibility and determination if we are going to handle any adversity that life throws at us with calm forbearance.

To integrate the supernatural qualities of compassion, conscientious effort and universal kindness currently pouring onto this earth, we’re going to have to take a much more self-directed and tougher stance than ever. We must rise up and really show those around us that any inadequacy, impurity and misconduct, whether real or imagined, has to be addressed with a sense of purpose and need to restore order and justice. To make no effort, or to exhaust ourselves or sacrifice ourselves for those who make no effort to cooperate at all could lead to neurosis or willful asceticism.

We do not wish to end up cutting ourselves off or become clinically sequestered, admitted to an institution or become violently ill. There are ways to mindfully find our peace and balance through this.

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