Controlling Our Wild, Unbridled, Inner Beast: FULL MOON at 08°38′ TAURUS – Saturday, Oct 31

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Scorpio is a very controlling constellation. It affects the life-terminating processes of nature; the weeding out of all that is redundant and incapable of serving us in our quest to progress to the next level. It also selects the seed that will carry essential information into the next incarnation. Planets that pass through Scorpio seek to exact change through an intense death and transformation (rebirth) process. They act with ruthless intensity, tenaciousness and a formidable ‘do-or-die’ struggle. Those whose lives are touched by Scorpio transits are altered in extreme, irrevocable ways.

Taurus is conservative, resists change and will not budge. Planets transiting this sign seek to build strength, to become durable and to leave a lasting impression through materialising their energy into physical forms and manifestations.

The Sun in Scorpio brings awareness and consciousness to what needs to change, to seriously address it. He imbues and inspires the spirit of living beings to do something drastic to maintain their sense of survival. It makes us realise that sometimes we must go undergo severe crisis in order to exist. This urgency, tenaciousness and fearlessness to work under the pressure of its authority can be frightening to those who dislike change. Those acting under the Scorpio Sun are deemed by onlookers to be fanatics who take things too far and assume gross overestimation of their powers. Few welcome the change, and then only under extreme pressure. Hence, Scorpions tend to keep their activities dark (secretive) and generally conduct their insidious work under extreme cover.

The exalted Taurus Moon reacts to all things instinctively, yet surely. Her unconscious impulse is to cling tenaciously to all she has acquired, hold it in her close possession because she values and appreciates its beauty and enjoyment. She privately ‘feels’ to remain steadfast and firm in her position; securing her interests; banking up all those things that she holds dear; refusing to change, or give anything away unless it is in her absolute better interests.

We can see by the dichotomy of these two feminine (introverted) fixed signs that this lunation is about holding on and letting go. The antithesis of builder vs. destroyer; calm vs. storm; satiation vs. obsession; peace vs. turbulence; conservatism vs. crisis will hit us most personally. Those triggered by this extremely potent lunation (near or on 08°38′ of fixed signs) are most affected. It is the third lunation and the second Full Moon in the month of October. It is packed with surprises.

FULL MOON at 08°♉38′, Sat Oct 31, 2020, 14:49 UTC

Uranus conjunct the Full Moon at 08°♉41’℞

I have spoken extensively about Uranus in Taurus in other articles and in our cosmic bus discussions. Uranus is a supernatural force, which means his effects are not easy to determine by natural, scientific means. Being so tightly linked to this lunation (within 03′), we can expect extremely erratic motions, both internal and external, which only accentuates the climactic, drastic and unpredictable impact on our daily behaviours and lifestyles.

The Taurus Moon does not behave in her usual calm, measured manner here. Uranian energy produces a tremendous strain on the emotional body. Our impulse towards conservatism is accelerated and there is a stubborn adherence to resist change at any cost. We don’t want to lose what we have and there is no way we are willing to relinquish our position, even if it seems irrational and unsustainable.

Within our hidden inner life, we are likely to feel the rise of a powerful undertow of nervous tension and rebelliousness, which, while volatile and potentially shocking, produces moods so erratic, unpredictable and temperamental that it has the power to deliver sudden and confusing shocks in both our personal and public relationships. Hence, every impulse that we feel or put out seems like a contradicting, nonsensical reaction that defies the continuity and steady flow that the Taurus Moon wishes to naturally exhibit. 

Against the willful designs of the Scorpio Sun, we see an emphasis on individuality and independence, with an obstinate insistence upon preserving conservative needs and freedom from all intrusions, restrictions and controls. Therefore, rather than offering any reasonable response to necessary ‘life-or-death’ changes – anything which might offer some viable alternative solutions to follow – the interplay we see here manifests as a blind compulsion to demonstrate a rebellious antisocial attitude, a reactionary objection or protest that unfurls more like an explosion of raw, unprincipled energy.

