THE WEEK AHEAD: Mar 16-22: Martial Law, Social Order and SuperMind-Control

Let’s take a look outwards for a moment: Arguably, the current state of our world is the result of a protracted process of political, cultural and social decay, to which we have each chosen to conveniently turn a self-serving blind eye.

Is the abysmal way that this world is being managed proof that democracy is failing? If so, whatever is there to replace it?

Or was it a faux democracy to begin with? Have we not been honest, or worse, have we accepted dishonesty?

It isn’t hard for many to see that we are being fed half-baked porky-pies, and we swallow them up without even chewing. The longer we consume the fiction that we are living in a functioning democratic system, the more we hurtle toward global pestilence, famine, tyranny and war. The frightening thing is, that just as we got close to making some noise and asking the right questions, we have to suspend all activities and go up to our rooms.

The astrological markers are all there. I talk about them nearly every day. It is here folks… the edge of reality. Saturn at the end of Capricorn, at least for a bit.

Do we get a second chance to come out and play again or does our world become much darker?

And what about all this talk over the past few years about the ‘Law of Attraction’, and this bullshit that “we create our own reality”. If that’s the case, then why would we create this dystopian nightmare, this system of inverted totalitarianism – one which places faith not in some charismatic leader, but in the faceless anonymity of the algorithm of a globalised corporate brand, one which refuses to address the rising social inequality, and which in 2016 led to the election of a Trump. And see how easily the now second insurgency of socialists like Bernie Sanders has been suppressed by an establishment-groomed “so-called” democrat.

And what about this global virus pandemic, COVID-19™ ? What are we to actually make of this global brand?

Which aspect of our collective consciousness attracted such a ghastly condition, that in just a few short weeks of its inception we are scrambling to be quelled into a pliant submission, clambering for the last food and hygiene supplies so we can all race off and quietly lock ourselves away for a few weeks?

What are we creating in our lives and in the world at large, and why? Are we that masochistic or just insane? How is the way we are cautiously shuffling to lock ourselves away from everyone and live life through our screens anything new? Did we even need a scary life & death excuse to shut ourselves off from the 3D world?

No, it’s not a conspiracy. It’s just what we’ve been cooking up for years. And, yes, the universe and its “law of attraction” sees that we get exactly what we deserve.

✦ After retrograding out of Pisces, Mercury’s brief return to Aquarius gave us a glimpse of a strange new future, one which involves communication with little or no personal contact. Aquarius, the water-bearer manages to carry water (transmit emotion); unilaterally share it around in the most humanitarian sense, without actually getting wet himself. Did you experience something like this in the past week?

In Mercury’s re-entry to sloppy, boundary-defying Pisces this week, our little super-transmitter is at his virulent best/worst. With midpoints to ♇/☊ (mass influence) and☉/♅ (upsets), we might need to wash more than just our hands to avoid infecting one another with our ‘feelings’.

✦ The Vernal Equinox (Mar 20), when the Sun hits the Aries point (00°♈00′), marks the start of a brand new 365-day solar cycle through the zodiac. Effectively the beginning of a new astrological year, the precise horoscope reveals all kinds of secrets about what we might expect for the year ahead from the combination of stars. Join me (Thu/Fri) for a special Cosmic Bus episode, where we will look closely at this chart and what it means for the year ahead. [see our midweek newsletter for details]

[ARIES POINT CHART: 20 MAR 2020, 03:49:37 UTC

✦ Warrior Mars meets Pallas Athena, goddess of justice, wisdom, strategy and militant feminism at 21°♑06′(Wed). This is then followed with conjunctions to Jupiter at 22°♑49′ (Fri) and then Pluto at 24°♑43′ (Mon). An extreme, overzealous application of discipline and law enforcement, including the possibility of martial control by authoritarian governments takes seed during such multiple planetary complexes. Naturally, with subversive Pluto involved, there is much more than meets the eye. The implications of what is being rolled out now will have far-reaching and comprehensive effects for many years to come.

✦ The Capricorn Moon holds space for all this, meaning that we are more likely to emotionally absorb than deny all this control. As she conjuncts Saturn at the anaretic (final and most critical) degree of Capricorn, we get the ominous feeling that we are stepping into a world where former freedoms may soon be a thing of the past.

