Emerging Anew – THE WEEK AHEAD (Jun 22-28)

This is shaping up to be quite a year. In the wake of the shadow cast on this earth by arguably the most potent North Node eclipse of our times, we are ready to emerge anew.

Whatever’s going on, we must be ready to wake up to meet the next ‘reality’ matrix. All of us. So, let’s go…

Sunday’s eclipse acts as a massive reset after the January 11 Lunar eclipse in Cancer which, opposite the Sun/Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn, all but turned out the lights on civilization. To say we are heading into vague, unchartered water would be an understatement. We are in the hands of advanced biotechnology and machine-learning algorithms, and those in charge are getting better at reading our thoughts and manipulating our deepest emotions and desires.

It is becoming more dangerous than ever to just follow our heart. When Facebook, Amazon, Google or the government knows exactly how to pull the strings of our heart and press the buttons of our brain, it will become impossible for the average person to tell the difference between their individual decisions and those of clever marketing agents.


Both Mercury and Neptune now join Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and Pallas in retrograde. That’s a lot of gods and goddesses turning back to where they’ve been recently. Shall we?

✦ MONDAY 22:

Neptune Stations to Retrograde at 20°♓58′: Until Nov 28, Neptune will slowly take us back to March 2, around where this last season of “Reality-Fantasia” all began. Have a look back. What has been lifted in life that has elevated you to the Grand Piscean Cosmic Oneness? What is slowly sinking into the abyss?

By the time Neptune is ready to move on to new ground again (around the March 2021 Equinox), we will have revisited the ‘dream’ three times over. By that time, an approaching semisquare between Saturn and Neptune (21 Jan 2021) will have forced us to learn how to adjust to some of the “new toys” and all the new rules on how to play. As with many who struggle to accept Saturn’s ‘reality’ principle, this could be a time of disillusionment and depression.

As in past approaching ♄∠♆ years (…1913, 1948, 1984), this adjustment to an emerging new vision will include our need to reaffirm our religious faith. At this time, it will be the vision of the prevailing tech-gurus that are brewing up a brave new religion, one that has little to do with God and everything to do with startling new technologies. Of course, like all religions, they’ll be singing all the old hymns – promises of happiness, peace, prosperity and eternal life – but these will be promised here on earth rather than in the ‘heaven’ of an afterlife.


Venus Stations to Direct at 05°♊20′: Venus has spent the past 10 weeks in her retrograde shadow, turning retrograde on May 11. Over this time, our entire value system got a little revamp, and we are now seeing our world subtly transitioning into a world of randomly fluctuating stock prices, an increasingly cashless society and the possibility that much of the superficial or aesthetic quality we place on things we love, ie. arts, fashion, culture, (including past friends and lovers) is losing its lustre and ability to please and appease us.

Venus will now head to complete its final square to Neptune (Jul 28), leaving us somewhat vague and disillusioned about what it is we like/love/hold of value/wish to buy. We are left wondering what the inspiration is behind where we invest our energies for a bit of gratification and pleasure in our lives and whether it’s all just a distraction.


Mars Square the Nodes: Before he checks out of the reticent, martyr-driven world of Pisces, Mars becomes totally at odds with current social trends. Here, the passive-aggressive “poor me” tendencies come off as inappropriate and defunct in a time when it appears as if nobody really cares.

In the prevailing social currents, it appears that it is easier to pay lip service to ideas of which one has little or no depth of knowledge, dogmatically believing that their ’cause’ is the right one, and therefore all others must be wrong (Gemini North Node/Sagittarius South). A spate of badly-timed actions, out-of-sync with the events around them, generates an atmosphere of irritation, anger and frustration between even our most beloved people. 

✦ SUNDAY 28:

Mars Ingress into Aries: This is it. Mars’ long-anticipated re-entry to his fiery domicile, where the war-god will spend the remainder of this year (exiting Jan 8, 2021). This is a foreboding period filled with brawling, high-octane confrontations as Mars’ primarily raw, spontaneous physical energy is often channelled into brave new ventures, starting things he doesn’t intend to finish and boldly lunging into unexplored frontiers.

Get set for some heady, courageous, foolhardy (even violent) activity. The retrograde (Sep 10-Nov 13) will see the tempestuously self-centred war-god tussle, often to the death, with the likes of the authoritarian Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn, especially when in alliance with his snubbed sister Eris (Aug-Nov).

Needless to say, Mars’ transit through Aries will be the most discussed talking point here for us stargazers over these next six months, since obviously, we’re seeing a world on the brink of something explosively brazen, irrepressibly inflammatory, yet still so heavily under the clutches of the old-world patriarchal order of Capricorn.


