Bracing Ourselves for the Big Storm: THE WEEK AHEAD – Oct 26-Nov 1

Yes, things are messy, showing no visible signs that order and balance will be restored any time soon. This is apparently what we all wanted, according to the theory of cosmic law. Yet still, nobody is really able to totally agree with anyone regarding anything right now, or at least listen. We are really in a cosmic swirl.

This is exactly what the storm is about, ensuring that by the time we get through we go through this shake-up, none of us come out quite the same at the other end. We may either try to ‘follow the rules’ or reject all of it for being ‘largely arbitrary’, but for those who are willing to listen and ask enough questions till they understand, the best-informed choice is always to go with the gut instinct. Unfortunately, in the face of all this confusion, uncertainty and mayhem, those choices seem so uncomfortably disruptive, especially since there’s a bad moon on the rise.

An awfully turbulent week of transits up ahead, starting with the inferior Sun/Mercury conjunction in Scorpio. Neptune’s square to the Nodes now sets us up for massive disappointments and inability to show a communal spirit. Mercury immediately retrogrades out of the intense Scorpio back into peace-seeking Libra. Meanwhile, Venus enters her domicile at the other end of Libra, where afflictions to other cardinal planets will mean that efforts to help us restore peace and balance in our lives are likely to fall flat since we are largely dealing with draconian efforts to control and curtail freedoms and liberties. We are hence more likely to merely go along with what we are being told is “the right thing to do” in order to avoid causing any arguments and unpleasantness.

We saw this ‘default to agreeableness’ already over the past month, where a crestfallen Libra Sun struggled to see us make strong, resolute decisions. The Sun’s own cardinal crosses against Mars/ Jupiter/ Saturn/ Chiron/ Pluto/ Eris meant that we fumbled and fudged our way through, trying to stay agreeable, not having the conviction to stand up to contrary forces, hence losing a lot of integrity in the process.

Expect more idle-sounding politics and less and less push back as retrograde Mars continues to subside without putting up any direct and appropriate action. Our little warrior has had a tough slog over these past few weeks. He has been all but shut down and locked away by the constraining G-forces acting upon him in censuring Capricorn. His only hurrah before mid-November, when he finally turns direct again, will be his opposition to Venus (Nov 10), which only emboldens our need to negotiate some interim treaty that’s fair for all.

Venus (our feminine) now sees Mars (masculine) as beaten, broken and locked away – a pitiful, emasculated sod. She braces herself to take on the harsh Capricorn cluster, now warring with Eris around Nov 15. Deals will be done, but they are only to pacify the woeful state in which we find ourselves after abjectly failing to stand up and take appropriate actions when it was necessary. We did after all say that Mars in retrograde will produce enormous regrets and much resentment.

For now, we see Mercury heading towards his own station (Nov 3), squaring Saturn for the entire first week of November. Strict consequences for our liberal ideas and views mean that the bad news causes much mental anguish. Those of you prone to worry could be plagued with negative thinking and arguing over matters which you know you cannot win, although you may become more adept at building a stronger argument for those ideas worth disputing.

Mercury (in purple) stations direct (SD) on Nov 3

Meanwhile, the Scorpio Sun – master of executing change – gets set to face Uranus, who is in no way having change – unless it is on his own terms. We see this freakish tension manifesting in our relationship to others, where obstinate self-will, hypersensitivity, and insistence on autonomy make things difficult to get along.

Those who seem insistent that everything goes their way only irritate and alienate us further with their recalcitrant behaviour. Do not expect others to change their attitudes unless to spite you; shock you, and then hardly for sound reasons. ‘Trick or treat’ was never to be taken so literally.

By the Taurus Full Moon (Sat), which culminates almost precisely on Uranus, the political atmosphere is likely to be nervous, highly-strung, tense and irritable; a presage for the turbulent weeks and months to come. Those in any position of authority or agency may deliberately flout convention – for no other reason than to generate wow and controversy. This, in turn, produces sudden, extreme swings in public behaviour, eccentric moods and weird notions – an instinctive rejection towards all those who express an over-identification to rigid, fanatically egotistical points of view.

Of course, we fail to see how we, ourselves, become espoused to attitudes that are themselves unreasonable and a bit ‘resistant’. Hence, this Full Moon is tinged with insights and wake-up calls. Impatience with others and their distractions only hinder the development of any truly sustainable relationships. This effectively robs us of great opportunities to work together, putting any unique ideas into fruitful practice.

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Needless to say, in the prelude to the US election as well as other critical events happening around the globe this week, the world’s nervous system is charged with enormously jolting electrical impulses. We know that something is not making sense, and turn to our intuition to guide us forward. One thing we are losing patience with is Saturn’s pervasive ‘fear’ element. How we reconcile this; how we come to integrate or reject this in pursuit of greater freedoms will determine the fate of our interim journey towards more peaceable and sustainable new options.

We discuss these issues more deeply during our Cosmic Bus webcasts. Also, a reminder that I will be commencing my long-awaited “Working With Your Chart” series next week in an open (public) introduction to the series, which will be available to all beloved supporters of the cosmic tribe over the next couple of months. So please stay tuned, and ensure you are subscribed to receive our weekly newsletter (below).

Blessings, and have an amazing week ahead xx

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  1. jackie tribe (raven )

    I wonder with all of this happening i have been havng moments of extreme up and downs, but are feeling very cam this week

  2. Thank you Ang. Many Blessings.

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