The Bitter Winds of Change: THE WEEK AHEAD – Dec 07-13

It’s now December and the icy, Aquarian winds of change are already upon us. Whilst much of humanity seems prepped for the big transition, falling diligently into the Capricornian line, the sheer force of how dramatically our collective consciousness has altered over the past 12 months as Jupiter and Saturn danced with Pluto has left many of us reeling.

Many have noted that the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction of Dec 21, the tightest since 1623 (<0.1°), will appear in the skies as one bright ornament, like “the Christmas Star” of 0007BC which was fabled to lead the 3 wise Magi to the birth of baby Jesus.

Get ready for the 'Great Conjunction' of Jupiter and Saturn | Space

Here are the main transits of the week ahead:

This week, the Sagittarian Sun sees us continue to consciously shoot arrows in the skies – mere projections as to what we intend to do. As the Sun approaches the South Node, we see ob­stacles thrown in our way, making it difficult to even see our objective, let alone land one of those arrows on any target of our intention. There’s lots of big talk, promise and hyperbolic speculation, but with a total eclipse on the South Node only a week away, it’s hard to take anything as even remotely believable, even if it is put across like prophesy or gospel. Many preachy charlatans and media press agents are having a field day, spinning woo with the official narrative.

Nothing seems to temper the moral superiority of those who insist that the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction is nothing less than a return of “The Christmas Star'”. Yet, those religious/spiritual/conspiracy nuts conveniently ignore that every progress in human history – from the spread of technology and innovation, literacy and science to freedom of speech and the abolition of slavery has had to, at some point, meet the disapproval that it ‘went against God’s will’.

Squares to Neptune lead us into a week where self-deception and delusions of righteousness inflate some egos into believing they are the embodiment of a ‘second coming’. Others, sensing change in the air are getting excited, spinning incredible stories – often an uncon­scious projection for importance. With Mercury also in the South Node mix, there is much delusion and magical thinking. The propensity to be given to escapist means such as booze, drugs, Netflix and sheer festive-season sentimentality to offset the negative effects of this square is great.

We may dance with fantasy and nostalgia all we like, but there’s cold comfort in the politics, religions and mental escapisms of yesteryear when we now know, in our hearts, that there’s no going back to something that wasn’t convincingly all that we dreamed it to be. In reality, it was one giant illusion – a figment of our collective imaginations at best.

The road ahead is now filled with a heightened sense of anticipation for the progressive new Aquarian age, made somewhat hazy and uncertain by the Neptunian fog which lies across the Nodes. The SN eclipse not only warns that our wildest beliefs, ventures and intentions stand themselves to be overshadowed, but, as we shall see, it is our egotism that often carries us to the point of unnecessary and foolish extremes.

Down here on the ground, we must bear in mind that MARS is STILL in ARIES, where he has been for just over five months and will remain for another two. That’s the irregular phenomenon of his retrogrades. Mars usually changes signs about every 2 months, but during retrogrades, what is effectively our iron poker can stay in one sign for up to 7 months.

Transiting through Aries (CARDINAL/FIRE) this poker turns white-hot. The last time Mars spent this long in his domicile sign was during the second half of 1988. In that occasion, his retrograde took him back out of Aries and, for a week at the end of October, he dipped his rod into cooling Pisces. Also that year, Mars squared Neptune (in Capricorn) opposing Chiron (in Cancer) 3 times. You may live to remember that period, but I bet that it bears little corollary to the way tempers and defensive behaviours are flaring up now.

In the past 5 months, Mars has suffered two super-chastising squares against Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn. Seeing this as a conspiracy to forcibly limit, silence, contain or eliminate him, or at least muzzle his freedom to be his enterprising self, our little warrior has been seething ‘white-hot’ with frustration, busting to break loose.

We know that anger. Mars, in any sense, dislikes being restrained and disciplined with a heavy, righteous hand. He despises any circumstance or notion which suggests that he may lose the fight. That anger, intensified and turned inward after turning retrograde in September, then turning direct three weeks ago, is bristling to unleash.

Mars is now again picking up speed, heading directly to conjunct his sister Eris – the snubbed, neglected goddess of strife who has herself been at odds with Pluto. These two are in an epic duel throughout 2020-21 – an evolutionary complex which began in Sadge in 1756 and ends in Taurus in 2116 – a cycle of 360 years. The official last-quarter marks the “survive or die” phase of any game. The two outermost forces – both invisible to any consciousness – one seeking total power by psychologically possessing everything he can cloak under his insidious designs, the other – not wanting to be ignored – throws terribly diabolical discord and dissent into the fray.

Something supranatural is occurring here because since Jupiter and Saturn first entered their earth-sign ‘minima’ at the dawn of the industrial age, many species of life form have physically disappeared off this earth. As far as we know, extinction is forever. Those indigenous species, who made their adaptive mark upon this earth over millions of years of evolution are now decidedly gone, forever, just like your great-great-grandma and her mama before that. But is the spirit of those now long-departed from this plane thoroughly expunged, or does it still hover about in the ethers, trying to subconsciously warn us and somehow affect the course and manner of our thinking?

Humankind has much to learn. Yes, we have become arrogantly certain that we are somehow the highest form of intelligence on this planet. Our seemingly blind force and determination to shape and determine the fate of not just others but entire tribes, species and their habitats has created some serious real-time problems for us, including these current pandemics, climate catastrophes and interspecies/interracial wars we see currently brewing. Are we not one team with one collective vision? Just what do we think we are?

The South Node eclipse, with its conjunction to Mercury, trine Mars/Eris, square to Neptune and semi-sextile to Pluto has a powerful message to share with us all. I will be here to discuss this in a special, extra episode of Cosmic Bus tomorrow (Monday night (US)/Tuesday morning (UK/Aust). Please join me, and don’t forget to read up on your special eclipse horoscope messages, linked below.

Blessings, and may you have an amazing week xx

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