The Sun’s dynamic entry into Cancer in an epic North Node eclipse on the Solstice highlights awareness of our newly-defined domestic position, our frail sense of security and sliding emotional connectedness. The first Quarter to a Libra Moon (opposite Chiron) raises a lot of disarrays, coming chiefly from not doing what we feel is helping to heal rifts and past wounds with those around us.

The emotional anxieties and the shyness of Cancer are magnified against the Libra Moon, building into a desire to defend or shield feelings of vulnerability or ‘sore points’, both in personal and political engagements.

These first-quarter conflicts leading up to the Capricorn Full Moon (the second penumbral lunar eclipse in a month) will notably show up through greater stress points between those who stand on extremely opposite sides of sensitive matters. Whilst it offers a massive chance for peacemaking and reconciliation, a dignified Mars will see it as the impetus for contention and further rifts. This next eclipse (July 4-5) could aggravate underlying axioms for civil/domestic unrest…

Mars Sextile Saturn: This aspect lends a restraining, cautionary influence on Mars’ otherwise gung-ho style. Perhaps enforcement of plans is taken in stride using progressive new measures. Technology and machines, particularly regarding the enforcement of social-distancing and structural reforms, will be hastily introduced to curb and discipline the way we’ve been used to moving about in our usual business activities.


These are interesting times if maybe a little confusing. At this point, we find ourselves inducted into a fresh new paradigm, one where extended home-confinement and social isolation appear as though they could linger on, not just for months, but possibly for years to come. We discover that we know very little indeed about what is truly going on and suspect that we could be either surrounded by mildly incompetent fools or maniacally good geniuses.

Pluto’s helmet ensures that everything remains dark and tightly undercover, so it is intensely difficult to determine whether those in power are driving a deeply selfish, malicious agenda or secretly planning some sort of benevolent totalitarian surprise for us. Surely all signs point to the outcome you want to see, right?

Or do you see something different being planned? Is it possible that nobody has a freaking clue on how to handle this shit from here??

All one can hope is that this phenomenally brittle state of affairs we’re in somehow magically prevents humanity from the head-on threats of disease, ill-health, unemployment, poverty, domestic violence, terrorism, civil unrest, political and social ostracisation, economic & emotional depression, famine, starvation, etc., (all effects of Eris being snubbed). As Mars enters Aries, the very real threat of the individual human feeling socially irrelevant as machines rapidly replace him is going to be absolute ignition to whatever cause is gonna get us quickly to the next step.


The first half of 2020 showed us signs of things to come. If this Saturn/Pluto conjunction coincided with the ’emergence’ of a “scary new virus from over there”, one which has the power to rout us all back to our respective crabholes for some much-needed isolation and self-reflection, then it’s doing its bit nicely. Mother-fucker. Good. Great to see both locally and abroad, over land and sea, it has forced all citizens to return to their respective home-base, lock up and listen to the news for more instruction. All-day, stories of people dying, flights all grounded, movement restricted and police at least 50% more aggressive toward those “stretching” out on the street… hmm…

Saturn’s brief visit in Aquarius (Mar 22-Jul 2) has pressed that societies best establish an immediate social-distancing order, quickly defining it as “the new normal”, shut schools, child-care centres, small business; reduced hospitals and nursing homes to ‘critical only’ and made approximately three-quarters of the world’s work-force (the “non-essentials”) either work from home or become temporarily redundant.

The rest were ‘allowed’ to operate on the front lines in what became the pandemic’s ‘essential services’. There was an immediate ban on all ‘old-normal’ social activity, confinement of all daily movement to essential only, and relegation of all affairs of the heart to ‘zoom-meetings’ over the crappy 4G electronic networks. The internet became quickly filled with shit.

In just over three months, Saturn will have lain down the initial blueprint for his ‘new-normal’ infrastructure, ready to roll out properly after he finishes his retrograde in Capricorn and returns to Aquarius in December. By then, he’ll have Jupiter right there to see it gets rolled out ‘nicely’. Planets in Aquarius will generate the architecture for a superbly compartmentalised network of data which interconnects rapidly, forming a super-consciousness of group intelligence. As a social-environment, Aquarius is emotionally dry as a bone, denying much personable contact and human warmth. It does, however, offer amazing connectivity and promise for a more sharing, more egalitarian system for all. Well, that’s assuming you want to be part of their “all”.


At this profound moment, it seems that many of us have our heads deeply lost in the mire in sociopolitical confusion. One might very well wonder whether this is all just one of those weird, psychedelic dreams, the kind that takes you ages to recollect your Self and work out what in heavens is going on.