Against the larger, more epochal transitory trends of 2020-21, we are seeing this transformative energy building into a critical mass all over the world. Reactions to change and the restriction of freedom are more likely to be negative, destructive, even violent and extreme. Change is necessary and yet there is something deep within us that does not wish to change. We seem possessed with an instinctive ‘knee-jerk’ response to hold on to what we have, resist all efforts to change our behaviours and lifestyles, take away our comforts and securities, yet project a need to change or replace whatever it is we are opposing.

In many ways, we are undergoing a period of massive insecurity, feeling lost and frustrated both with the exterior world and with ourselves. As we are aware, enormous forces are quietly at work, conspiring to transform the very essence of everything we have come to know and trust. While the darkness imposed over individual and collective human intelligence over the past ages is about to be illuminated/eliminated with enormous light, many of us are still unsure and insecure as to how this is going to affect our traditional way of living and our established identities.

Uranus’ influence has been critical in this revolutionary transformation, especially through Aries in the squares against Pluto in Capricorn (2012-15). It has acted as a switch that, once on, charges us with frenetic excitement but, turned off, makes our world feel dull and colourless. Those lacking a firm, secure point of balance within their identity – and that is many of us – heading into the electrified field of the Aquarian Age, can feel quite nervous and irritable about all the many, seemingly forced changes.

It is understandable to be agitated and hypersensitive, reacting rather suddenly to the sleet of absurdity that is raining down constantly upon you. While you may insist that exercising your determined will is paramount here, this powerful Full Moon is really a warning – an omen that we need to learn a much more effective means of social compromise. We must trust that our fears and misconceptions of being the all-important centre of our universe will not be met with strife and troubles. We must be certain that, whatever happens, we will survive because we are able to change those things that are redundant and obsolete and keep those things that are beautiful and of true value. Any uncertainty or reluctance here is the very reason why so many are desperately espousing themselves to extremes. It is almost impossible to find someone who is not polarised into taking sides, able to see things from an objective, mindful, loving and compassionate place.

Instead of railing left-to-right like mad fanatics, we best sit still, learn to seriously listen to opposing points of view and learned observations on life, see what they can teach us. We don’t have to accept anything, but if we instinctively take everything we hear as a contentious challenge to our own position, we risk mentally and emotionally pitting ourselves as an adversarial opponent to every point of view that clashes with our own. This never ends well. In fact, it never ends.

After all, Uranus is here to teach us that all ideas and relative points of view are not our own. We can either use or abuse the profound insights. Uranus in Taurus blasts us with the revelation that we must eventually let go of everything we own; detach ourselves from those things we claim to possess and which hope to possess us.

It’s time to stop fighting against the demons and pariahs of this world. The noble fight to transform our world is not out there, with others, it is within. That’s not to say that the demons and pariahs don’t exist out there – in fact we have every evidence that they are everywhere we point our attention towards. We need to stop reacting, blaming and witch-hunting against the world and turn our efforts inwards, towards restoring discipline to our powerful desire nature so that our Solar centre becomes more powerful and integrative. We can only fight the darkness with light, and that is not something we can borrow or steal from others. Nor can others feign to be the light for us. We need to tame that wild rebellious spirit, harness those scattered energies, ease those highly-strung nerves which are only detrimental to our health and well-being and towards maintaining loving relationships with the world.

As usual, I have prepared an extensive horoscope treatment for this portentous Full Moon for each of the signs (linked below). Along with the cosmic bus, it is an essential accompaniment to understanding what’s going on at present. May it help as a guide, pointing to specific areas to where you tend to act impulsively and immaturely; make excessive emotional demands – especially in your relationships. Read your Sun and Rising signs, they are packed with tips on how to consciously restore some balance into our emotional nature, especially against the turbulence and tumult of today’s rapidly transforming universe.

Blessings, and may you have an amazing Full Moon xx

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