✦ By the end of this week, Saturn leaves Capricorn briefly, entering Aquarius (Mar 22 -Jul 01). While the Capricorn leg of Saturn’s journey (Dec 2017-Mar 2020) has been severely corrupted by horrid, antisocial entanglements to Pluto around the South Node, his entry into Aquarius doesn’t promise any respite. Where Saturn in Capricorn was focused on maintaining order in the 3D world, our consensus perceptions of reality shift into a much more cerebral level with Aquarius. This is challenging and somewhat paradoxical period, as we shall see:

Saturn’s function is to limit, harden and crystalise matter into stone; Aquarius is about shattering forms and dissociating matters. Saturn symbolises the physical, linear-defined time/space, our literal account of the past; Aquarius is about the future, social concepts and scientific endeavours. Worlds collide, which causes no end of irritation. A near-square from Uranus (<5°) at the early degrees of Taurus until May only accentuates the stress caused between the need for confinement and freedom simultaneously.

Consequently, Saturn’s 10-week sojourn through fixed/air offers more of a vexation than a promise. Internally torn between extremes of conservatism vs. progressivism; clinging traditions vs. brave new worlds, we begin to see how massive social divisions start to take form. It isn’t hard to engage, and when we do, we take such strongly disparate sides.

A Jupiter/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn through April has more comprehensive designs for us to engage in. The raging propaganda, dogmatic “belief-manipulation” and a wholesale covering up of fundamental truths are oddly indistinguishable and obscured.

If it dawns upon us that greater reforms are needed to keep some semblance of order and form in our world, the new Saturnian fear that our independence will be restricted in some way or our individuality will be somehow hampered by authorities looms large.

Social-limiting, bans on public gatherings and meetings become a “thing” as authorities try to clamp down on free movement. Meanwhile, new technologies empower those who are already in positions of control. Overreactions, rebellions and uprisings are possible, even against otherwise reasonable laws and social duties. Conversely, many may voluntarily decide to socially-detach, self-isolate and disenfranchise themselves from society altogether.

The most sweeping developments forming in the next week or two are a subtle but growing intolerance of anyone who is ‘different’ or does not fit into Saturn’s set caste. The fear that things/people cannot be contained could quickly dissolve into pandemonium and chaos. Judgement, censorship and an air of suppression create a general sense of confidence-withdrawal, and this, tempered against the burgeoning revolutionary element, is met with hostile resistance from traditionalists, and conservatives everywhere. An already slipping sense of self-worth, wild suspicions and diminishing faith in others ultimately affect our entire economy.

To say that this is powerfully transformative time would be a lame, clueless understatement. It, therefore, behoves us to know exactly what indeed is undergoing the change, and how we, en masse and as a species, are responsible for manifesting it here.

See you at the end of the week for a full-scale analysis of what exactly’s going on, and why we have attracted into our lives the kind of experience that resonates with the exact vibration we are putting out.

Blessings, and have an amazing week xx

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  1. Outstanding work Ang.
    Loved you calling things out, unapologetically, rang true for me, well after laughing at the audacious statements, but then went, “ he is right, with no audacity, just calling out your truth, soberly & unemotional, very, Saturn/Pluto, but easy to respect & appreciate when digested
    “Brand COVOID-19” “Law of attraction… classic, calling it “getting what you truly deserve” (Minus all your attempts to disperse the karma/ reality// bargins with higher powers,
    It’s all frantic, but I sense tooooooo smooth, like a military planned roll out
    Someone texted me something about a USA martial law happenning tomorrow / next day, everyone stay in their house for a while ( while we go to the bunkers/ clean out the cartels place theory of

    My question, where is the footage of grieving people, the dead?

    As someone with a compromised immune system, be easy to get caught up in the panic, but it’s the same protocol as life for me,
    Do the best I can with what I have, now, & upskill, if that’s not good enough, well Cest la vie in French, stiff shit in Australian, but I will go out swinging.

    Forgot how fantastic, sharp & expandingly mutative your writings are.
    My loss for not being around
    Now look forward to this epic world energetic play out, with your added commentary as a fantastic soundtrack & deeper understanding of the rol out.

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