In Pursuit of a New Hope: The Week Ahead – Feb 8-14

If ever there was a time when the world needed a new hope, some glimmer of positive inspiration that things might start to take a turn for the better, that there is light despite all of the darkness and confusion that currently enshrouds this earth, it would be now.

Among the anguish and uncertainty of our global situation, there must surely be some hope. Humanity is constantly awakening to the reality that we live amidst the horrible scourge of an infectious virus, itself mutating into more aggressive strands; the proliferation of authoritarianism by power-crazed individuals who strive to possess weapons of mass-destruction and instruments of population surveillance, control, enslavement and tyranny; of laws which are increasingly isolating and limiting to our fundamental freedoms; and of macabre ecological consequences due to our inability to accept and deal with massive shifting climate patterns as a unified species…

…This week offers a ray of light, in fact several, in the auspices of a New Moon and a number of conjunctions (new beginnings) against the backdrop of stars in the constellation of Aquarius.

Yet we must be reasonable in our hopes, given that Aquarius – for all its ideological reasonableness – is a rather existential sign. Its co-rulers Saturn and Uranus insist we focus on integrating knowledge and insight over fantasy and assumption, historical facts and scientific data over myths, ideals and dreams. They ask us to let go of all pretensions so that we can achieve something which defies all that can be truly experienced in the biological realities of our here/now.

I guess there’s hope in this, but many of us are still wishful that the solution to our differences may come from a magical place – a love-miracle of some kind, like the second coming of a unifying heavenly messiah, or the earthly visitation of wise extraterrestrial beings, or the disclosure from world leaders that this whole system of separation and scarcity is merely a hoax and that we’ve all been had.

We can look for hope, but in a time when both Jupiter and Saturn – rulers over our collective mindset or our intersubjective notions of reality – are also in Aquarius, then much attention is given towards taking a much more rational approach in our idealism. Aquarius requires that our concept of hope is as much scientific and evidence-based as it is merely idealistic and inspired by our feelings and emotions, for if we are to truly reach for the stars, we surely need a steady, if not state-of-the-art launching pad.

This week, we see the Sun and Moon, as well as Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn, and asteroid Pallas Athena congregate under the stars of the fixed/air constellation of Aquarius, like a giant summit of heavenly rulers whose principles must accord with the ideological premise that we are somehow all equal in our pursuit of individual expression, in our acceptance of others, in our thinkings and feelings, as well as in efforts to understand one another and to work on building a system that leans toward creating a world that is more egalitarian, at least by intellectual and political standards. Against all this seeming one-sidedness, we contend with contradictory energies that rule over our corporeal or biological bodies such as Mars and Uranus in the fixed/earth constellation of Taurus. The stodgy bull is a different animal to the water-bearer in that it insists on holding only to what it values as being physically distinct as its own. Hence the conundrum happening inside each and every one of us.

We are each separate entities, pitched against one another in a physical universe in which things are limited, whether by time, geographical location, status and stature, availability of necessary resources – not just for our survival but for a sense of comfort and reward. Our insecurity about our limitations seems indirectly proportional to the level of access to earthly materialistic needs and desires. If we must share and share alike, as is the Aquarian trope demands, then we must question how this ‘sharingness’ is likely to affect our accustomed living standards.

It’s basic mathematics. Those who have more will stand to lose some/much of their assumed luxuries and entitlements – things like their mass abundances of wealth, physical space, political power, career and social eminence, seemingly limitless earning capacity, access to nice things and beautiful people and above all their ‘constitutional’ rights and god-given freedoms – just so that those who have less can also come to appreciate and enjoy some of those things as well. Hmm…

Of course, this inequitable distribution of wealth and legacy has been a problem for humanity since time immemorial, and the assurance that we may one day live in a world where no individual is left behind has been posing a dilemma for political rulers, economists, social scientists, physicists and mathematicians and well as philosophers, mystics, poets, artists and dreamers – all professed healers in their own way. Yet, we are now entering a new realm where we must seek to marry the physical, Newtonian understanding of science and knowledge with the emergence of new metaphysical and quantum discoveries without getting mad at our inadequacies and inabilities to form a cohesive bridge between two seemingly conflicting realms of consciousness. To reach for the stars, it seems, is going to require a considerable expansion of faith in our ability to evolve just about every area of our hearts and mind, and this may seem like a stretch, but it is entirely possible.