That’s if you have a “self”.

Who are you? Are you you, or is ‘you’ just a part of the system that made ‘you’, owns ‘you’, rules ‘you’? Who are you without the system?

During these very intense times, I cannot help but think back to Aldous Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’ (again). The story was written in 1931, just as communism and fascism had gripped themselves over Russia and Italy, as Hitler and his Nazis were starting to cause trouble in Germany and militaristic Japan was lining up to attack China, and, well… the entire world economy was crippled by the Great Depression.

Under this backdrop, Huxley paints a fantastic vision of a future society where there are no wars, famines and plagues, where there is uninterrupted peace, health and prosperity. People are bioengineered by science to never to be sick or sad, or to rebel. Everyone is peaceful, happy, prosperous and supremely satisfied, all the time. Yet it feels creepily disconcerting and dystopian, probably because everyone has been hacked by the ‘benevolent’ government to be a loyal, shiny, happy little government agent, each doing their bit.

Anyway, in Huxley’s world, there’s this one dude who reads poetry and talks about god a lot, who dreams of doing something noble and heroic in life instead. He’s convinced he’s not to go along with all that ‘happiness’ bullshit and escapes to live on a reservation. Something about “defending his right to stay annoyed and unhappy with society”. It turns out that, once society gets wind of it, the dude becomes a fascinating oddity to everyone. People flock to his habitat to watch him, engrossed in studying his unfiltered, antisocial manners. The dude becomes a much-sought-after celebrity until, sick of all the unwanted attention, he ends up hanging himself.

I can’t remember how the story ends, but hey, I recommend you read that book if you have a bit of reading time up your sleeve.

I recommend you read any book. Books are awesome.

Anyway, I’ll catch you regular travellers later on our cosmic bus! If you haven’t already, please read up on your latest couple of horoscopes before our live bus stop! There’s some serious eclipse action going down. Blessings, and have an amazing week xx



  1. Thank you again for your honesty. Since you do not know me, one of your subscribers, I’ll just speak in astrology as I say hello and introduce myself. I love reading your reports. I hate bullshit and love seeing it called out. It must be my Mercury at 28 Capricorn in the 4th house trine to Pluto and Black Moon Lilith conjunct in the 12th at 26 Virgo- all getting activated by the stellium in Capricorn! As an Aquarius Sun with Uranus on the ascendant/Libra rising opposite Mars in Aries- I am ready for the Rebellion- I have always been waiting I think! I find myself in lockdown compiling all my life’s research (Jupiter in Scorpio in 1st opp. Saturn in Taurus in 7th) on science and herbal healing and illustration, as I write and illustrate a book on the phytochemistry of the plant families. I want to be an optimistic Aquarian change agent but I am also cynical and rebellious-feeling, hard not to sometimes (Saturn conjunct Moon in Taurus in 7th), even though I supposedly know better, and have certainly learned the hard way about the power of thought and manifestation. I want to do what I can to help, in this case, share my knowledge of pharmacognosy and botany- but people (the collective) piss me off so much sometimes that I question whether I want to even bother (my Mars and Chiron in Aries I suppose) As a left/right brained person into holism, nature and science, and all learning really, I’ve been walking this tightrope between the worlds, and feeling attacked from all sides sometimes. With corruption, egos, charlatans, and business agendas, associated with academia, big pharma, and herbal gurus and that community, I’ve found myself standing alone, long before the pandemic hit. Its funny but this all makes me feel like I wish I had been around for the late-sixites rock music cultural rebellion- I missed it being born in early 1970- I feel like I wish it would happen again- I wish I could help make it happen again! Where are the Martin Luther King’s and Malcolm X’s, or the Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin’s- I guess they were all one shot deals heralding these times! I feel like we need that spirit again! Has it been that suppressed? I’ve felt it building in me continually as my life progresses… As I was typing this to you, I thought to pull up the natal charts of those I just mentioned…MLK, Jr., Malcolm X, Janis & Jimi- I saw something I never noticed- they all had planets aspecting the USA’s Pluto at 25 Capricorn- MLK, Jr. had Sun at 25 Capr, Malcolm X had his Moon conj. Jupiter at 25 Cancer opposing it, Janis had her Sun at 28 Capr. and her Moon/Jupiter/Lilith conjunct in Cancer, 25 Aquarius rising, and Jimi had his Moon/Jupiter conjunct at 25 Cancer opposing USA’s Pluto, also. I guess with my Mercury at 28 Capricorn- I can see why they all influenced me and how the stellium in Capricorn is affecting me likewise. Thanks again for sharing your insights with the world!

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