Cosmic Bus Astrology Webcast [episode #2106] – Aquarian Revolution

Remember that time things got all weird? Lots of radical ideas, massive resistance, people restless and bored, ahead of their time...? I bet there was an Aquarian or URANUS (or both) involved...

....we're at the end of an old-world order and the people who are used to amassing power, prestige, money, buildings and record contracts - the ones who like to make or break the stars we're supposed to awe and gape at (not the heavenly kind) are getting more and more desperate.

In the background, there is a groundswell of awakening, and it is those who recognise their own talent and genius and love for humanity who are willing to shine in their own light, if only to take on the creepy oligarchs of darkness. NO - ALL YOU NEED IS NOT CASH...

Join me here as we look into and take apart the auspices of why our value system and all we've been told is of worth is just about to spin on its tail.

Enjoy this short excerpt from today's episode:

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