The triple conjunction of a retrograding Mercury and Venus over Jupiter inflates and expands the question of how we can somehow recalibrate our individualistic thoughts and emotions according to progressive concepts of a worldview which tends towards collectivism – one which provides us with an innovative and alternative understanding of the universe through which to grasp the evolving form and structure of our cosmos. In this, we are strongly encouraged to try to understand how our own individual freedoms may be affected and how reforms to our idiosyncratic beliefs around this concept may produce opportunities that benefit all society before we can move whole-heartedly (mind/body/spirit) into an arena of fairness and egalitarianism.

These are largely ideological concepts, but with Saturn holding the rear, also in Aquarius for the next two years, we are left with little option but to recalibrate all existing systems and structures to facilitate these ideals or have them fail in epic proportions if they are proven to be dysfunctional. This is made even more urgent as the antithesis raised by Uranus’ squares to Saturn throughout this year exemplify the archetypical struggle taking place in our psyche – the old versus the new; that which exists in the old order versus that which is possible; of ageing structures and fear-based limitations versus freedom; of existing logic versus an intuitive intelligence. There is almost an inevitability to the conflict between these two primordial forces, where certain change and the preservation of the status quo are constantly arrayed in a harsh grind against each other, and the irritating choice is always one of either/or. Naturally, this eats us up inside, but it also creates an icy tension in our outer world.

The Saturn-Uranus conflict begins as an internal struggle, resulting in confusion, inner torment and doubt within the individual psyche, where we are simultaneously fascinated by and disgusted by both the old-world status quo (3D) and the new order of freedom/change (4D). Finding it insufferable to happily exist in both dimensions, although compelled to do so in some way, the level of irritability rises to the point where the subconscious psyche inevitably compensates in the form of dissociation from current reality as it intrudes violently into our conscious expression. We are seeing this playing out already in several areas in our lives, where we see tense episodes between those who act as upholders of the status quo, conformity and law-and-order, facing up against the disruptive, innovative and insurgent elements of society – those rebellious, bohemian and revolutionary types who feel restricted and oppressed by authority and are now intent on precipitating change, instability, forced separations and accidents.

Hence, in both our ‘hopeful’ desire to either hold steady or to integrate reforms, we are confronted with constant obstacles and limitations which force us to endure life’s harsh, existential burdens until we can come up with a workable answer. Often, since the hope of finding any sustainable solution is under so much resistance, the subconscious manifestations of the contrariness of Saturn/Uranus function only to intensify the dissociative schism within both the individual psyche and that of the collective.

If hope exists, it emerges out of an ability to ground ourselves enough to accept both change and stability as beneficial and inevitable, to accept the creative tension posed when structure, rigidity and stagnation serve only to precipitate a necessary impetus towards inspiration, innovation and invention, and that if any cohesive future vision is to emerge, it must revolutionise and reform all existing edifices, form and order. It is up to each of us, whether we find ourselves stuck within or outside existing structures, to convert this tendency to gradually dissociate from ‘what is’, and to reassociate it with ‘what could be’ in order to facilitate our own evolution and that of the world around us.

Of course, for the sake of brevity here, I continue to provide deeper discussion into the Astrology Of Now in our ‘cosmic bus’ webinars, conducted weekly and live for those of you who are intrepid followers of my work. Also, look forward to my specialised analysis, horoscope readings and intentions of Thursday’s New Moon event, out to you via email in a couple of days.

Blessings, and may you have an amazing week xx

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